If You Have Been Wise and Found the Blaze

APRIL 2017 by Jeshurun Clouds


“If you have been wise and found the blaze” is a short ebook published on kindle  that offers a novel idea on the  concept of the “blaze” in Forrest Fenn’s poem. Based on  some fascinating historical legends as well as formal  trail blazing conventions, the book presents a strong argument on what Forrest Fenn might have had in mind on the word ‘blaze’ when he crafted is poem. Without stating “where” the blaze is , the book argues on “what” the blaze is and as a consequence of that definition in what manner the chest is hidden by Fenn and why. I hope and wish  it could bring some interesting new idea in  the thrill of the chase community. You can find it in amazon kindle by clicking HERE.

Happy reading and good luck!

Jeshurun Clouds


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