Cutest Pet Photo Entries Four

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I know Fechin                                                  by Ken

IMG 9549

Cowgirl, Tarry scant with marvel gaze                                         by Amy York

Piper Contest

Piper-“No, I Prefer Bacon”                                                     by Matsuee

IMG 5151

Wine before beer, have..another beer?                                       by Jeff A

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Looking Down the Barrel of a Loaded Gun                               by Wisconsin Mike

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Riley is a cat/dog who fetches and eats miniblinds                                 by Sacha

image0 1

I sometimes feel that my dog is right.                          by Clee

IMG 3506

Heading to Silver Creek. He said his name was “Mike”.                     By Lisa Cesari


This is Blue trying to look dapper for the ladies
by Steve

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Brother from another mother                                   by Mom Young


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