The Quest for Hidden Treasures…

Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures by Jenny Kile
Foreword by Forrest Fenn is Now Available 

The highly anticipated book of Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures by Jenny Kile is now available!

The book features the following:

  • Foreword by Forrest Fenn
  • Summaries of over twenty armchair treasure hunts (past and present)
  • material on The Thrill of Chase treasure hunt now in PRINT 
  • Never before released words from Forrest Fenn to searchers of The Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt.
  • A special note to searchers from Forrest on the last page of the book.  These words at the end are in code, though.   Will you be able to solve it and discover what they say?
  • FREE MW Armchair Treasure Hunt: The Forgotten Word with prize of $500!
  • Numerous other codes, ciphers, and puzzles to solve scattered throughout all the pages

It’s an action packed book of over 200 pages.  

It can be purchased on Amazon today:


If you’d like a signed copy, you can order on the website:

If ordered on MW, the book will not ship until the week of August 20th.   MW won’t have more books until then. 

From Forrest:
Well, guess what? A few minutes ago, I received a proof copy of Jenny’s Kile’s very new book titled Armchair Treasure Hunts, The Quests for Hidden Treasures. I have not had time to read it, but as I thumbed the pages I had to smile because I could almost see the words as they came dancing from her mouth. I wrote the foreword, but I called it a Preface. Hopefully her readers will excuse that small foible. The last 104 or so pages are about me and things I’ve said so I spent a few minutes laughing at myself. I didn’t realize I was so wrought with levity. Maybe I’ll let Shiloh read it before me because I think he thinks I’m kind of stiff.

The book is about The Thrill of the Chase and other treasure stories. No, I’m not going to let Shiloh read it first. I can’t wait. f



Helping JDiggins…

From Fennboree: Amy, Desertphile, JDiggins, Cynthia and Boomergirl. Don’t you wish you had been there too??

As most know, JDiggins lost her home in the horrible Mendocino Complex Fire in California this past week. KPro  of the THOR forum, with the help of friends has started a raffle.

This is the back of coin #486..not #001…but it’s the only pic we have on the blog…of Cowlazer’s fabulous collector’s coins…

The prize was generously donated by Forrest…it’s the #001 beautifully minted and highly prized Cowlazer’s coin…These things are stunning…with all proceeds heading to JDiggins. You can find out more and get tickets by Clicking HERE:

This is clearly an opportunity for everyone to donate…and help out our good friend and fellow searcher, JDiggins. She’s a great person who can really use a hand right now…

This opportunity to show support will end on August 31st…Please help if you can…




Thrill of the Chase Inspired T-shirts


Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just finished designing the first batch of our Thrill of the Chase inspired t-shirts. This project provides us the opportunity to highlight some of the work of talented US Military Veteran artists and designers.

Treasure hunters and fans of the book and poem alike can share their passion with the world with Forrest Fenn inspired treasure shirts.


Our first designer is Kyle Gunter. Kyle is a US Marine Corps combat veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantry Rifleman. Kyle has a passion for art and design that started at an early age and transcended into multiple mediums throughout his career. After leaving active duty, Kyle went back to school and got his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston. Kyle is currently an Art Director at M2 The Agency, based in Conroe, Texas.

We hope that you enjoy Kyle’s designs as much as we do.

Treasure Shirt Designs

There are five unique shirts to choose from and each one is innovative, attractive, and fun – all showcasing the spirit of the thrill of the chase.

All of the designs are available in a variety of colors/sizes and you can choose from sweatshirts, tank tops, and accessories as well as the t-shirts that are featured.

Forrest Fenn Brave and In The WoodBrave and in the Wood

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

The Rocky Mountains shadow this potential clue where the statement is bold and has meaning to those searching for the treasure.

Anyone who is searching for Forrest Fenn’s treasure will know exactly what this shirt means and it’s the perfect way to share that you are a treasure hunter too.

By request from Lugnutz we’ve added a new gold colored design Brave and in the Wood shirt.


Forrest Fenn Shirt Got Mad ThrillsGot Mad Thrills

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

Forrest Fenn’s memoir is The Thrill of the Chase and nothing could be closer to encapsulating that slogan when it comes scouring maps, the endless nights of research, hiking through the mountains, and being caught up in the thrill and excitement of trying to find the treasure.

Got mad thrills? You know who you are and these words mean more to you than your average person – it is symbolic of your love of the chase.

Forrest Fenn Skull and Cross PicksSkull and Cross-Picks

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

Do you enjoy a little danger along in your search for Fenn’s treasure? If so, then this is the shirt for you. It depicts the skull and cross-picks – both being symbols of excitement, with a little bit of jeopardy.

Many have tried and all have failed. Will you be the one?

