Book of Blazes – NMC

I called him “George”, but he didn’t pan out to be THE blaze. The arrows point out interesting features, but I’ll leave them to the imagination of your readers.

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14 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – NMC

  1. Kinda looks like a Patriot with his right arm raised high.
    Plenty of hiding spaces below but too large of a blaze for me.

    • Torch (blaze), peace symbol/upside down Y (left arrow)
      Piglet (right arrow)
      Radiation symbol (bottom arrow)

      Imagine how much fun I’d have with a Rorshach test.

      • Oh, I should mention why I thought it was the blaze. It reminded me of Mr. Fenn’s account of how he waved at the rescue plane in “My War for Me”. That “George” was waving a flashlight was coincidental 🙂

  2. Omg lol that is a great one Bob the builder that little cartoon man Definitely a man even a soldier with a cap on wow I would of defiantly dug under that mnt

  3. Definitely a face, but (probably due to the shadow edge) I see a head wearing one of those side caps. I think they’re called flight caps in the AF.

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