Book of Blazes – Ken

Early last year I put together a few of my favorite blazes¬†from failed solves. Seems like a long time ago.¬†Here’s one that was at the end of my dry creek…I still remember that excitement! Good luck all…

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12 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Ken

    • kraft…water and trees everywhere…just not in the pic. This thing is much larger than appears with a really cool overhang at the base.

    • J…I did not bring the bulldozer in! The exciting part of this blaze was the several month journey before the journey!
      The 2400 mile trip was tiny compared to getting BOTG and actually walking the creek, hlawh and walking right up and finding this rock feature. No treasure …but certainly rewarding.

  1. The white patch is pretty cool. Were you able to figure out what it was? From the photo it looks like it could either be a different type of rock, or a worn down area. Definitely stands out.

    • Jeremy…the white is what caught my eye from about 100 yds out, up on my left as I was walking the creek. There were many large boulders from dark brown to much lighter ones. I studied that mark for quite some time and it appeared to be quite natural and deep into the boulder. The natural overhang down below was where I spent most of my time. No human trails in close proximity and tucked away from sight except that one approach. This one lingers but not anywhere near my latest search area.
      Thanks for the interest…and good luck to you.

  2. Wonder how that white gets on the rock like that I agree with Jeremy definitely a blaze if I was looking there

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