Forrest Fenn Dig DeepDig Deep

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

You definitely might not have to dig deep into the ground to find the treasure, but this is a design truly captures not only the prospector in us all, but the true outdoorsman. This design is more minimal and subtle but in just those two words, the entire meaning of a true treasure hunter is captured.

Forrest Fenn Shirt Blaze Your Own TrailBlaze Your Own Trail

Men’s / Women’s / Kids / Accessories

It’s up to you to choose your own adventure in life and whether you enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, or treasure hunting – blaze your own trail is an affirmation that many live by.

Just four words yet they mean so much in keeping with the spirit of finding your way, as well as finding your treasure.

This design also features the states included where the treasure resides in one of them – Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Designed by US Veterans

The designers of these treasure shirts are all US Military Veterans and 10% of profits from the sales of each shirt will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust.

In honor of the 4th of July, all products are 15 percent off till the end of July and right now you can get free shipping. Just use the code “FREESHIP71856cfd4” and save even more. Order minimum is $45 US/$80 international and ends Jul 19, 2018 at 5PM CDT.

Buy Forrest Fenn Shirts

A Birthday for Forrest……

*** UPDATE: So far we have 22 new trees to add to the forest for Forrest!

If you participated last year, you can still plant or dedicate another tree this year. The deadline to partipicate is 08/20/18. 



Let’s Continue to Grow Forrest’s Forest!

Last year for Forrest’s 87th birthday many of the treasure hunters participated in creating a forest for Forrest by planting a tree in his honor or proclaiming that an existing tree now belonged to Forrest’s forest.

Let’s continue that for this year! It’s easy!

Currently the forest looks like this:

To continue the expansion of the forest simply do the following:

Plant a tree or find an existing tree that you’d like to dedicate to Forrest.

Email the following to

  • Your screen name
  • A photo of the tree
  • The type of tree
  • City, State where the tree is located

I will compile all the information and have it ready for Forrest’s 88th birthday on August 22, 2018.

You can look at last year’s compilation by going here:

Hugs to all!

Prairie Flower

P.S. Remember, don’t post the information below, you need to email it to me!

The Seven Searchers You Meet in HoD-ven….

JUNE 2018

by FMC


Disclaimer: This is intended as a bit of fun and not to denigrate anyone’s thought process, methodologies, solutions, etc.  As the saying goes, “Until the TC is found, no one can say anyone else is right or wrong.”

Every solve is unique.  Even searchers with the same WWWH might come up with different HOBs, have different thoughts on the Blaze, or disagree which clues can only be solved with BOTG.  That said, if you’ve been involved in the Chase long enough, it’s possible to break the various thought processes into seven distinct categories.  Some Searchers stay within one category, while others combine pieces and parts of multiple categories like a TTOTC Frankenstein, hoping their solve comes alive.

Poem Purists

These Searchers generally stick to the poem and at times, eschew even the books as unnecessary (though some will supplement their poem-based solves with select “hints” from the books).  The Poem Purist prefers to poor over Google Earth, seeking the perfect a-ha! combination of landmarks that they can match up to the poem.

Google Earth Rorschachers

While the Poem Purist looks for place names or distinct features on GE, the Google Earth Rorschacher looks for patterns in the land itself, not unlike someone identifying shapes in the clouds that pass by.  The GE Rorschacher can be identified by the images that they put in their solves, which frequently have MS Paint outlines of what they “see” in the land.

If you see an arrowhead in the above picture and wonder how you might tie that to a potential solve, you may be a GE Rorschacher.

Maths! (Maths Factorial)

Devotees of the various math-based methods… TBH, I don’t really understand what they’re doing beyond assigning numbers to the letters in the poem and then manipulating those numbers in various ways and ending up with coordinates.  If you see math in a solve, try for a few minutes to understand it, and then give up on it for being too complex, you’re reading a Maths! Searcher.


Different from the Maths! Searcher, the Code-Breaker looks for hidden messages in the poem, books, and ATF information.  Often employing butterfly = flutterby as part of their reasoning, the Code-Breaker is a fan of anagrams, the most popular of which takes “From there it’s no place for the meek” to “Meeteetse Pitchfork Realm of Horn”, which… okay?  The Code-Breaker also will frequently employ the grid method to the poem, lining all the poem lines up, then looking for words or phrases hidden in the resulting Seek and Find.  This method is explained (well and interestingly, IMO) in the 2nd half of Cowlazars vlog #9 –

Sherlocks and Historian Sherlocks

Sherlocks can generally be identified by some bit of internet minutiae that becomes the basis for their unique interpretation of a particular clue or clues.  Whether this is an obscure definition of a word, a fact about the temperature water freezes or boils at for a given altitude, or some other bit of trivia, the Sherlock Searcher is willing to explore any and all rabbit holes in order to solve the poem.  Historian Sherlocks are the same as regular Sherlocks, only they focus on historical events like town name changes, people that FF may have known or been interested in and where they might have traveled in history, etc.

