Book of Blazes – FredY

Tarry scant with marvel gaze…
Can’t believe I’m sharing; a solve still in progress
First image; Google earth will only take you so far…
Second image; Boots on the ground.
Took some serious time to figure out what the path was saying.
Hope you all have some fun with this one.

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7 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – FredY

    • Hey Diggin,

      Ha Ha!! No , it says game over. It is the very path that I found on google earth in the photo above. Was blueish color with boots on the ground, but looks white on google earth.
      Not in your stopping grounds, this is in New Mexico

  1. Fred, That is really cool! How long ago do you think those words and smiley faces were painted there? You know searchers make their own “blazes” sometimes, and I read where there are a few searchers who leave silver dollars or coins dated 2010 to make it look like Forrest had been there.

    • Hey Cynthia,

      According to google earth (using history imagery) It did not exist in 8/2009, but it is there in 6/2011. Starting to get very hard, if not impossible to read in the 2/2018 image. Whats really amazing is that every clue prior, led me to that exact location for the blaze line. and tarry scant. This is why I have always believed that John Charles whatever is: John Charles Freemont aka “the pathfinder”.

      “Varied are the many roads I’ve traveled to reach my 80 years and not all have been paved with with smiles and accolades”.

      Fred Y.

      • Haha that’s funny ESP with all the smiley faces on the road dang that might be the blaze good one Fred

    • Funny that you mentioned silver above.

      GAME OVER = REMOVE AG (Ag is silver in the periodic table)

      1. wishes he removed the silver bracelet.
      2. pictures of the Silver in TTOTC are the only ones that I know of that have the edges removed. (In the same chapter he say’s mom would “trim the edges”. He had to settle for “scissortails”).


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