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Ok, y’all know how obsessed I am with page 99 upside down. So here is the blaze  for my area. Yep, right over the beautiful Madison River where all the eagles soar. It’s a match. My “F” and “owl” sit over an area that has it all. Can y’all beat this blaze?     Hehe

From Page 99

Over the Madison


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107 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Diggin Gypsy

    • You look at the foot of the mnt if your wise and see the blaze look quickly down from the owl

  1. Hello Diggin Gypsy,

    That’s interesting! I’ve seen page 99 referenced a fair bit before. If you don’t mind my asking, what is significant about it and why do you take an upside down view of it?


  2. That’s pretty cool. I see why you like it upside down. The amazing thing I am seeing, is that the blaze you have revealed in this way looks very similar to my blaze in a totally different place.

    I keep on finding things in the 3 books. I have also found a new clue (for me anyway) in the new book OUAW, Subtle hints or direct hits? All up to each of us and our opinions or the hints.

    Just my thoughts. Very interesting idea!


  3. DG-
    Call me “blind as a bat” but how on earth did you ever spot that formation over the Madison and see its similarity to page 99…
    I can see it because you drew boxes around the key points but without your drawings I couldn’t have seen those things even with a Russian cyberspy threatening to hack into my bank account unless I pointed them out…

    • Ain’t it great now when you go look up you will see it eventually and then look quickly down

    • No wonder dal can’t find the treasure. He needs to get some imagination pills from Gypsy. f

        • Dal is DEFINITELY the better kisser, Straw. IMHO….F always tastes like Worcestershire sauce.

          • That’s funny right there Joneey.

            And maybe it’s a mushroom needed rather than a pill.

            On my last trip I did see stars for a few minutes after managing that steep part of the hike. I think it was more altitude than imagination.

      • f-
        I swallowed some of DG’s “imagination” pills back in the 60s and look where it got me…
        Up a creek with no paddle…

        • I don’t need any imagination pills from anyone! My Imagination already runs away from me! All i see is puffs of dust when it leaves.!! Sometimes I see a speck of gold in my pan!

      • Holy cow! Nice to see you on the blog again Mr. F.

        Your comments to Diggin Gypsy are a nice surprise and coincidental to a TTOTC page landed on the other day, completely reversing a theory I’ve been working on.

        Thank you for the Chase. It’s a lot of fun. Oh, I almost forgot and if you don’t mind, my big bro the A-7 pilot was asking if you’ve ever been to Clarke Air Base, on the Philippine Island of Luzon?

        Please take care…….Pinatubocharlie

      • I think the blaze is a headstone covered by grass.
        I think FF is a GENIUS in his architectural design!
        I think the “F” on the birch tree…IN THE WOOD…GENIUS!! IN THE WOOD!!
        I think children would have a darn good chance of finding it 🙂 but don’t ask me how to explain it but it’s just the truth? 😉
        I think that the views I have seen on my way up and down that mountain have been inspirational. If it rains and the sun comes out, wow, that rainbow is like NO OTHER!
        I think that a nice stiff drink might be needed but it would have to be straight whiskey on the rocks with FF!
        I think Chief Joseph’s speech should be read by ALL!
        I think FF should be called Huckleberry Fenn 🙂
        I think FF has a lot to do with a great chase and reinventing the meaning of GENIUS! 🙂
        I think it’s raining…but not on the FF treasure?
        I think FF is calling….Sunday!
        I think God has to answer it before it goes to voicemail…
        IMO I think too much…just sayin’ FF 🙂

          • Where are you searching what state? You claiming your going to find it Sunday?

          • Hey Deano Bravo… Three GENIUSES Wow! You must have found something really cool… Did you find any Omegas in the area?

          • Travis, I’m not saying that at all. I said “I think FF is calling… Sunday!” So if I’m not there then God can answer it before it goes to voicemail 🙂 Believe it or not, on my phone contacts for I.C.E. it’s GOD…Call God! Phone number is (537) 877-2837 which is translated to (Jes) usSaves AND let me tell ya in case of emergency we ALL could use a “phone a friend’ 🙂

        • Spallies…3 Geniuses? Please explain?

