Book of Blazes – dal2

Before Forrest said that the chest is not in water I found this cool thing down below my blaze and had to prove to myself that it was not the chest. It wasn’t. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it was the blaze and I needed to look quickly under it. It wasn’t…

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19 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – dal2

  1. I read and saw this somewhere here.
    Lightning is coming soon or was that another search.
    OMG, did you take a pic of it before you checked it?
    I would have dived on it and hugged it only to realize I would still be looking.
    Not a bad thing.

  2. Nice one to Dal, thereโ€™s usually virgin ground under those old pillars. I knew a guy who sucked up 4 pounds of au before lunch under one at tin cup diggins.

    • Straw-
      4lbs!!! impressive..
      I think you could dig around in there. it’s on Forest Service land. I don’t have the exact location but let me know if you want the approximate location. It’s pretty easy to find.
      If I get back there before you I’ll spend some time looking…

    • randawg-
      It’s a concrete pier very close to 10″x10″. After I took the pic and jumped in I could see that it was much deeper than 5″. It was covered in growth from being in water many years…which gives it that texture and color. It’s actually clear when you stare at it for a minute that it’s not Indulgence…but when you are just diddy-bopping along looking for a chest about 10x10x5 and that thing comes into view…reality gives way to imagination..
      It was a fun, fun, fun few moments…

  3. Park Ranger: “She is too young to have died. But one hand appears to be gripping at her chest, and the other hand appears to be pointing towards the water. And she has such an amazed look on her face”.

    Deputy Ranger: “Very odd indeed. That look on her face….its almost like she won the lottery or something. Poor thing.”

  4. This is such a great picture. Heart attack material for sure! It reminds me of a story that I read a few years ago about a searcher that was looking in an old dry well and found something squarish and excitedly dug it out only to realize that it was a small suitcase (or something like that.) Was that one of you guys?

  5. Dal was that in hebgan lake lol I seen that exact almost same thang on the back side of hebgan lake ended up being just a square rock. Lol wow looks just like the box

  6. yes, adrenaline would have been flowing Dal. Next would have been a splash for sure. I know it is not in a river, or body of water, but what about Forrest’s comment about the treasure is “Wet”?
    Wambli Galeashka

    • Wamoli;

      Did you know that if you click on the “Reply” button, that your post will appear directly below the post that you want to comment about. In this case, since your post is directed to Dal, you should have clicked on the “Reply” button below Dal’s comment – This makes following the conversation much easier – Just a suggestion – JDA

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