Fennboree 2016

2016 Flyer

Alright, city slickers.  It’s time to dust off your hat and grab your boots!  Fennboree 2016 is right around the corner.

Fenboree 2016 will be held approximately 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe, at the Hyde Memorial Park Campgrounds from Friday, June 3rd, through Sunday, June 5th, 2016.

Check out the campground and amenities (like the REAL bathrooms) here: http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/SPD/hydememorialstatepark.html

We will have games (like Fenn Trivia and Bean Bags), a Pot Luck dinner, a mini treasure hunt, “in the wood” croquet, and Forrest has even agreed to an appearance!

We will be holding a Pot Luck lunch on Saturday, June 4th at 1PM.  Everyone can bring their favorite side dish and treasure stories to share.

Hyde Memorial State Park...Imagine it without snow !!

Hyde Memorial State Park…Imagine it without snow !!

View inside the picnic shelter

View inside the picnic shelter. Imagine it full with friends and filled with conversation

The best part is it is a very family friendly environment, and accessible by any vehicle.  There are RV hookups, campsites, grills, a playground, and a volleyball court.  There are reserved spaces and first-come-first served spaces. There are hiking trails nearby, and there is sure to be no shortage of adventure for everyone.  However, if you want to camp there, you pretty much have to reserve your space now, so make sure to email us and let us know at FennboreeFun@gmail.com.  Everyone who wants to camp will be sent the NM State Parks official rules so you know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Is camping not your thing?  Do you want to soak in a tub at night, after a day hiking the trails?  Fennboree will be so close to Santa Fe that you can join in on all the fun, and still wake up to room service.  There are plenty of hotels near the plaza, and for those on a budget and willing to make a short drive, there are many more economical options in Albuquerque.

We know, it’s a little early to start thinking about it, but we wanted you to all have plenty of time to talk about and plan for a family trip.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to have fun and meet each other, so if we gave you the heads up, it might be a little easier.

Are you not able to travel, or is that weekend already reserved for another engagement?  Don’t worry!  You can still join in on the fun.  We will have a couple of contests leading up to the event, so even people from far away can participate.

The only fee is not charged by us, but is for the campgrounds themselves.  The campsites are $10, per night.  That actually means $10 per overnight vehicle, so if you bring two cars, it is two passes.  One vehicle towing a trailer or an RV towing a car, counts as one vehicle.  If you want electric hookups, it is a few dollars extra.  If you have a New Mexico State Parks pass, your camping is free, except for electric use.  If you only come for the daytime, you will need to purchase a day use pass, which can vary from $4 to $7 per vehicle.

As of January 5th.The camp sites at Hyde State Park have all been reserved by Fennboree Campers from June 2nd thru the 5th. But there are still campsites available right next to Hyde Park at Black Canyon Campground. Black Canyon is operated by the US Forest Service. They have about 35 campsites there. Most are drive-in sites with picnic tables. There are also a couple of walk-in sites. There is no electric available at the Black Canyon campsites but there are restrooms. The fee is the same as at Hyde State Park…$10 per night. It’s an easy two minute walk from the Black Canyon Campground to the Fennboree site at Hyde State Park.

You can find out more about Black Canyon Campground here:
You can make reservations on-line by following the directions on the above page or by calling, toll free, 877-444-6777.

We will have a special shirt made for this year’s event.  Everyone can preorder one if they like, and we will put either your real name or your blog handle on the front for no extra charge.  We will have a contest to design this year’s shirt, but more details on that soon!

We are really excited and hope to meet you all there!


Check Fennboree.org or DalNeitzel.com for updates

Check out the New Fenboree III Map:

A New Map…


201 thoughts on “Fennboree 2016

  1. We added a new page that contains info about the 2016 Fennboree held near Santa Fe in 2016. The link is at the very top, right under Goofy’s beautiful header photo…Look for the tab on the far right that reads “Fennboree 2016”.

  2. Great!!! Now we have something to look forward to. The anticipation will really help get me through another brutal PA winter!

  3. This is all assuming I don’t find Fenn’s treasure chest this week. Sunny, unseasonably warm weather is to continue this week in New Mexico…I figure I have three more days to find it this year before more snow falls. (It’s probably safe to make your reservations today.) LOL…cynthia

  4. Hey folks. The electric reserved spots at Hyde are already gone. You can also look at Black Canyon campground. If your RV is longer than 30 feet, you will want to stay at Black Canyon.

