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January 2017 by JCM



One of the big advantages that we searchers for Forrest Fenn’s treasure have is that he has been making many additional comments and answering numerous questions ever since he put forth his challenge to find his hidden treasure chest. The big disadvantage that we searcher’s have is that all those comments and Q&A’s are spattered all over websites and webpages across the internet, and buried in numerous news stories, articles, write-ups, and audio and video recordings.

For those serious about the search and studying what Forrest has said, there is now ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’. ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ is a major work that has resulted in a collection of comments, statements, and Q&A’s made by Forrest Fenn, and by others, which are specifically about or directly related to finding Forrest’s treasure chest.

Two versions of ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ have been created:
– The first version is in chronological order (54 pages), separated between direct statements from Forrest and second person statements that are attributed to Forrest.
– The second version is by topic (82 pages). Topics include: The Poem, Hints in the Book, A Word that is Key, The Importance of the First Clue, People getting Clues Correct, Parking and Getting to the Final Location, General Geography of the Treasure Chests Location, and many others.
– Both are digital copies that are available for download shortly after purchase; the digital format allows for future updates to be easily made and distributed.
– All quotes and statements are referenced and most have hyperlinks back to their sources.

The benefit of the chronological order is that you are able to view the progression of Forrest’s comments over time. You can see how his comments evolved over the years along with when he began talking about certain aspects of the chase.

The benefit of the chronological order is that you are able to view the progression of Forrest’s comments over time. You can see how his comments evolved over the years along with when he began talking about certain aspects of the chase.

The version by topic is powerful in providing insight and understanding about various topics. You are able to read all the statements Forrest has made about a certain topic, allowing you to pick out trends and patterns in what he has said. This helps to form a stronger understanding of the bigger picture of the Thrill of the Chase and elements worth considering (and ruling out) in finding the chest.

Here is what Forrest had to say after reviewing the collections of his words:

‘You did a masterful job collecting all of those words and melding them in
such cohesion. But you forgot to add a quote that I like best of all.’

“I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.”

‘My treasure chest story, however, is exempt from that statement. Everything
I said about it is true and it is still resting where I hid it.’

– Forrest Fenn

Hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time have gone into creating these two documents. Significant time and effort has been spent going through the numerous websites to gather all this information together. One of the most time intensive tasks of this work has been to transcribe many, many statements from audio and video recordings. Additionally, there are a few comments that are not publicly available anywhere else.

With these many comments, statements, and Q&A’s of Forrest now available in one place, this will likely become a significant tool in moving forward the effort to find Forrest’s very special place where his treasure chest awaits.

You can get your copies of the ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ documents at:

Editions have been updated to include quotes from Forrest in both
2017 and 2018

35 thoughts on “Chasing Words

    • Cholly I think JC probably did a good job, and it would be a big help to most searchers. I have a weighted database I’ve created over the years that I use. I didn’t include any secondary information in mine. There have been some very definitive statements made by some searchers that are simply wrong; and many so called journalist have done the same thing.

      Shoot, if you only listen to a couple of Fenn’s interviews you would swear the chest was buried. I’ve said for a long time people should listen and read Fenn’s comments in chronological order and in context as a whole. Even some searchers that do that discard anything they don’t want to hear that dispel their solution.

      JC’s efforts will surely help with all of the false information that gets posted.

      • Thanks for the reply and Happy New Year Goofy! For sure some of the journalist help with the dis-imfomation program! IMO.

      • Goofy –

        I want to add that people attribute things to Fenn as if he had written them in many nstances where he spoke them. He spoke and someone wrote down his words.

        I mention this because many words sound alike. Good map could be Goode map is one example that I have sited.

        This is why I do not own the JC index and suffer through with only my uncertain knowle(d)ge


        • Lugnutz – ‘good map’ was personally written by f (see scrapbook 62), it was not transcribed by someone else based upon something he spoke.

          In my chronological collection, it is all very clear what f wrote himself, what was transcribed, and what was said by others.

          Certain knowlege of what f has said is always better than any ‘as I recall’ or ‘I think f said’.

        • Lugnutz,

          As JCM stated; he has given the reader what was actually written vs. transcript.
          In many case the transcript is from a video or audio which is referenced and linked. So the reader can hear it in full, and not just the juicy parts.
          The secondary information is told as such, so the reader understand where that info came from as well, and links provided.

          To be honest… It would be the same has you reading a quote here, in a post, and searching the net for the original yourself with dates and places… which sometimes can be difficult to find and time consuming for many.

          The document was well thought out on JCM’s part.
          Personally… I think this information is one of the best ways for a searcher to check and balance their own solves… without the hassle of bugging Goofy or Loco.

  1. Nice JCM. This should be a nice tool for many… lol.. Too late Loco.
    I do have one question [ big surprise, huh? ]
    You state in part; …direct statements from Forrest and second person statements that are attributed to Forrest.
    What exactly is a “second person statement”?

    I ask, in part, because of this report;
    An important clue
    One thing Fenn will say is that most people are missing the most important clue; “begin it where warm waters halt”. When you solved this clue, he shared, and the others will fall into place. “If you don’t know where warm water halts, Fenn said, “you don’t have anything.” It’s not much, but it’s a start.

    I’m sure we both know this reporter’s comment and quoting ‘may not be accurate’. When I read this, I made a footnote to try and verify… without success. So I’m curious to what scale of accuracy did you take for second persons statements? or is there something in the information that explains, unverifiable noting?

    Again… nice job.

    • Whaa….!!! Dang, a day late and a doller short!!….story of my life?? (jk, no sour apples here)

      Bravo, JC!! Although I may have a lot of info, I never contemplated publishing anything. That undoubtedly took a great a length of time also, as well as compiling everything. Again, great job.

