Another Devastating Loss by a Searcher…

October 2018


Charissa is a searcher and commenter on this blog. She is also the sister of Marti, AKA Diggin Gypsy. The two often search together. Charissa lost nearly everything in the recent hurricane known as Michael that swept through the panhandle of Florida.

Marti tells us that Charissa’s mobile home and her Ford truck were crushed and her property had 8 feet of water pushing over it. Getting past this kind of loss is very, very difficult.

But the sisters are all pitching in to help clean the mess up…
Here Charissa has a chain saw trying to cut a path into her property..

If you can afford to give a couple bucks to help with their clean-up, food, gas and other supplies please use the Go Fund Me account that has been set up for them.

You can find it HERE.

You can send a buck or a few hundred…whatever you can spare for someone in our community who has certainly taken every opportunity to share her adventures on this blog…

By the way…the auction that kpro and cowlazars were holding has been cancelled.


Appalachia Gold…

October 2018

by dal…


A Forrest quote:
“I wish I had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians.”
From Jenny Kile’s Mysterious Writings blog…HERE

Jenny wants to make Forrest’s quip become a reality by hiding several specially minted gold plated medallions in the Appalachian Mountains for folks who live over on the far side of the known universe, to find and keep.

The Appalachian Mountains are outlined in blue

There will be clues of course. Probably less difficult to comprehend than the clues in Forrest’s poem ( just sayin ). But before the medallions are hidden and the clues published we need a medallion.

A blank medallion ready for your imagination

So, use your winter imagination to come up with a design for these keepsake medallions. That’s the first step. Creating a medallion…which has two sides by the way…not counting the edge…

In the next few weeks we will ask for design submissions for the medallion…both sides…Right now you can think and plan and scheme…but don’t submit just yet…that will come later.

The winning design will be selected by Jenny and me and a third (yet unnamed) person. Forrest will approve the design. Jenny will have 10 or so of them minted and take care of the hiding…

I am not certain who will come up with the clues…I hope I get to play with a few of those…
We might hide a couple in some other mountain range between the two oceans as well…but more about the hidey places and clues later…

Right now it’s time to consider what the two sides of these coins should look like…
So please put on your designer hats and start thinking about a good design for an Appalachian themed, Forrest Fenn inspired, treasure hunt medallion.

To get you in the spirit…
Are you familiar with James Still…the Appalachian writer?

I first became acquainted with him around high school. I read his novel, River of Earth, about a struggling family, barely subsisting between farming and coal mining in eastern Kentucky in the 1930’s. I don’t know why I bumped into that book. I doubt that it was assigned and I rarely read for pleasure at that point in my life, libraries were a place to be sent when you were being punished for something…but I devoured the folks in that novel…perhaps because of the perplexing differences between their hardscrabble rural existence and my own sanitized urban humdrum. His writing is filled with a sort of Americanistic soul that folks rarely hand out today.

Here is a stanza from one of James Still’s poems called “Spring on Troublesome Creek”

Not all of us were warm, not all of us.
We are winter-lean, our faces are sharp with cold
And there is the smell of wood smoke in our clothes;
Not all of us were warm, though we have hugged the fire
Through the long chilled nights.

So…think “medallion design”…two sides…and there will be more about this add on hunt, in the next month…




Vector This App…

Writis, a commenter on this very blog has created an app to aid the searcher who likes to use vectors when searching a particular site…

This app may not be for the geographicly challenged, but for those who use maps and lat/lon this can be very helpful in drawing an “x”on your good map.

It’s strength lays not only in its ability to calculate an “x” but also in it’s ability to create a spreadsheet so you can track your x’s, vectors and points.

What is a vector you ask…Read on. I’ll let Writis explain…

Called “Fenn Treasure X Tools” I decided to make it free, but limited to a 75 mile radius search area centered on Denver,  then a one time in-app-purchase to unlock the full search area.
This way you can see how it works, and if you think it would be useful in your search.
Watch the video (and read the text) on how to use the app at the website:
(website has a link to the app in the app store)
I am really happy about how it came out,  and how well it works.  you can even visualize your “X” in the app.
I am excited to see some solutions show up here on Dal’s blog using the tool, and good luck in the search.