  5. I checked out the Black Canyon Campground. All the sites are really nice but unfortunately no electrical hookups there. It is within half a mile from the entrance to Black Canyon to the Group Shelter/Pavilion in Hyde Park where the Fennboree events will take place. Most folks should be able to walk back and forth but there’s plenty of parking at the group site in Hyde Park if they choose to drive. I believe most of the sites in Black Canyon are reservable…I suggest people make reservations asap if they can’t arrive prior to Friday night when Hyde Memorial State Park’s campground (first come, first serve) will likely fill up, according to the park service guy I talked to recently.

    Also, I plan to reserve the group shelter for all day Sunday June 5th as well as all day Saturday. I plan to host a brunch for anyone who’d like to attend beginning at 9 am Sunday morning: pancakes, bacon, mimosas (but you have to bring your own champagne as I don’t want to be responsible for serving alcohol to anyone other than myself!), I will supply the orange juice. This will be an alternate day for Forrest to attend festivities in case Saturday’s weather is rainy.

    FYI: Quite a few folks are already planning on spending Sunday night camping there, as well as arriving Thursday afternoon. Official Fennboree festivities will begin Friday night.

    I will continue to post updates here on this thread…


    • This sound like fun Cynthia? I might have to stay in a hotel/motel? I am not opposed to camping but I might not have time to drive all that way with my camping gear. Let me know if I can help with anything… What is your email?

      • Hey Cynthia, Sorry should not have asked you to post your email! The bots might get it! As the time get’s closer just ask Dal for my e-mail and send me a note if you need help with anything… 🙂

    • Awesome…I was wondering if you’d be able to join us. Did you reserve a spot in the Hyde Park Campground or Black Canyon Campground. Just curious…the sites in Black Canyon are really nice, but not as close, but still within walking distance, I think.

  6. I hope to get to come this time. Thank you very much for the heads up so early. That helps a lot!

      • “Does this mean you’re getting hitched?”

        No, I have not found a blind woman with no self-respect. I am hosting a wedding here at the ranch, There may be about 35 people camping in the area, guests of the people getting married.

  7. Maybe someone will find the treasure chest and bring it to Fennboree where Forrest can be reunited with his bracelet in front of all the Fenners. Then Forrest can explain the contents of his treasure chest to all the Fenners. And we will all live happily ever after. Wait…what? Was I dreaming and posting again.

    • Ramona, that sounds like a nice added touch for the event – even if a dream. It is the wrong time of year for me, though. Your idea would be nice whenever the chest is found – an informative display of all the contents – though he already described most of the contents – except one item – I think.

  8. I like to arrive Ystone Park June 1 but who can resist a Fennboree?? And the real Mr. Fenn himself will be there. Ooh, Searchers, such an opportunity! 🙂

  9. For the mini treasure hunt I happen to have a box that is the same size of the treasure chest. It was my grandmothers treasure box, covered with embossed tin foil. If you like I will donate it for the Fennboree.

    • I don’t know, but wouldn’t it be funny if all the Fennboreer’s were out looking for the mini treasure hunt, Michael’s box, but came back with Forrest’s treasure chest. NOT going to happen but it is a funny thought.

    • It could be. Just go down the Winsor trail until you have crossed the big Tesuque creek twice. Then go off the trail a couple hundred feet. There you can find a place to sit down and enjoy the view. All the mountain bikers have done it tired

      It’s an old solve, but worthy of another look.

  10. Has Forrest stated what day he might attend? Sorry if was posted somewhere but clearly I missed it.

    • William, Forrest has not specifically said which day he plans to attend. I imagine it depends on the weather and what day his grandson is available to transport him.

      And speaking of Fennboree, I made the reservations today for the Group Shelter #2 in the picture above for both Saturday and Sunday June 4th and 5th. It will be open for our use from 8 am to 9 pm. No glass containers are allowed, so some of us will have to transport our alcoholic beverages in something other than glass. LOL…seriously, the shelter is larger than this picture indicates…I will send a newer one to Dal and see if he can add it to this site. There is a huge fireplace in the shelter so I will bring plenty of firewood so we can sit around there and enjoy a campfire Saturday night if folks would like. I will send a few of these updates to Dal to post at his convenience. cynthia

      • Clearly I must really try to attend Fennboree. Cynthia must know of my fondness for BPA free containers around a campfire and grandkids.