      I don’t know if my endorsement carries any weight, but I will get the books, Seeker. JCM could very well have unearthed something I have missed. At the very least, it may give a different perspective of how JCM interprets/views certain comments? I have bought only one other searcher’s book, The Wolf’s. But as I said, I will definitely get JCM’s!!!!

      “nothing is too small to know”. 🙂

      Good Luck and Happy New Year to All!!! …….loco

      • Hi Loco – After the final push to get it ready to go public, I almost want to adopt the first half of your screen name. 🙂

        Thanks for your thumbs up. As a collector of quotes, you can appreciate the time that goes into compiling something like this. And for about the price of a tank of gas for your car, it’s a much better option.

        I originally was only going to do the list in chronological order, but I figured doing the second list by topic would be a lot more interesting and would spawn far more discussions. I am sure more than a few will pick it apart and go beating up on any ideas they don’t agree with; it’s funny how some just have ego issues and must assert themselves to be right, though I still am not sure what they are trying to prove. But at the end of the day, probability is that they are still wrong, no matter how much they don’t want to be… and probably me too.

        And then there is Seeker. 🙂

        When you buy it (if you haven’t already), put a note in the order. I have some things to talk with you in private about.

        Happy New Year!

    • Hi Seeker – That quote you refer to is in the 2nd person section… for now. If I personally have a direct reference of f saying something (audio/video of f speaking or something I know he personally wrote), it is first person. If not, second person (anything someone else said that f said or wrote, including emails that others claim he sent to them).

      From my experience, I can say that my expectation of what f actually did say in the quote is pretty much what they typed… just take out the ‘Fenn said’ and ‘he shared’. That is their writing style.

      Now go buy it! 🙂 I must say that I have no expectations of a NYT best seller here; heck, I suspect that many ff treasure seekers will balk at it, many because it isn’t free or $1. But for those who have an understanding of what is contained in his words, it will be money well spent for the time that it saves them (especially if they haven’t already been actively collecting and organizing). And Loco will appreciate (well, maybe) not being the wiki of all things f has said.

  2. “I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.”

    That really sums it up.

    Nice work JCM.
    I will stick with my .doc although the price is right & would be good for beginners to cut some time off.

    • I highly doubt it. fenn seemed to write off on it with his comment above. Everything I see in the examples are public references or public interviews…
      But I am tantalized to see what else the information contains.

  3. Just bought mine. This is what I was wanting to do but never sat down to do. Once I looked into what is was going to take I realized that this was a lot more computer work than I’m capable of.
    Timothy …IMHO
    Thanks Dal and thank you JCM for the incredible amount of work that had gone in to this…

  4. JCM, throw us teaser, show me where FF said the only reason he gave the distance of 8.25 miles north of SF is so folks wouldn’t be digging up his back yard? Please!

    • Hi cholly – what is the value of a quote from f saying he said something to keep people from digging in his and/or his neighbors yard? Forgive me for not seeing the value in it as related to finding the chest (other than it tells me a place where it isn’t, which I hope I am smart enough to have never considered in the first place). 🙂

      If you don’t already know, you can find f’s first discussion about it on Richard Saunier’s website… the clue ‘Forrwst’ gives is 66,000 links… and says nothing about it being to keep people from digging in his yard, at least not in this comment.

      • JCM very familiar with the original 66K links quote, just ‘testing your program’ for another time FF mentions to an audience ‘the only reason’ he ever said that in the first place and that was to keep folks from digging in his back yard, but, of course now I can’t ever find it to share……Thanks for the reply and Happy New Year!

        • It was a topic that I considered compiling and including, but decided not to because I found that it didn’t add much value for finding the treasure chest.

          My approach was to pack the document full of quality, high worth comments about finding the chest, not quantity comments of everything f has talked about.

          I could go find the specific statement somewhere… as I recall, it was audio. But I am not going to 100% trust my ‘recall’ at this point.

          Loco or Seeker can probably pull it out of their magic hats if you ask them nice enough. 🙂

  5. Soon after you pay you should get an email with a link. I received an email almost immediately. Click on the link and you will be able to download your book…

  6. Hi Dal, Thanks. I got it. Its an interesting read. I just started. After I read the intro and realized the proceeds go to charity, I decided to buy both versions. I started with one. You are right about it being worth while. I’d never go back and listen to all those interviews. happy hunting

  7. JCM,
    Ordered my copy! Thanks for putting something like this together! It’s going to save so much time for searchers like me that are tech stupid. I’m sure I’ve missed so much that f has said because I can’t get links to work or I get lost in cyberspace trying to track something down. Now I just have to find the time to start reading through it amidst the other 10 thousand things I’m trying to do chase related and not.
    I am excited to look at things in chronological order. I can see how that might give some good insight into things.
    Thanks again!

  8. Just might be helpful but seeking out the info myself has been a lot of fun for me. My conclusion at this point is that it’s best to remember what Forrest has said so many times – go to the poem and read the book for hints, and that the poem iis straightf forward. No riddles and no hidden stories. Too much info can be confusing. I only wish I knew how Forrest knows the treasure has not been found. If I am lucky enough to find Indulgence I would send the bracelet to Forrest, get a passport, and go off into the sunset.

    • We know there’s some written material preserved in a jar my guess is there’s some kind of reward that no one has claimed.

  9. JCM, Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us… You have things organized in a better format than what I was trying to do. Great tool, I think I’ll be using it more than my own notes… lol

  10. Can you explain why the chrono version is fewer pages than the by topic version? Is every quote in both versions and the difference is just formatting or something?

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