Free Associationers

Whereas the Poem Purist makes, at most, limited use of the books, ATF comments, etc., the Free Associationer allows these items to drive potential solves through connections they make between the two.  For example, if FF says something about his coffee maker, the Free Associationer will seek out potential tie-ins with that statement (Mocha Point, Latte River, or similar).

The Uninformed

Sometimes these are newer Searchers, but more often than not, it’s Searchers that are lazy or otherwise unwilling to read even the basics of the Search parameters.  The Uninformed Searcher may claim their WWWH is a Dam or that they’ve solved it, only for their search area to be 5 miles from where they park with a 3,000 feet elevation gain.

Whichever Searcher type or types you are, there are things that can be learned from all of the types so I encourage you to read HoD with an open-mind.  Think, plan, and when you put BOTG, be sure to do so safely.  Good Luck!


Where Warm Waters Halt….

JUNE 2018



Doug Meyer wrote a couple of interesting papers on the topic of Where Warm Waters Halt. He wrote the first last March and now  he has added part two. In addition to sharing some personal ideas and thoughts on the WWWH topic Doug is also a skilled technical writer. I think you’ll enjoy the read and his thoughts might spark an idea…


The docs are in PDF format and you can read them in your browser, and/or save them to your computer. If you have any questions you can ask Doug in a comment on this page…







The Newest Little Cache….

JUNE 2018


If You Find It Don’t Keep It…PLEASE!

William restored the little cache…just for fun. It will give folks in the MT/WY area something to look for after a hard day of searching for Forrest’s Treasure Chest, particularly if you come up empty handed.

The idea is for you to go find the little cache. Take one thing out and then put one different thing in. Preferably something associated with where you live or who you are or what you do…Sign the register and date it and say what you added and took..

Then, take a pic of you holding the cache and email it to me when you get near some wifi.


Make sure I have your screen name with the photo and I’ll post the pics on this page.

Then close it back up tight and put it back the way you found it so the next person who comes along can find and enhance it..

It’s just a fun thing to do and won’t take long to find..have fun thinking about what you can put inside it. The item you put inside cannot be very big. The box is small…so a coffee mug won’t fit.

Here’s a pic of the cache when we first started about 4 years ago.

The new cache. Some verified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..or and a miniature book... Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I'll post it.. But I'm having trouble finding a spot to hide it. The old spot was the best but the Park didn't like a cache in their park.

The new cache. Some petrified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..and a miniature book…
Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I’ll post it..

And now the directions. These are made so a kid can follow them.

Begin it in West Yellowstone on Boundary and Madison at this place.


This is the motel that Forrest, Skippy and Donnie built.

From here look directly across Boundary and see this.


The trail through the wood to the Madison River. But you won’t be going that far.

From this sign take 70 paces up the trail to here:


This is a second signpost just up the trail 70 paces from the first signpost.

From here you take 140 paces and then halt.
Turn to your left and take 20 paces.
You should be looking at this. The cache is directly in front of you.

It’s not really buried. It’s hidden. And if you need a precise location..try this:


The coordinates of the little cache.

Okay..go get it..have fun!!
Ohhhh…one more thing..please don’t put any food inside. The critters will get at it..
They can even smell food in that tub if it’s sealed.

Thanks to William for getting the cache back together this year!!!!

Page One


My Take on the Word That is Key…

MAY 2018

by JOHN R.


I have been in the Chase for two years now. Like everyone else I have my own ideas on how to solve the poem and retrieve the chest. I have been working on Forrests’ statement on the Key Word.

The full statement is:

It is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key. The treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated.

The word that I think is Key is HEARTH. Please bear with me.

I will work with Tight Focus.

If you look up the definition of  focus there are many definitions, but the one we shall look at is:

 A point at which rays of light or other radiation converge or from which they appear to diverge, as after refraction or reflection in an optical system.

This is the effect when you have a magnifying glass outside in the sun. If you aim the magnifying glass at a piece of paper, the suns rays enter the glass and are concentrated into a focal point, or Tight Focus, onto the paper which burns when its ignition temperature is reached.

The origin of the word focus is interesting. It originates in the 1640’s from Latin focus, meaning Hearth or fireplace. This also referred to home or family, as in years gone by the fireplace,( or hearth) was a focal point of the home where people gathered.

Hearth can also refer to a slab of concrete or stone in front of a fireplace, or the bottom part of a furnace in which the molten metal is produced or contained. Forrest would have been familiar with this term during his Bronze casting days. Don’t forget the various times that Forrest has mentioned sitting by his fireplace, and the importance Forrest places on family.

Not convinced yet that Hearth is the key word? Try this.