  11. hello im sure it will be great. i would love to meet everyone! but i might have to wait for (eastcost fennboree) i am glad to have been apart of the chase since the start lee ohio

  12. Hi all! Just a quick update!

    I have a nice list of people wanting to attend! We are so excited that so many of you will be here! I have some exciting names on my list (which I promised not to reveal). Cynthia and I have also come up with a raffle, and the grand prize is going to be a Treasure Hunting backpack FILLED with awesome stuff, like a compass, pocket knife WITH a flashlight attached, and much more.

    With that said – we are OUT of reserved camping spots. There ARE first-come first-served spots available, as well, but those will almost certainly be filled by June 3rd. Hopefully everyone is willing to do a shared campsite. There are several groups camping in tents, and we can easily fit multiple camps into some campsites. You will still have to pay the same camping fee, as the park charges per vehicle, not per site.

    If you have a specific person or group you would like to camp with, let me know. I want to make sure we fit everyone in that wants to come. If you choose your own campsite group, you will save me the horror of trying to match people up. 🙂

    FINALLY – There is no fee to attend Fennboree. Cynthia and I will not take your money just because you showed up. HOWEVER, if you are planning to attend, please bring some spare change to donate to the park itself. If this is a nice event, we could use this venue in subsequent years, and it would be great for us to make sure the park stays just the way we found it when we arrived.

    I hope you all had a great holiday. Keep an eye out for a new contest coming very soon!

  13. Woohoo!!! My husband said that we can make it for the Fennborree this time! I’m going to buy our plane tickets and rent our hotel rooms on February 1st. Hope to find some good deals. Also gonna put in for my vacation on February 1st. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you who I talk to on Dal’s website and also Forrest! I hope Jenny Kile and Dal can make it too. So excited!

  14. Laurie and I have planned a trip to Montana. So, sadly we will not be able to meet all the other Fenn fans and participate in the Fennborree. We spent a little time in NM last year and had a blast. Great place for a get-together. Have fun, and hope to see ya’ll next year.

    • There’s parking at the Group Shelter for quite a few cars. Hopefully, everyone who is camping at both Hyde and Black Canyon will walk to the group activities so those who drive up from SF can use the parking area.

      • I’m camping at Black Canyon. I get the hint. I’ll walk the 100 yards to the group site at Hyde…my aching feet…lol…

        • Dal, I’m so glad that you are going to make it; I have been wanting to meet you and thank you in person for all your work and help on the website.

        • I will be staying in a hotel in Santa Fe. Any suggestions from anyone that’s been there before?

    • Wait!!! Is there cell coverage there? What about WiFi in the picnic shelture? Ha ha just kidding – I think :). I will be staying in a hotel somewhere not sure where yet but maybe some of us staying in town can carpool…

      • Hey Spallies, please let me know where you are staying when you figure it out. I will be staying at a hotel too, but not sure where yet. It would be great if we were all at the same place.

        • Hey Carolyn ask Dal for my email and if you don’t mind I will do the same and I will let you know what I find… I have found a few hotels already but I am open to suggestions from anyone who had been there before.

  15. Ok, I’m staying at La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe and am going to speak with them to see if we can get some kind of a discount if a lot of us are staying there and going to Fennboree. I will post it on here after I speak with them.

    • Hey, anyone who is staying at a hotel and wants to make a couple extra bucks, will you let me take a shower in your hotel bathroom if I pay you 5 or 10 bucks? Do you know how bad we campers might smell by Sunday??

      • Cynthia, you can use my shower! It will just cost you some extra orange juice Sunday morning 🙂 is there any nice hotels North of Sante Fe? Not like Ojai Calentia nice just nice and clean?

    • Just checked the cost of La Fonda for the days that I want to stay and not doing it. They want 450/night. Gotta find something else.

      • Try the Inn at Santa Fe. I think they are more reasonable.

