Book of Blazes – JDiggins

Just down from the dog, the birds, the fish, the skunk, the alligator, the peace sign, Robin Olds, a lower case f and a heading of approx. 224Β°…accross from the frog and the omega…just above the geese…

If you’ve been wise…

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21 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – JDiggins

  1. Good eye jdiggins….. your blaze reminds me of someone I know… lol and no Dal it’s not you πŸ™‚ have a great night my friend… see ya

  2. Holy Moly I hope he didn’t hang from his ball of yarn to hide her in there. Quite the rock climbing experience. Super cool JD-finding images in the earth is a blast. Great blaze-I be diggin’ it.

    • Kraft, this is hardly visible to the naked eye let alone GE.
      However, this blaze is only one of several, and not all are seen only with the eyes. πŸ™‚

      • I see the darkened eyes and nose of a warrior looking down.
        I think it’s too high up. There are no directions in the poem to look up.

        I think the blaze is allot smaller and I need to see and smell more pines.
        Lots of sage though.

    • Definitely a rock face, with the two shadows on either side in the center of the circle being eyes just above a protruding nose.

      “Look quickly down…”

      Maybe you’d try to figure out where he’s looking! πŸ™‚

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