On Jenny Kiles site on the 23rd June 2015, Forrest was asked how he went about melding bronze to iron. He replied that it was done using a Heliarc, which uses an inert gas to keep the oxygen away, allowing the 2 metals to meld together. Now this is where it gets interesting. Heliarc welding is done using Helium or Argon gas as these are inert gases. So now we split the word Hearth up and use the Periodic Table.

He = Helium        

Ar = Argon

Th= Thorium

Thorium Oxide is used as a stabiliser in tungsten electrodes in Heliarc or TIG welding. Remember Forrest referring to Thor? Thorium is named after Thor, the Norse God of thunder. Thorium is also the 90th element on the periodic table. Lines up with all the references to the number 90. Maybe that is why the section on Jennys site was called Periodic Words from Forrest?

Still not convinced? Try this:

In Forrests books and blogs there are many photographs and references to hats, and in particular womens hats. Annabelles hat, Mildew and Bella Abzug come to mind as well as the painting shown on page 186 of TFTW.




Take the 3 letters in the first line. They spell HAT. Take the 3 letters in the second line and rearrange them They spell HER. HER HAT.

If you don’t think anagrams are part of the solve, then I guess you will not think that Hearth is the key word.

In my opinion I believe that Hearth is the key word that Forrest is looking for, but who knows until the chest is found. I would appreciate your thoughts.

-John R.

A “Personality Galore” Hat Contest…


Forrest Modeling Mildew

Personality Galore Hat Contest

More than three years ago Forrest bragged about Mildew..his hat of dubious distinction. He declared that this hat was the most “interesting” on the blog.

Shallow claim. I say.

Help me prove the point by submitting a photo of your “interesting hat” to me at:
dal at lummifilm dot com

I will post the photos as I receive them until the contest closes to entries.

Forrest Modeling his Buffalo Hat

Someone, yet unnamed, will help me judge the hats and together we will choose the hat with “Personality Galore” to be the winner of this contest. I don’t expect this to be an easy judging task.

To begin, take a look at Scrapbook 126 to see what passes for “personality galore” in Forrest’s mind…HERE

Next read the rules of this contest below:

1. A contestant may submit only one entry in this contest. 

2. A contestant must be a person of good standing on this blog.

3. An entry is one photo of the hat attached in an email. The email must also include the blog name of the contestant.

4. It is the hat that will be judged not the photography nor the “personality” of the character modeling the hat. That being said, the cumulative effect of a photo that shows an “interesting” hat along with an “interesting” hat model and interesting background, should not be ignored.

5. Entries must be sent before the contest closing time and date.

6. The contest closing time/date is 9pm (Santa Fe time) May 31st, 2018

7. I repeat, one entry per person.

8. The “hat” must exist in the real world. It cannot be a digital creation of a hat.

9. The photo of the hat must be an actual photo and not a hat photoshopped onto a background…ie no digital manipulation of the photo is allowed. We want to judge a hat and not someone’s photoshop ability.

10. The winner will be announced by the surviving judge as quickly as possible after the contest closes.

The winner will receive a signed copy of “Too Far To Walk” by Forrest Fenn. A signed copy is a nice investment…

Finally…off we go…

Let’s have some fun!!!


Page One of Entries

Page Two of Entries

Page Three of Entries

Page Four of Entries

Page Five Entries

Page Six Entries




We will all be judges. You can vote by sending me an email to the address below with your top 3 picks. Make the subject line of your email “vote”.

Just email me the names that appear under the photos of your favorite three hats.

The hat with the most votes gets the prize…

Please do not send me a “vote” email more than once.

Please vote only one time for any single hat

Only the regular 3,817 folks who contribute and comment on the blog can vote. This keeps folks from asking their co-workers or family or neighbors or prison guards to vote for them and tilt the voting in their favor. No ballot box stuffing!!

Voting will close Sunday (June 3, 2018) at Midnight, Santa Fe time.

I will tally the votes and announce the winner…probably Monday afternoon

Send your “Vote” email to:
dal at lummifilm dot com







Yellowstone Opens Early to Bikes…

APRIL 2018

by dal


This is a cautionary tale-

A few years ago I visited Yellowstone when it was too early for exploration. I should have known better. I wrote about the experience here:

But if you MUST visit YNP the below news article announces that the park has opened to bikes…But don’t expect to search beyond the road because the park will still have meters of snow on the ground where it hasn’t been scraped away.

From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle March 28th Edition

Some roads inside Yellowstone National Park opened to bicycles on Wednesday, but some remain closed because of weather and construction.

The park said in a press release that cyclists can ride from Mammoth Hot Springs to Willow Park and from the West Entrance to Roaring Mountain.

There will be no bike access to Old Faithful or Canyon until the roads open to cars on April 20.

The park reminds people that the weather is variable during the spring and that cyclists should plan accordingly. The park also said cyclists might encounter snowplows and wildlife.

Riders are urged to carry bear spray and plan for self-rescue or repair.

More information about biking in Yellowstone is available at