        In you aren’t scared of an extra 45 minute drive, stay in Albuquerque. Lots of hotels, and a train that runs between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

        • Thanks Sacha. Think I found a place called Fort Marcy that is on 9 acre desert. Looks cool and reasonable prices. Will contact them tomorrow. Definitely don’t want Albuquerque. Want to be close to the action. 🙂

          • Woohoo!!! I am now officially booked at Fort Marcy in Santa Fe! It sits on 9 acres and used to be a fort! And yes, I am excited. Y’all may be annoyed with me by the time Fennboree finally gets here. Sorry in advance.

          • I just spoke with Louis over at Fort Marcy about a special group rate. He said that if we have 5 rooms booked then we can get a special rate so if anyone else is interested please let me know. The rates are already reasonable, but cheaper is always better. Thanks!

  16. “… [are] there any nice hotels North of Sante Fe?”

    No. 🙂 However there are a few inns. It depends on how far you mean by “north.” Abiquiu Inn is nice, though expensive to the likes of me. There is also Ghost Ranch, and Monastery of Christ in the Desert.

    • Thanks Desertphile I appreciate it… The Abiquiu Inn is beautiful but a bit pricy like the La Fonda!

      Sorry for the “is”…. Not a strong point of mine 🙁

  17. Last summer, family stayed at The Santa Fe Suites on Saint Francis. Reasonably priced. Address: 3007 South St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe…505-989-3600.

  18. Other than 10,000 Waves which is half way out the road to the park, Ft. March units are the closest to the Park, Only 1/2 block from my apartment and close to old town Santa Fe.

  19. My wife and I are travelling to NM at the same time of Fennboree. We plan to stay in Santa Fe and visit Fennboree during the day and do other sightseeing in the area. We are looking at hotels in Santa Fe. We do not know Santa Fe very well. Are there areas of town that we should avoid in selecting a place to stay 06/02 to 06/06?


    Windy City

    • Hi Windy,

      Santa Fe isn’t very large. You have 2 main area you can stay in. The first are is in the Plaza. It can get a little pricey, but you have a ton of things to do within walking distnce. Your other option is to stay outside the plaza, near the highway. It is less expensive, and you will have fewer issues with parking and traffic if you stay near the interstate.

      I hope this helps.


    • when I went to santa fe,we stayed at a nice hotel near the plaza and the collected works book store,all within walking distance,what they didn’t tell us that even tho we stayed at the nice hotel ,everytime we left and came back with the car,we had to pay the hotel for parking,the whole parking for the hotel was gated. so be careful with that issue.

  20. sounds great and maybe a great opportunity to pick each others minds……hope that missing searcher is found soon….i thought i had this treasure search figured out , then i read Ranger Browns obituary which clearly states he was stationed and lived in the Ranger Station at Goat Creek Montana…..really through me for a loop……has anyone else read that obit…..it clearly states he lived and was stationed in Goat Creek Ranger Station Montana…

  21. I just saw about the treasure last night. Have read the blogs all day, and the poem of course. What a great thing for Mr Fenn to do. Ive never been that far West and always wanted to. The Youtube videos about the treasure makes the Santa Fe area a must visit. Count me in. I’ll be there.

  22. We have our room booked for Fennboree in Santa Fe. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Do you use name tags? My wife and I have never met any of the other Fenners.

    We are still hoping and praying for a miracle and that Randy and Leo will be there in person. If not, I know that he will be there with us all in spirit.


    Windy City

  23. Hi windy,

    Once the tshirt contest is over, you will be able to order a fennboree shirt, with your very own name on the front, real or blog, you choose.

    Also, many apologies to those who have emailed. I am behind on those, and ran into a minor snag with a couple of the camping spaces. But, I will try to get back to you all this week.

    I am happy you will join us and we look forward to seeing you there.

  24. This sounds so awesome. I would love to go just not sure if we will be able to afford it. Too many medical expenses. I don’t even check here much anymore because it’s so depressing not to be able to even think about heading west. (for a vacation and to search.) I’d love to head to NM or CO just to see mountains. Or even right now to see those and snow.

    I’ve been trying to raise money for a trip somewhere and I had enough when I found out that I need surgery on my knee. I might make this my goal.

