Book of Blazes – Muset

We found this thing where we were hoping to find a blaze near a certain fishing hole.  The photo is highlighted in yellow where there is barbed wire holding up that stick and skull.  I thought it looked like a giant dragonfly– a giant lure.

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36 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Muset

  1. Haha one time I was walking on the Madison and I found a skull. Like that and Forrest said that would make a good blaze. I would have looked there hehe

    • Thanks for sharing that information. It is a good consolation to know that Forrest approved of a grinning skull on a stick as the blaze.

      Since then Forrest has said that the treasure is not below any man-made object. Barbed wire aside, neither the stick or the skull are man made. It makes me wonder: is a skull placed on a stick a man-made object in the context of the treasure?

  2. Would like to see a Blaze from a perfect solve. There were lots of those right? Is it possible searchers still feel they’re correct and believe there is still more to decipher? I can understand not sharing.

    • To those claiming to have a perfect solve…it really is just in the eyes of the beholder. The only one who could truly show you a blaze from a perfect solve would be Forrest. The rest are just speculations and whispers of hope.

      You did remind me of something from my childhood that I wish I had a picture of to this day. On Blue Mountain (in Montana) there used to be a tree shaped perfectly like a heart. Suspended in the center of the heart by chains was a metal heart. Eventually someone vandalized the tree and it died. Today it is just a remnant of a past beauty that currently only exist in my memories.

    • On your other question, my opinion is, correct or not, if you haven’t found the chest there is always more to decipher. Plus I subscribe to Forrest’s coined term that you only have a correct solve if it gets you within several feet of the chest. Not really sure what “several feet” would be considered though.

      • The original comment was:

        Let’s coin a new phrase. You can’t have a “correct solve” unless you can knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest. Otherwise you have a “general solve.” What do you think? f

        Steps instead of feet makes a big difference IMO

        • Thanks Marek, I don’t knowingly try to misquote and I agree, though similar on some levels that does change it up in a big way.

  3. Ok what’s the point of posting pictures of two rocks nesting, a scratch in a tree that looks like a Y or F, an upside down squiggly square and so on. The locations we seek will scream Wow.

    • And who would show those even though their ultimately incorrect but are unaware of that fact.No one.That’s all I was trying to say

      • Often I make comments that stem from frustration. I should stay overly quiet and try to fix my own incomplete solutions

    • A friend who has psychic visions told me the blaze is 2 rock outcropping side by side. One about 3′ and the other smaller with white streaks in them. She said there is a archway there as well. She told me this when holding the poem while reading it and she freaked a bit. She didn’t know anything about the chase.

  4. Did I possibly get stung yesterday? Was I seeing coordinates while posting? Has anyone else ever experienced that? Yeah, I need rest

    • I take it you are psychic, I just had a wasp fly by my face close to the time I read this post. I wish I was seeing coordinates. All I see is four fives.

      • Idle Dreamer Your awesome. I was posting to you when it happened . It shocked me so bad I quickly x’ed it out. Later when I would hit paste coordinates would still come up but they seemed different but I’m certain.What do you make of it. Maybe you should just x me out

        • I think you are on the right angle (+ or – 10).

          Today has been an odd day all around. A ninja somehow didn’t see me and ran into my groin (ow). Darth Vader was female and talking like a pirate. Plus we finally gave Mario his pictures back and his witch Mom was greatful.

          One of those weird days where reality sounds like make believe.

          Plus I need to buy ketchup soon. Thankfully the containers are plastics so we can’t break the rim. We prefer Hunts.

          • Haha! Sounds like a rough day Idle. Watxh out for the ninja pirates with darth Vader voices in your dreams tonight. Thibgs sre getting weirder and weirded in both wakeful and dreaming life these days.

          • I just went through my photos and Darth was wearing an eye patch so Darth apparently was a one eyed pirate for a spell.

        • I googled “x me out” and it came back with “ask me out”. So Hank, you busy later? After correcting that I got to the right terms. I don’t think you should be X’d out so easily. Plus, you opened a door to something I had never really thought about. When I was at the heart tree it was already old and in an area that a 150 years ago wouldn’t have been occupied. Which makes me wonder if someone had shaped the tree over time (I have heart shaped bamboo). If so, why? Was the heart tree a form of grave marker to a lost love one? Maybe a hidden treasure?

  5. None of all that above made any sense to me.

    I saw that thing and there was no treasure anywhere near it.

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