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Up you see it 22356 tea with Olga. Forrest left everyone a hint in the clouds. The first numbers of the coordinates. Have fun. Runs right thru west Yellowstone.

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    • This line runs all the way across the world And it won’t help anyone unless u have the-second set of numbers
      A lot People have saw these numbers for years It also could run thru the Rocky’s in Colorado and New Mexico and Wyoming I don’t think he put the second set in the book just this set to give you a search area boundary

    • Try to fit the numbers in the states you search in may not be nothing but Dang well could be

  1. DG,
    An interesting find, but I can’t help but recall Forrest’s response in this Q&A:

    March 2013 Chicago radio WGN interview:
    ~10:45 Q: Does the book give me any more information than I would get from the poem?
    A: “There are some subtle hints in the text of the book that will help you with the clues.  The poem will take you to the treasure chest, and the book by itself won’t.” f

    Note the phrase “in the text of the book”. I’m not stating an opinion, I’m simply pointing out a comment from F that may be relevant – for what it’s worth.

    Good luck and be safe.

    • Wow joe I never heard that interview before lol he even in the beginning says it’s burried Then in the end says he never says it was burried haha I remember other times where he said the pics were important now I gotta go dig up things he said thanks for the link

    • Hey joe I asked Forrest he said he didn’t not say the pics were not important so they could be Remember he is very tricky with his wording He says there was hints in the texting of the book but just didn’t also say there was also in the pics also lol tricky ole coot

      • Hello Diggin Gypsy. As you have mentioned, Mr. Fenn can be a little tricky with what he says. ‘…I asked Forrest he said he didn’t not say the pics were not important…’ but, he also didn’t say that they are either. Reminds me of the buried vs. hidden. I would continue to look under the microscope in all aspects.

      • “I asked Forrest he said he didn’t not say the pics were not important…”

        Okay DG, if that’s exactly what F stated, then (in addition to him jerking our chains) there’s a double negative, so negate the double negative and we have:

        “he said he did say the pics were not important.”

        At least that’s the way my pea-brain sees it. Yes, he’s very tricky with his wording. Who knows what to believe now…? 🙂


    • Regarding his statements in above referenced interview:

      “…you should always tell the truth, but you should not always tell ALL of the truth.”

      Boy oh boy 🙂

  2. Remember in interviews sometimes the reporter misquotes him I always heard him say hints are in the book not just the text maybe someone else can find the other quotes

  3. Fair warning – trying to be helpful.

    I went to a place with those numbers in mind, and well, suffered confirmation bias.

    As ff says, simplify, and your quest must match the poem.

    • This does match the poem and the map I think the whole book is the map all hidden treasures have treasure maps

  4. Is there a waterfall at that place? If you turn the page with the old biddies upside down one of the heads and hair looks just like a waterfall. IMO

    • This number just takes me to a spot in west Yellowstone there’s no waterfall I think Forrest put it in the book as just a hint to the area The treasure is in

      • I think that you are on to something here.
        Good luck to all those that go to Yellowstone this Summer!!

  5. Wow, DG, this is awesome! I know how you love the “map” on pg 99. I totally believe that one rectangle says “FLY TAOS”. Even if FF didn’t draw the entire drawing, I believe he “added to it.” So, I hadn’t been able to connect the FLY TAOS to Yellowstone or Montana or Wyoming until now. The Fly Taos is directing us to this page with FF sitting in his plane “on the way to TAOS Mountain”, with the clouds above him with the hidden coordinates. This is huge, maybe. Do you think the latitude co-ordinates are hidden in one of the drawings, too. These coordinates could definitely be the “aberrations out on the edge.” Then there are still a few subtle hints in the text to help with the clues. THE RACE IS ON!

    • Yep and when you ask Forrest if upside down is the map he won’t answer and if you ask if he added on to it he won’t answer lol he is tricky he clearly added on to it and yea Prob did say fly taos lol right over tea with olga

    • Yep and when you ask Forrest if upside down is the map he won’t answer and if you ask if he added on to it he won’t answer lol he is tricky he clearly added on to it

    • Jenny Lake!!!! Ahhh!!!! One of my most favorite place. Breakfast at the Lodge… OMG. Heaven.

      The thing is, if it’s a coordinate, what’s it a coordinate to? Probably not the TC. Or the blaze. Maybe HoB. Maybe WWWH. Etc.

  6. To all,

    Didn’t a person at a book signing event ask Forrest if the blaze could be moved? Didn’t Forrest say that it probably could be moved but would not be practical to do so?

    Thanks for any help on this.

  7. Tar, Is this the quote you are looking for: The Nine Clues…….Part Thirtyone
    September 26, 2014

    forrestfenn on September 26, 2014 at 4:06 pm said:
    I had an enjoyably visit with Tom and his brother at the Downtown Subscription Coffee Shop in Santa Fe. They seemed like nice guys and avid treasure hunters. But there is confusion somewhere. While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.

    • cynthia,

      That’s it. Thank you very much. You have a terrific memory to find it so fast.

      Once again, many thanks.

  8. Check for latitude on page 57. Turn book upside down. White water next to Skippy is added to the pic, obvious. Skippy forms a four, inside that four is a 1,5, and a degrees symbol. He never said the pictures were not important.

    That pic also in the background, the tree with two branches up in the air, looks like that scrapbook of the bronze horse with the satchel. Plus, that rock formation does not look natural. A lot in the pic of Skippy holding a rock. Then again, it might just be Skippy holding a rock…

  9. It seems that giving coordinates would be more than a hints.

    There is a suspiciously large number of numbers in the book. I tried compiling by page but it gets overwhelming. And I am referring to superfluous numbers, like how many cats get milk, and how many squirts of milk each cat gets.

    How do you decide what numbers to use? Seems very easy to just pick numbers that match your needs.

    • I j don’t pick them to fit my needs I just type in where I search and the numbers fit my area These numbers were in correct order

      • I do like the imagination you always have at ready. I guess I am trying to find some of that too. I just get lost in all the numbers.

        And I am curious what others think of what I see as an over-use of numbers in the book. Every story has it’s share, not to mention what is found in images of one kind or another.

        The only doubt I have about this your idea in this posting is wondering why FF would spend years crafting a clever, if not genius, poem and then just give coordinates that make the poem unnecessary.

        • Not really I think the cordinance just gives you boundary’s Not a exact location to the spot but the area

          • Line it all up and X marks the spot!
            Forrest said it and I believe it
            I’m drawing it up right now! Going soon. But I believe it’s not in The Park!

    • Meadowlark- where i went to school we didnt have a numbers class, so yeah im not using them either.

  10. Diggin Gypsy,

    Is not true that your blazes cause the main focal point to your solve? I greatly appreciate your good imagination, thoughts and searches. Brilliant!!


  11. Hey Diggin, I was just browsing this again and noticed, do you think that it may say from bottom, looking from the side, “97 where Y is”???
    I mean kind of, don’t have the book on me, but thoughts??? Did the 22356 work for you? I need another pair of eyes because I may be biased towards the “97” thing. Only because I can show a blaze, shaped like a 97, which is a reference to marvel gaze, where there is a “Y” stick, 7′ long, makes up the 7 part. May just be me, but will relook over this section of the book. Up in the clouds reminds me of Eric Sloane.

  12. Hi Diggin G –

    For fun, try this.
    Try to write a word without lifting the pen from the paper.
    But instead of writing the word normally so that each subsequent letter is to the right of the preceding, attempt to place each letter above the letter that proceeded it. The resulting word will look like it’s going up stairs.

    Specifically try the word water.

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