  25. I guess I will have to find some plastic bottles for wine storage. Very strange, I have never had wine from a plastic bottle.

  26. Hi Guys, First Fennboree for me. Really looking forward to this…. I was thinking about bringing my 10 year old Grandaughter to this event. But wanted to know if it was a child friendly event? Is there many children that generally attend? Or is this more of an adult thing?

  27. I am bringing my kids. There is a playground on site, also. We are trying to make it a very kid friendly event. We are even working on a scavenger hunt, just for the kids.

    The more, the merrier, I say.

  28. hello Fennboree’ers hunch here.
    well, i talked to the wife. we can get off work, we have the time and money to attend. my truck is running good and gas is cheap. one problem….we dont exist.

  29. This morning someone (“Paul S”) sent to me email threatening me with the Federal Bureau of Investigation if I did not immediately delete the driving directions to Fennboree 2014 (a web page and map entry I forgot was still “out there” on the ‘nets). It appears he confused “How to drive to Fennboree 2014” with “How to drive to the treasure chest.”

    Oy, vey. And some people still wonder why I hide from humanity…..

    • Hahahahaha.

      Should have asked him if he had a nice drive out there. I wonder how far out he went before he realized he was in the wrong place?

      • 45 seconds ago I received another irate email from him:

        “Now that i see how dishonest you really are my DEADLINE remains in effect. Get rid of ALL this information by this coming Saturday or i will do as i promised earlier. Disgruntled, Paul S. P.S.S. Bet your life that i will follow through with my promise as this is not a Threat but a PROMISE!!”

        That’s just so precious!

        • Gosh, Desertphile, you sure get the darnest emails. To think you were giving everyone “directions to the treasure chest” and you didn’t pick it up yourself. What a guy! 🙂

          • “… and you didn’t pick it up yourself. What a guy.”

            Otch, yes, that’s me: I always said I didn’t want the treasure— I just want to find it. I’m thinking during Fennboree 2017 I will just hand out the contents of the treasure chest to everyone who attends, and I’ll keep the box. 🙂

          • Oh gosh! Perhaps “Paul S” will be the first one there??? 🙂

            Is it “otch” or “ouch”? If “otch,” what does it stand for?

          • “Otch” meaning “The sound Highlanders in Scotland often make before saying something flatting about themselves as a sort of “disclaimer” that they are being amusing, or ironic. I got in the habit 25 years ago, after reading all of M.C. Beaton’s novels.

        • I saw that on google earth…i thought it was fun. But then again i was not naive enough to think i had found Fenns treasure. Come on people, lets use some common sense here. Emotional turmoil occurs when their are millions at stake. Rise above it, suppress the emotion. A logical mind and some imagination will go much further in this search. Besides, just because you feel hurt doesnt mean someone was trying to hurt you. Look in the mirror and ask yourself the true reason you are angry. If you can do that, then maybe you can solve the poem as well. 🙂 There is plenty of room for frustration in this quest…there is no room for hate.

          • “There is plenty of room for frustration in this quest…there is no room for hate.”

            Exactly so, and thank you; if people are not having fun while searching for the treasure, they ain’t doing it right!

            It would be hilarious if the clown actually contacted the local FBI, and my Agent friends showed up….. we would all get a good laugh.

        • HA! Going to sic the FBI on you…….. Actually that email would be considered rather benign in mine or Dal’s inbox.

          Don’t let the idiots bother you Desert.

          • “HA! Going to sic the FBI on you…….. Actually that email would be considered rather benign in mine or Dal’s inbox. Don’t let the idiots bother you Desert.”

            Golly, I wish I had $5 for every lunatic that sent irate email at me (or you: haw haw!) : I’d be reading this blog while on a beach in Tahiti.

            I thanked the lunatic for reminding me the map entry was still out there: it was posted only for Fennboree 2014, then I forgot all about it. At first, four years ago, I was going to place the map marker right on Doug Preston’s cabin, so that people would rush there and destroy the place— that would have been hilariously funny to have him wonder why there is a smoking hole where his new cabin once stood.

            I placed the lunatic’s email address in my Lunatic Filter, and future threats will go to the bit bucket in the sky.

        • Still laughing!

          Seriously, please ask him how far he went. I am dying to know, what was the moment he knew something was amiss?

