Book of Blazes – Muset

We found this thing where we were hoping to find a blaze near a certain fishing hole.  The photo is highlighted in yellow where there is barbed wire holding up that stick and skull.  I thought it looked like a giant dragonfly– a giant lure.

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2 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Muset

  1. Haha one time I was walking on the Madison and I found a skull. Like that and Forrest said that would make a good blaze. I would have looked there hehe

    • Thanks for sharing that information. It is a good consolation to know that Forrest approved of a grinning skull on a stick as the blaze.

      Since then Forrest has said that the treasure is not below any man-made object. Barbed wire aside, neither the stick or the skull are man made. It makes me wonder: is a skull placed on a stick a man-made object in the context of the treasure?

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