Book of Blazes – Cynthia

Forrest once said on Jenny Kile’s Six Questions More with Forrest Fenn: “It is important that I drink a martini at least once a year so I can continue to remember why I don’t like them.” La Caja Ruins sits above and just to the right of the rim of the martini glass (the blaze), where I looked quickly down.

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9 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Cynthia

  1. Yup, Dry Martini.
    Barren desert although we didn’t know this until recently where the treasure is not.
    Can be see on GE as well.
    BOTG to see the blaze….

  2. Definitely a martini glass. The perfect classic martini (I make them all the time) is 3.5 ounces Beefeater gin (vodka does *not* belong in a classic martini), .5 ounce of dry vermouth, a single queen olive. That lake in the photo looks to be a dirty martini, too much olive brine.

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