          • “Snicker snicker, hehe!”

            The funniest part is, if anyone did manage to get to the place on the map, there are two huge bulls to get past first. It’s in the bull’s winter pasture!

          • “Seriously, please ask him how far he went. I am dying to know, what was the moment he knew something was amiss?”

            Good gods you’re funny! I laughed so hard I think my jaw dislocated a bit, it hurts so much. Golly, I wish I had thought of that! I put him in my Lunatic Filter, so I would have to use a throw-away email service such as hotmail to ask him. But it might be worth it just for the laugh! I sent to Dal the person’s email address; I do not want to post it here because emotionally ill people still deserve privacy, even when threatening people.

            I can just imagine him checking airline flight services and schedules, looking up rental car agencies, and plotting how to go pick up the treasure chest after printing out the Google Map Directions page….. where to get the sandwich and flash light along the way…. how to hide it from the IRS…. congratulating himself on how clever he was to be the first person to see it on the map….

          • Exactly!

            Did he rent a 4 wheel drive? Was he in the middle of an empty mesa when the realization hit him? Did he have a chat with the cows, who told him to talk to you?

          • “Did he have a chat with the cows, who told him to talk to you?”

            The cows probably wondered “Who is this very strange person? Make him go away!”

            Just before I put him in my email filter, he sent email stating he talked about “the problem” (me) “with Forest” (couldn’t even spell Forrest’s name correctly). The clown demanded that I remove all of my web sites or he will turn me in to the FBI. Golly, I’m sure gonna do that.

            Just imaging the email Forrest gets every day…..

  30. “Can I get a Lunatic Filter for real life? I would pay good money for that.”

    Sadly, in Real Life the lunatics are extremely good at getting past filters, blockers, etc. I would mention the current Presidential Candidates…..

  31. This will be so fun! I’ve reserved a campsite at Black Canyon for me and my little tent. I might be the only person from my “search team” attending; so if anyone needs a little space to camp, feel free to share my campsite.

  32. Cynthia and Sacha-
    Now that there is an official T-shirt maybe we can attract some live music to Fennboree..

    How about River Whyless

    Mariachi Flor de Toloache

    Mucca Pazza

    Gina Chavez

    Nickel Creek

    Whichever one says “yes” to your invitation first… 🙂

    • Dal, I love the idea for music…Forrest had talked about Bob Hayworth (the guy from the Kingston Trio, I may have the wrong last name) , or you singing…

      • Hello, Cynthia. Mr. Fenn wouldn’t have wanted Dal. He’s already told him he’d pay him $5 if he wouldn’t sing “Happy Birthday” to him! 🙂

        I do like the idea of Bob Hayworth. Sure would tie it in nicely with The Thrill of the Chase. Wish I could make it. Already made fishing/camping plans for that weekend before the Fennboree was brought up.

  33. Hi all!

    The Fennboree shirts are ready for order. I have adults and children shirts, and the links to both are here:



    Also, I have had requests for other colors of shirt. If you want your shirt in another color, just email me and I can special order that color in your size. It takes about a week to get it in. My email is cutterconcepts at gmail.com.

        • Sacha, that is your opinion. And after seeing you on TV, that is an opinion I strongly disagree with. 🙂

          • I know we’re supposed to say “in my opinion” and all, but I’m think we can all agree with Goofy here.

          • After giving this a little thought; I’m going to suggest to Dal we have a Tee Shirt modeling contest. I’m the judge.

            Jeremy; no need for you to enter. 🙂

          • Brings back memories of the “Shadow Contest” we had several years ago…
            There were some very “controversial” entries as I remember…
            A few stick out in my memory 🙂

          • “After giving this a little thought; I’m going to suggest to Dal we have a Tee Shirt modeling contest. I’m the judge.”

