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This is a really old one…that a lot of folks will probably be quite familiar with. This posting is to give a visual of how one could use a “bird’s eye” viewing to plot out the clues in the poem by being in one spot. I do not dismiss the possibility the poem could be used in this fashion.


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7 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Ken2

  1. La Mesita AKA The Crocodile. A mesa north of Buckman. It got my interest when FF did a scrapbook about the croc that he had in his pond.
    There is a lava tube in the snout of the mesa that would have made an excellent hiding place.

    • that’s where I went….danger ranger! The Rio has been eliminated…mostly.
      Notice the date. This pic was taken from just below White Rock.
      rdawg…Gucci comes to mind…maybe?

  2. Fenn had two alligators named Beowulf and Elvis. I don’t think he ever had a crocodile but he likes to quote the ‘croc’ poem from Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Ken2,

    It may not be a surprise I like this, and given it as a method as well.
    I’d just like to add one thing. In this thought, are we not starting and finishing at the End?
    That would mean… being wise and found the blaze… we must be standing at the correct spot or view point. IF not in the correct spot… the blaze would most likely not be found, and/or, we could miss viewing a clue, and assume it to be a bad method.
    So, how do we find that spot? Not the blaze… the spot.

    I have thoughts on that… just wondering what yours are.

    • to an ant a mud puddle is an ocean. I believe it is in the perspective that folks misinterpret and leave the poem.

  4. To begin, is also to end…A full circle, the circle of life, a medicine circle, a life circle. In ancient petroglyphs a circle with a dot in the center, is a spot on that ground where the inscriber stood as he/she carved the circle. In Conquistador markings, it was a mine location on the recorded King’s cinco cartogropher’s map. It also referred to concealed pit mines, left behind for others to return to-,usually with a booby trap for the unwary or unwanted discoverer… In some theories, it is thought that to begin it WWH is also the beginning of the flow at it’s source..the spring mouth itself…Not where it meets thermal change in another body of water…So I give that thought for all.Good hunting!
    Wambli Galeshka

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