          Travis…You wouldn’t believe me if I told you and showed you about the stump! But, everything happens for a reason for the most part. Where are you located TB?

          • Deano Bravo… You call Forrest a GENIUS three times… Thats all… I mean we all know he’s a pretty smart guy but wondered what you discouvered that made you scream GENIUS three times… Care to share?

    • I think Forrest ought to join the fun and share his blaze. Come on Forrest, tell show us your blaze!

        • (At the Top): There is prececent for flipping pictures. Just turn the TTOTC book upside down. It’s a pretty good rendition of particular state boundaries, with Montana located beneath the pile of coins. This was spotted long ago by a clever Fenner, and in my opinion it was likely a deliberate arrangement by Forrest. Montana is, after all, the Treasure State.

          • Zap,

            Thanks for that. Maybe Forrest was waving a hint in our face with his reference to pineapple upside-down cake.

            Wow, you were up late. Unless you’re in a different time zone than your zip code implies.

  4. Ha ha The fundamental structure of space-time is a quantized infinite scalar lattice geometry in the pattern of The Flower of Life.

    Nassim Haramein knows…

    • Amber, you lost me somewhere after “ha ha”…ha ha. There certainly are some really smart people on these blogs and I think you are one of them. I do know what a flower is and I liked that part. I know, because we would put buttercups under our chins to see if it was true love or not when we were churins. May all your Blazes be merry and bright.

      • How many feet/miles you think you will have to look into once with BOTG?

        May I ask if this is in or out of YNP?

        I’m with Dal….I didn’t see it at first, but then the “F” comes into play….the owl is more tougher than I would ever think.

        Interesting….thanks for sharing DG.

  5. It’s going to take 1000 years just to search a fraction of the rock outcroppings that exist in just one of the four states 🙂

    I will head on over to Devils Slide, it matches Forrest’s iron stained britches better! HEHE

  6. Neat stuff Digging Gypsy.Thanks for posting.For a girl you’re really cool.I’m dying to share my blaze,and ,home of brown, but I can’t until after this spring.If you find any more arrowheads on your searches I will buy,or trade you for them!Goodluck!

    • Ohhhhh I have boxes been a artifact hunter for years U can join my Facebook to see my finds. A lot more of pottery finds tho lately can’t wait for ya to post your blaze a lot of fun to see what everyone else sees

  7. Diggin Gypsy – what wonderful imagination! And extreme attention to detail…upside down from the page in the book.

  8. Maybe I need an imagination pill too. Only thing that sticks out to me in the square box is a big Brown spot. Oh well.

  9. Nice post DG, good use of imagination. IMO, the treasure will be found soon…it’s time, by this summer I think.


  10. Great imagination DG. I definitely see the F and the owl. So together they are the blaze? Do you look quickly down from the F Or the owl? It looks like quite a bit of distance between them.

  11. Wow DG that F and owl are very clear. Awesome imagination, you definitely deserve the ΩΩ! Reminds me of Fenn’s shower critters!

  12. I kinda see the owl on the hillside, but I definitely see the F. I’m curious about shapes like this that people find. Do you think he would have saw it while flying, or fishing?

      • I can’t see it but I see ET head under it hehe The F and owl I posted u can’t see on google earth

        • To me it looks like an owl mask and beak, It’s a mining prospect on Ted Turner’s ranch above Bear Trap canyon. It’s actually almost within sight of the blaze that makes up Blaze mountain, the blaze almost points at it. I don’t think it would be on the ranch but some of that USFS land out south of there looks pretty promising.

  13. Forrest said he felt like a architect drawing the poem hmmmmmmm hmmmmm not writeing it but drawing it ohhhhhh I feeeeel hot

  14. So you guys don’t believe Forrest when he says clues were not deliberately put in his book?

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