            Great idea Goofy. Will the theme be: “The Chest Is Wet”…

          • Hello Goofy. How about we have the fellas be the models for “the chest is wet” contest and we have a women judge panel? I have a few in mind that I believe would love the opportunity. Heck, we could do it just like we did for the t-shirt contest. What do you say, Goofy? Shall we have Dal be the second to submit his photo since Jeremy has already done so? 😉

        • Thanks Ramona! There is one thing I seem to be having trouble with. There’s this chest out in the Rockies… can’t seem to find the thing. 🙂

  34. Ok, I just found this page. I suppose that I will do what I can to bring my own Treasure to Fennboree 2016. If she had a blog name, it’d be Babydoll. I look forward to seeing everyone there. Another place searchers can stay is Buffalo Thunder Resort (Santa Fe’s playground). I hope to be camping myself. I sure do like the idea of meeting those of you whom I have not yet met and those I have. Maybe I will make an attempt at my search area before this. Eh, maybe not. Oh, I don’t know. I’m too excited to make any hard decisions right now. Either way, count me in.
    Everyone, pack your sunscreen.

  35. This will be my first Fennboree. Can’t wait to put a few faces to a few bloggers handles.

    Hope I have some exciting news to tell everyone, or hope someone tells me something
    truly exciting. Will be fun however it turns out.

    Good luck to all


  36. This year is promising to be a fun year.

    Black Canyon Camp Ground is officially sold out. The reserved spots online are all gone, and I have just issued the last spot I had rented.

    If you still want to come, we can try to buddy up with others, and share campgrounds. Or, you can come up super early and get one of the first-come, first-serve spaces.

    If you still want to attend, there are still lots of hotel rooms available in Santa Fe.

    We look forward to seeing you all there!

    • “If you still want to come, we can try to buddy up with others, and share campgrounds. Or, you can come up super early and get one of the first-come, first-serve spaces.”

      I will look in to a “super early” site, maybe arrive the day before. I did not know until 3 minutes ago that I might have the days free from the ranch. And golly, I must have a tee-shirt!

      • David, Some of us with RVs and pop-up campers are arriving Thursday. Several of them have reservations either made through Sacha or the Hyde Park State Park system. I’m trying to get a specific site which is first come-first served near the Group Shelter so I’m taking my camper there either Tuesday or Wed to get a site. If Sacha and I know specific Fenners who need tent sites and can’t get there until Friday, I will pitch a temporary tent on a site or two or three to save them for people. Plus the site I’m hoping to get also has a tent pad other than where I’ll park the popup which is available to you or someone else to use free of charge. Well, no cash needed but a bottle of Bailey’s reserves it for the first person to holler. cynthia PS. I will bring a truck load of fire wood for campfires as well.

  37. I’m gonna miss it, but for a good reason, will be out looking for Indulgence. Have fun.

  38. Thank you for your input. We did find a place with free parking.


    Windy City

  39. I’ll try to stop by and show y’all the treasure Ramona 🙂 And share my last story at the campfire 🙂 Haha high hopes 🙂

    • I had a dream about Fennboree and I met you there just as you were about to speed off on another adventure. But I would love to see that beautiful box and it’s contents.

  40. Anyone have any hotel recommendations in Santa Fe? I don’t know if I can get off work, but I figure it might be nice to see the t-shirts on folks and meet Fenn… get my book signed finally 🙂

    • Jeremy,

      We sure hope you can make it. Santa Fe hotels are more expensive the closer you are to the plaza. The plaza is the closest to the campgrounds, but if you stay near I-25, it is less expensive. That being said, it is only an extra 10 minute drive to stay near the highway.

      I know the Inn at Santa Fe is moderately priced. If you want to save money and have more stuff to do, you can also stay in Albuquerque. The drive is an extra 45 minutes, but most people who visit and stay in Santa Fe say they will stay in ABQ in the future, because there is more to do and it is less expensive, and closer to the airport.

      Hope this helps.

      • Hey Jeremy, Carolyn and I both have reservations at Fort Marcy Hotel its pretty reasonable and Carolyn talked to them and they said if so many people reserve a room I think 5 he would give us a discount. It around $140 a night and close to the plaza… Hope to see you there!

  41. The Sage Inn on the corner of Cerrillos and Guadalupe (Railyard District) is fairly reasonable (relatively speaking) and it’s only about 3 blocks off the plaza. If you book early, sometimes they have a discount. Also, ask them if there’s additional discounts for booking online. Just down Cerrillos, even closer to the Plaza is a Motel 6 – nothing fancy, and clean. Probably about 1/2 the cost of Sage Inn. Better book ASAP.