Revised OUAW…

Cynthia published a new article about Forrest’s latest book signing and a “soon to be released”, updated version of “Once Upon a Wish”…

Here’s a snippet:

Photo by Cynthia

I met Forrest at Collected Works Book Store late this morning where he was busy signing books. Over the course of 30 minutes, he signed 45 copies of The Thrill of the Chase and 27 copies of too far to walk. He even personalized half a dozen or more books to specific buyers. I’d witnessed this before over the years, and it’s quite an orchestrated process. The cartons of books are brought from the back of the store to chairs beside the table. The older guy removed the protective wrapping and handed the book to Will, a pleasant young chatty fellow, who opened the book to the correct page, and slid it to Forrest, who then signed his name… over and over and over it went….

You can read the whole story and see all Cynthia’s wonderful photos on her blog HERE





Copper Art…

I thought you might like to know about this—-

Dan and Frances Hedblom are searchers and also a husband and wife artistic team who work almost exclusively with copper, coaxing stunning textures and colors out of otherwise dullish plain brown sheets. The results are beautiful and appear in fine galleries across the country.

The Hedbloms work out of their studio in Minnesota. Much of their work is inspired by the dramatic north shore of Lake Superior. You can find out more about them and see stunning pieces they have created HERE.

In celebration of Forrest and The Thrill of the Chase the Hedbloms have created a limited edition piece called “Where Warm Waters Halt”.

There are only 80 of these individually hand crafted pieces. Each is 17inches tall and 8inches wide. Dan says that they wanted to capture the mountains, forests and streams of The Thrill of the Chase. In my opinion they have certainly done that. I think these are gorgeous. Each piece is signed and numbered on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can see more photos of this limited edition piece on their website HERE.

You can purchase one of these limited editions from their eBay store, which is HERE.

They are available for $100 plus $20 for shipping. Since there were only 80 made and I know they have already sold some…My guess is that they won’t have much trouble finding owners for the few remaining so if you’re looking for something beautiful, unusual and also about the Chase…you should probably order one quickly…



Armchair Treasure Hunts…


Discover a world of Hidden Treasures in Armchair Treasure Hunts by Jenny Kile. Jenny manages the blog, Mysterious Writings, about games, mysteries and treasure hunts. She also publishes answers to searchers burning questions by Forrest Fenn and other Forrest related important information.

Inside Jenny’s book you will be introduced to over twenty different quests for hidden treasure. Some have been solved, but others wait to be solved, and you could be the one to find their treasures!

The foreword of Armchair Treasure Hunts is written by Forrest Fenn. Does he offer a clue for finding his million dollar chest of gold hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe within those words? If not there, maybe he does on the last page of the book. He generously provided a special note to searchers of The Thrill of the Chase to end the book. But it’s in code. Can you solve it and discover what he says?
The book is $25 and is available on Amazon…







Happy 88th Forrest……

Forrest Fenn will be celebrating his 88th birthday on Wednesday, August 22…

Thanks for being here Forrest. I am in awe of your accomplishments and sincerely appreciate your treasure hunt…it has provided opportunities and joy for hundreds of thousands of searchers…including me!!

Prairie Flower has been promoting a forest for Forrest campaign for the past two years…
She has a new compilation video of the growing forest…HERE





The Quest for Hidden Treasures…

Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures by Jenny Kile
Foreword by Forrest Fenn is Now Available 

The highly anticipated book of Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures by Jenny Kile is now available!

The book features the following:

  • Foreword by Forrest Fenn
  • Summaries of over twenty armchair treasure hunts (past and present)
  • material on The Thrill of Chase treasure hunt now in PRINT 
  • Never before released words from Forrest Fenn to searchers of The Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt.
  • A special note to searchers from Forrest on the last page of the book.  These words at the end are in code, though.   Will you be able to solve it and discover what they say?
  • FREE MW Armchair Treasure Hunt: The Forgotten Word with prize of $500!
  • Numerous other codes, ciphers, and puzzles to solve scattered throughout all the pages

It’s an action packed book of over 200 pages.  

It can be purchased on Amazon today:


If you’d like a signed copy, you can order on the website:

If ordered on MW, the book will not ship until the week of August 20th.   MW won’t have more books until then. 

From Forrest:
Well, guess what? A few minutes ago, I received a proof copy of Jenny’s Kile’s very new book titled Armchair Treasure Hunts, The Quests for Hidden Treasures. I have not had time to read it, but as I thumbed the pages I had to smile because I could almost see the words as they came dancing from her mouth. I wrote the foreword, but I called it a Preface. Hopefully her readers will excuse that small foible. The last 104 or so pages are about me and things I’ve said so I spent a few minutes laughing at myself. I didn’t realize I was so wrought with levity. Maybe I’ll let Shiloh read it before me because I think he thinks I’m kind of stiff.

