Book of Blazes – Strawshadow2

A nice blaze with special meaning. Stands about 8 feet tall and has a weather vane friend hiding in the trees. The location of this beauty was the real deal. I bet Suzanne Somers would love the wildflowers if she wasn’t bathing so far away.

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9 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Strawshadow2

    • **** SpecialKLR wrote – “It looks like a snow depth marker. Only the bottom 2 foot mark has fallen to the ground???” ****

      Exactly right. Designed to be read from a helicopter, checked periodically and measurements tallied to measure snow pack.


  1. The Z patterns fit nicely with SB107 and ff’s envelope with the pen cap, pen, and $5 bill forming a Z, with the word “treasure” hidden at the end of the said Z beneath the bent corner. I hope you searched this area thoroughly. Another place I would have been close to a heart attack after seeing that blaze. Good one. I love this thread!

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