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Two wrongs don’t make a right. I found this down in the Rio Grande Gorge before Forrest said that the Rio Grande is not in the mountains. Additionally, it was in a cave. This was also before Forrest ruled out caves and mines. I am always on the cutting edge of not finding the chest.


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    • Spallies-
      The floor of the cave was solid rock…it wasn’t dirt like I’d hoped…so I couldn’t dig below without Forrest’s jackhammer.

      • Hi Dal — looks like a double-strike symbol: a T atop an F. A mix of true and false?

        JohnR: I don’t know if Forrest ruled out caves on more than one occasion, but he certainly did so on May 27th, 2016, in the Richard Eeds radio podcast:

        Jump to about the 24:30 mark to hear Forrest say: “No, I said that it’s not in a cave or a mine. I don’t want people getting killed in the mine.”

        • Zap-
          The marks above the “F” are much older and very difficult to decipher. I thought at first that they might be some ancient petroglyphs but the bottom line is so well delineated and perfectly straight that I felt they could not be ancient. I have no idea what they are…They show up in the photo better than in reality..

        • Hi Dal: no, I mean the symbol literally looks like the merger of a T and an F, with a small part of the horizontal crossbar of the T missing on the left half.

  1. In all fairness, every “f” that appears out in the middle of the wilderness should have a treasure below it (If not, a searcher should leave one – just as a matter of mutual respect).. In reality and IMHO the blaze that everyone seeks has no “f” in sight. I am ready to go fishing, ff, and I sure hope that you can save up the energy to join me.

  2. I can’t tell how large or small it is with no reference.
    Either way I don’t think the blaze is man-made.
    Mother Nature will point the way.

      • Years ago when i wasn’t searching we didn’t have a guide to how large or small the blaze would be. Now with recent and older comments, would think the blaze is likely to be noticeable by being there and be seen by someone around 12′ away which tells me it’s probably not very large or as small as 5 inches.
        New information by F gives us better opportunity if we have the right WWWH.

        Thanks for sharing all your adventures as I have traveled all of them without being there although I have physically been to some.

  3. I agree with kris if I saw that I would of been like wow I found it That is a great blaze

  4. And didn’t know we could post more than one I’m gonna post the blaze that most people think is the blaze when there in west Yellowstone just so they can mark that off there list The white spot below the dam

  5. Most people when they sign their initials it’s both first and last name’s initials. A single “F” is pretty conspicuous… wouldn’t it be neat if all these were due to Forrest being at all of these places at some point? That’s what I choose to believe.

  6. Wow Dal! Now that’s an attention grabber right there…I believe that would have sent a little adrenaline straight to my medulla oblongata (and as Jimmy Buffet would say) I would have commenced to doing the bear dance, lol.

  7. Hey JDiggins, I see you’re really into this and thought I might have a clue to help figure it out. If I’m right it should be the starting point and you can figure the rest out yourself. I left me email so Dal can give it to you if you want.

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