Book of Blazes – DogZebra

I think other searchers have laid eyes on it. Possibly been photo’d and posted before. Closer to I-80 than I-70.

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8 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – DogZebra

  1. DogZebra,

    I like the fact that it is closer to I-80, mind sharing where along I-80 it is? Any chance that it is by the central-mountain time zone, maybe by the 80-76 split?

    Fred Y.

  2. Bezeebas…. there’s a lot of blazes out there and most of them are north of Sante Fe!!! Makes my brain hurt 🙂 Thanks for sharing everyone… I think?

  3. Looks like a hash-runner spray painted marker, not going to be there for the duration…Nice arrow though…
    Wambli Galeshka

    • WG,
      This blaze pre-dates FF’s birth date and has a “mechanism” in place to ensure that it lasts for a looong time.

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