Book of Blazes – Dumbfounded

This was at one time our “blaze” as well as our “heavy loads and water high” (see sheaf of wheat suspended above the water). Not anymore of course, but pretty awesome nonetheless.  Maybe the only blaze out of everyone that was located indoors? Not associated with a structure in my mind, doesn’t mean it can’t be inside one.

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3 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Dumbfounded

  1. What you got me confused not associated means wouldn’t be in one Forrest posted that because to many places was getting ransacked

  2. Dumbfounded, out side inside, interesting. This reminds me of something one might see inside a Masonic Lodge outside somewhere north of Santa Fe in the Rockies.

    • very nice you can always look quickly down out side and away from the structure that contains it nice find just the same the sun adds excitement.

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