The book is about The Thrill of the Chase and other treasure stories. No, I’m not going to let Shiloh read it first. I can’t wait. f



Helping JDiggins…

From Fennboree: Amy, Desertphile, JDiggins, Cynthia and Boomergirl. Don’t you wish you had been there too??

As most know, JDiggins lost her home in the horrible Mendocino Complex Fire in California this past week. KPro  of the THOR forum, with the help of friends has started a raffle.

This is the back of coin #486..not #001…but it’s the only pic we have on the blog…of Cowlazer’s fabulous collector’s coins…

The prize was generously donated by Forrest…it’s the #001 beautifully minted and highly prized Cowlazer’s coin…These things are stunning…with all proceeds heading to JDiggins. You can find out more and get tickets by Clicking HERE:

This is clearly an opportunity for everyone to donate…and help out our good friend and fellow searcher, JDiggins. She’s a great person who can really use a hand right now…

This opportunity to show support will end on August 31st…Please help if you can…




Thrill of the Chase Inspired T-shirts


Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just finished designing the first batch of our Thrill of the Chase inspired t-shirts. This project provides us the opportunity to highlight some of the work of talented US Military Veteran artists and designers.

Treasure hunters and fans of the book and poem alike can share their passion with the world with Forrest Fenn inspired treasure shirts.


Our first designer is Kyle Gunter. Kyle is a US Marine Corps combat veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantry Rifleman. Kyle has a passion for art and design that started at an early age and transcended into multiple mediums throughout his career. After leaving active duty, Kyle went back to school and got his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston. Kyle is currently an Art Director at M2 The Agency, based in Conroe, Texas.

We hope that you enjoy Kyle’s designs as much as we do.

Treasure Shirt Designs

There are five unique shirts to choose from and each one is innovative, attractive, and fun – all showcasing the spirit of the thrill of the chase.

All of the designs are available in a variety of colors/sizes and you can choose from sweatshirts, tank tops, and accessories as well as the t-shirts that are featured.

Forrest Fenn Brave and In The WoodBrave and in the Wood

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

The Rocky Mountains shadow this potential clue where the statement is bold and has meaning to those searching for the treasure.

Anyone who is searching for Forrest Fenn’s treasure will know exactly what this shirt means and it’s the perfect way to share that you are a treasure hunter too.

By request from Lugnutz we’ve added a new gold colored design Brave and in the Wood shirt.


Forrest Fenn Shirt Got Mad ThrillsGot Mad Thrills

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

Forrest Fenn’s memoir is The Thrill of the Chase and nothing could be closer to encapsulating that slogan when it comes scouring maps, the endless nights of research, hiking through the mountains, and being caught up in the thrill and excitement of trying to find the treasure.

Got mad thrills? You know who you are and these words mean more to you than your average person – it is symbolic of your love of the chase.

Forrest Fenn Skull and Cross PicksSkull and Cross-Picks

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

Do you enjoy a little danger along in your search for Fenn’s treasure? If so, then this is the shirt for you. It depicts the skull and cross-picks – both being symbols of excitement, with a little bit of jeopardy.

Many have tried and all have failed. Will you be the one?

Forrest Fenn Dig DeepDig Deep

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

You definitely might not have to dig deep into the ground to find the treasure, but this is a design truly captures not only the prospector in us all, but the true outdoorsman. This design is more minimal and subtle but in just those two words, the entire meaning of a true treasure hunter is captured.

Forrest Fenn Shirt Blaze Your Own TrailBlaze Your Own Trail

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

It’s up to you to choose your own adventure in life and whether you enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, or treasure hunting – blaze your own trail is an affirmation that many live by.

Just four words yet they mean so much in keeping with the spirit of finding your way, as well as finding your treasure.

This design also features the states included where the treasure resides in one of them – Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Designed by US Veterans

The designers of these treasure shirts are all US Military Veterans and 10% of profits from the sales of each shirt will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust.

In honor of the 4th of July, all products are 15 percent off till the end of July and right now you can get free shipping. Just use the code “FREESHIP71856cfd4” and save even more. Order minimum is $45 US/$80 international and ends Jul 19, 2018 at 5PM CDT.

Buy Forrest Fenn Shirts