Book of Blazes – Jeremy

Sangre de Cristo range in NM. Forrest says that a blaze is anything that stands out, and this one did, conspicuously keeping watch over a field of scree surrounded by dense evergreens. “X” marks the spot! The treasure could be waiting patiently for you under any of those rocks.

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7 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Jeremy

  1. I’ve shared this photo before, but I just like it so much. I think it perfectly captures the spirit of the Chase. The picture doesn’t give a sense of scale on those logs. I’m six feet tall, and the cross is at my eye level. There’s two conclusions that you could draw when encountering something like this, and I’m not sure which is likelier. Either some hiker, maybe Forrest, came along and arranged these logs just so, for reasons unknown, or the myriad machinations of nature worked its magic to produce such a thing over time. Which is more mysterious, I dunno, but nothing marks a mystery like a good “X”.

    You’d have to envision that Forrest designed his treasure hunt to be short-lived, with eventually disappearing clues, to consider this “the” blaze. But the idea that the chest would survive as a time capsule for a thousand years following a relatively short treasure hunt isn’t that far fetched. In the least, it’s fun to think of reasons why it might be there. It’s not like every cowboy’s resting place is marked by a granite tombstone. No! you lay him out proper with two wooden boards lashed together to mark a cowboy’s grave.

    Not buying it?

    Fine. To close, I’d like to paraphrase Groucho Marx: “These are my blazes, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

  2. Now Jeremy if them trees were only rocks. I like it tho definitely captures the spirit of the search X always marks the spot geeeze maybe we should be looking for a huge rock that looks like a x

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