Book of Blazes – Bob Miller

Hope you can see my blaze.  Found it on a search in Montana last year.  Tried a few times to post it with zero luck getting on the blog  (my fault).  It’s in a piece of granite in an area we searched and may yet try again.  The letter is clearly visible….

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9 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Bob Miller

  1. Lots of F’s out there carved in everything. Be careful.
    I would steer clear of all F carvings anywhere. The granular texture of this type of rock will not keep the F long as Mother Nature will change it’s appearance this summer. You bring great new ideas to The Chase.

    There is no way I can tell the size of your blaze but would suspect it’s too small with no reference.

  2. All I can say is that ole coot thought it was funny to leave F everywhere I found a few myself

  3. That’s definitely an F. Sometimes I wish there wasn’t the treasure hunt, where people are understandably cagey about where they find these things, because I think it would be really cool to set up a Google map with push pins and catalog all the Fs that are out there, and more. I think that would be a fun project but would require some crowdsourcing. I like street art, murals that pops up in urban areas, and there’s websites that catalog all of that. I’d love to see something that catalogs all of nature’s “street” art — rock carvings, petroglyphs, tree blazes, and the like. Especially with tree blazes, some of these are our only historical record of mountain men’s travels, and they don’t last forever.

  4. I’m sorry, I got to a search location and carved a FF on a couple of trees! Yes I was that guy but if you find yourself in a location that looks like that, take a minute to look around and admire the view.
    Please don’t judge me by that cause it was early in the chase.

  5. The F was in the rock naturally. It’s about 10 inches from top to bottom. Definitely not visible from GE. Not far from the Madison.

  6. If he was named Morris Jenn we’d all be seeing M’s everywhere. We tend to see the F’s far more quickly. lol

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