Book of Blazes – Sally Colorado

Somewhere in Northern New Mexico, near my best HOB ever. See if you can decipher it.

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8 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Sally Colorado

    • I think this Aspen tree with it’s unusual symbols could be a highly stylized “map” of a mining claim; possibly a corner marker. The bottom symbol, the square with a diagonal line from the upper right corner to lower right corner, typically denotes a mine or quarry on many maps. And the manicule is pointing toward the mine itself?

  1. The Mysterious Manicule is pointing toward finger foods and the wine cooler, with any luck. Or better yet, towards Strawshadow’s first blaze.

  2. Those are Basque sheepherder markings, except for the epsilon Greek letter. Possible mine marking boundary/find. Wambli Galeshka

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