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Found this Bell Blaze on my second BOTG trip back in 2013 in a very public place. “So hear me all and listen good”
At the end the canyon, surrounded by pine mulch. Sat against it, ate my sandwich with one hand and dug with the other.

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4 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – luckydog

  1. The word “durable” is in the dictionary.
    Some parts of my opinion I’m too polite to share;
    this entire message, therefore, is only part of my opinion.

  2. Excellent blaze! check your vicinity for a natural marker, something that has and will last a long time. base of an asen tree, Good cover for action, eating, sitting down, digging with one hand…but not at the base of an aspen, it degrades the root stability of it and its family aspen trees nearby.
    Look for something more solid as a blaze…just like the chest, it may get some patina, but will far outlast us all. Good find, what was the diameter of the tree? Keep searching!
    Wambi Galeshka

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