    • Meant refer you to the Motel 6 at 646 Cerrillos. Nice and close-in. There are 3 others going south on Cerrillos…I think they run about $5-$10 cheaper. Hope you can make it!

  42. Alright, so I read ‘Mark and Taos’ comment about the T-shirt theme. “The Chest is Wet”. Questioning, how is it wet, in your mind? By a river, under a waterfall, from rain, snow? I’d like to hear your opinion.

  43. In a little less than 2 months I will be in Santa Fe for the very first time and to make it extra special, my sister is coming with me! So excited to see everyone!

  44. Feeling Sad wish I could go…..Sounds like a lot of Fun! I would hide you all a treasure!

  45. I was sure hoping to meet you all at Fennboree this year but just got laid off from my job and will have to postpone! Hope to meet you all down the road. Have a great weekend!

  46. Very sorry to hear about that Homecoming 76. I wish the best for you and hope you get another job soon.

  47. If I can ever get to the conclusion if I can make it or not I will bring something special. I don’t want to make promises I cant keep so I will just leave it at that.

  48. Forrest will try to attend the pot luck, which is Saturday afternoon.

    Also, we are doing 2 showings for the movie, so if you didn’t RSVP, don’t worry! There should be room enough for everyone that wants to attend!

  49. Desertphile, do you remember I made and paid for a reservation to 2014 Fennboree then couldn’t go. Same thing this year. My mother-in-law is in the final days of hospice and will probably expire within the next few days. I have secured campsite #149 (no elec) and will keep it but will not be staying there at night. I live a block from Ft. Marcy. You’re welcome to share my site as I will be dropping by during the day. My check-in is Thursday and I check out Mon. (radcrad at gmail). I’ll be setting up a large community round tent with 4-man tent attachment. This is available for crashing.

  50. Correction: campsite #49 not #149. This site is not particularly beautiful but it’s not far from community spot #2.

  51. I’m already here and rained out in #21 just past the kids play ground. Sleeping in the Explorer isn’t fun!

    • Yes! It rained good last night. The kids are screaming they want a hotel because we were all packed in the SUV. So we’ll probably head to town for the night and return tomorrow. Can’t blame them, we’ve been camping since Friday.

    • Yep. Looks great. At a park now letting the tent dry out. We’ll definitely be out there Friday and Saturday.

  52. Hi all!
    We’re “rockin” along…having a blast. Should roll in this afternoon…:-)

  53. Should be cruising down the turquoise trail toward Sante Fe later this afternoon… Can’t wait to meet y’all safe travels everyone!

    • Hello Sacha. Thank you for the link. I greatly appreciate it. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Getting to meet Mr. Fenn, an added bonus. I’m so happy for everyone. Looking forward to the stories, photos and videos.

  54. Hello chasers, I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel welcomed. It was nice to meet Mr. Finn. I especially liked meeting all of those i got to meet and hearing your theories and stories. I am certainly happy that Carolyn. my little sister, brought me along since I consider her a treasure in my life. It was interesting to see how Santa Fe has grown and changed. I wish you all good luck in your searches. Be safe and enjoy the nature.

  55. I had a really good time at the Fennboree this year. Thank you Cynthia for the wonderful hostess that you were! Thanks to Sasha as well. I enjoyed putting faces to all the people I have been reading over the past year on the blog.
    Looking forward to all the pictures!

    • Everybody looks so nice in person! Did anybody get a full shot of The Rye Sequel poster?

    • I’m disappointed. 🙂 Yes,very disappointed that I couldn’t make it back there,where.
      Y,all look really good and ready to hit the trails,even you Forrest.
      I “like”that you had a pause to remember Randy. Thanks Sasha for sharing.

    • So happy to see more photos being added. These are great!

      I hope more people continue to add photos, as folks arrive home from their long and fun weekend.

  56. Does anyone know the gentleman that was at Fennboree and had is dog named Suzy Q and his wife could not see. If you do could you please pass my phone number to him and ask him to give me a call at 618-713-3076. I need to talk to him.

    • Sourdough – This is Jeff from Fennboree. My wife, Andi, and I talked to you at length at Fennboree. We were wearing the tie dyed Fennboree shirts. As soon as you get this message could you give me a call at 618-713-3076.

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