Book of Blazes – Michael Hendrickson

La Cueva Tent Rocks in the Jemez Mountains. At the community of La Cueva, near the junction of NM4 and 126.
You could say that it is one object, but that it would be impractical to remove.
It is also listed as Cathedrals Canyon.
This is a VERY special place to live and die in.

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    • Yep, and the Jemez Mountains are full of warm waters!
      Great picture, Michael. I’ll check it out in a couple months. Looks like a perfect location to stash a chest of gold.

  1. Before anyone goes up there be advised that all safety precautions are >doubled<. And, do not go alone.
    The roads can be a combination of soft gravel and sharp rocks. There are few spots to stop or turn around. The area in the photo is a private geological preserve with a nice deck to sit on. We may go up a short trail to it to visit and leave quickly …As for the upper rim, that is national forest. There is a road, 604, that goes up Schoolhouse Mesa and loops at the edge. That is the best place to (marvel gaze) the canyon. It is best in the morning light.

    In one trip up there I brought my sister and the boy that I have brought to the fennboree, her grand child. He is 5 or 6 now. We went up the east side on Cielo Vista road and stopped at a private gate at the end. Then I, my sister and the boy went over the rise to the rim of the east side of the canyon. Somebody had put a bench there to sit and gaze at the canyon. You really do not want to get too close to the edge as we found out. As my sister and the boy were scrambling along the rim they grabbed onto a log to secure themselves. When my sister looked back at him he was just barely holding on and his feet were in the air. She decided that this was too steep and grabbed him up. That was the end of that search. Stay in an area where it is safe for an 80 year old man and a five year old boy.

    • Beautiful blaze Michael. Do you feel that Tent Rocks fits the criteria of 66,000 links north of the northern city limits of Santa Fe? I draw the line at Cuyomongue on my map…but that doesn’t allow for “tangents”.

  2. Ohhhhhh wow now that’s a church in the mountains and a blaze I never been there beautiful

  3. I drove through this area on one of my trips to New Mexico. It is indeed as beautiful as it sounds.

  4. In “The Thrill of the Chase” Preface:

    ‘My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.’

    This looks like a beautiful place, Michael. The first time my family and I visited New Mexico there was so much to see and impossible to see everything. I did not know of this place, but wish I had.

  5. It’s in a beautiful area. I didn’t know about this particular formation when I went on my trip down there, but I did visit some other tent rock formations. They’re all so interesting and each one is unique.

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