Fennboree Pot-Luck


Fennboree Pot Luck Lunch Sign Up Sheet
This is for lunch on Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Here’s what we have so far-

Sacha – Organic Hamburger Patties, Veggie Burgers, Cheese, Buns
Sacha – Plates, Silverware, Cups, Napkins
Cynthia – Hot Dogs, Hot Dog Buns
Slurbs – Chips, Salsa, Gluten Free Buns
Spallies – Pineapple Pies
Boomergirl – Dessert
MBK – Tabasco
Golden Retrievers – Ketchup x 2, Mustard x 2, Fruit Salad, Watermelon, Grapes
S.J. – Cookies
Frank – Baked Beans
Tomas Walker – Case of Hartley’s Potato Chips
WiseOne – Cheese/Cracker/Assorted Fruit Platter
Desertphile – World Famous Chile Cheese Tamales With Red Chile Sauce x 12
IronWill – Apple Butter Pies x 72
Dal – Case of Gluten Free, Fluride Free Bottled Water
Old Drum – Gates Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Suggestions for Others:  Tomatoes/Lettuce/Pickles, Salsa, Bucket of KFC, a few Pizzas, Sodas, Cobbler, Green Bean Casserole, Salad, Pasta Salad, Enchiladas, Frito Pies

Things to Avoid: Mayonnaise, Potato/Egg/Macaroni Salad, Milk, Creamy Dips, Items that need refrigeration

If anyone plans on bringing a stew, please let me know so that I can make sure we have bowls.

Please leave a comment below with what you are bringing, or email me directly, so I can add it to the list, at cutterconcepts@gmail.com.




143 thoughts on “Fennboree Pot-Luck

  1. This is going to be a challenge for me. I want to make about 72 Fried Apple Butter Pies (the best anyone has ever tasted). Making them there at a campground will be a huge challenge. I could make them here in VA and overnight mail them to pick up when I land, but that is going to be a logistical nightmare.

    • Iron, Do you want me to bring my camp oven…it runs on propane which I have a good size bottle to attach for camping. Not the little canisters and not a normal one for a large grill but a medium size one. You’re welcome to borrow it to bake your pies. What day are you arriving? cynthia

      • Is it like a stove top type cooking? My initial thoughts was I could use a park’s grill (I’m sure there are some there) and get a baking pan with 1/2 inch tall side walls and cook them in the pan on top of the grill. Could fry about six at a time that way. Unless you know of an easier idea? I’m arriving there Friday morning between 8-9am.

        • The oven is an oven, but each campsite does have the standard campsite grill so it should work for you. Are you camping at Black Canyon or Hyde Park? I’m going up thursday so will see you when you arrive Friday. I’m camping at Hyde.

        • Iron Will, I will throw a tent or something onto a site as close to mine as possible on thursday to save it for you. That way you will have a site when you arrive Friday morning. This will be in the Main Camping Loop at Hyde Park…not the RV area that only has a few spots and which are all reserved. I’m going up as early in the week as necessary to get the site across from the Group Shelter #2. I will put a Fennboree sign beside the dirt road turn-off where you turn to go into the Camping area so folks can identify where to go.

          • Oki doki, sounds good. I’ll be there lil after 8am in the morning unless my plane crashes or Forrest tells me where the chest is before then. (neither is going to happen) 😉

          • Well so far so good. Sent Sacha the Apple Butter (hard to find around Santa Fe), and I’ll fly in Thurs night. Probably won’t sleep at the hotel, just roll out dough into circles, then come set up Fri Morning there, and then sleep for about 4 hrs in the tent to get some shut eye.

  2. I’m thinking that I will bring some chips and salsa. I will also bringing some bottles of wine and acceptable wine glasses. Of course, the wine bottles will have to stay in an RV.

  3. No glass allowed, Cynthia! A picture of you drinking straight from the bottle may win one of the photo contest categories!

    I will also bring some Gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns.

      • Maryjuana pie.
        Wish I could go & meet all the characters there, unfortunately my schedule doesn’t permit it.
        Looking forward to the pics & vids.
        I’m sure y’all have lot’s of fun even without the tainted pie.
        PS: You don’t need to recook hot dogs.
        Straight out of the package sliced up works for me.

    • I will be bringing some pineapple pies hopefully. Sasha I will check in with you when I get to Santa Fe and see what we still need and then go pick it up… I will get some wine too 😀

  4. The rv that I have rented for our event has a pretty well equipped kitchen, refrigerator, cook top, microwave. If you guys need it to cook for the pot luck you are welcome to.

      • Oooh I didn’t even think of that for Thurs Night hotel I can try to get one with stove top. Otherwise I might take you up on that offer Frank 😀

        • Frank,

          You could do baked BBQ beans. You can buy canned beans, and a good sauce, and bake them in foil pans in the RV. I would say two or 3 good sized pans would do. I could even put the pans on the grills outside.

          • That could work. I just checked & the rv has a microwave, but not a regular oven. I suppose I could heat the beans in the microwave, & finish them off on a grille outside. What do you think? As for franks,funny.

      • I stay in Santa Fe a lot & from what I know not too may hotels there have stoves. I usually stay at the Marriott & they have small refrigerators, but no stove.

        • Frank,

          You can put the beans in the foil pans, and then cover them, and place the pan on top of the grill at your campsite, over some hot coals. It works just as well, and lets you cook them all at the same time. I am bringing some charcoal for the grills, and can give you some for your grill at your campsite.

          • Do you have any idea how many people we will feed? I’ll be glad to do this. Thurs. Morning I will stock up on supplies at a local grocery store before I drive the rv up to Hyde Park. I should be there by around 2:00 pm.

          • I don’t care if there’s a 1000!! I’m only making 72 Apple Butter Pies! lol

        • So – it looks to be between 50 and 100. But, you are not expected to bring enough for everyone to eat. We hope to have enough variety that everyone gets something they like to eat.

          I will bring around 50 or so burgers, to be safe.

          I will get 2 packs of veggie burgers, and I think each pack has 4. If anyone wants more than that, they can let me know.

          If the count gets higher, that means there will be more food. So, it should balance out in the end.

          Also, I call dibs on one of your pies, Will.

          • you better! 😛 I had relatives fighting for them at Sunday get-togethers after they knew how good they were 😛

  5. I wish we could live stream. There is NO service of any kind up there. Maybe, just maybe, there will be wifi, but i seriously would not hold my breath.

  6. Forrest suggested we have a “most inventive hat” contest during the Pot-Luck Lunch afternoon. He will donate signed copies of his new Gaspard book to the winner, as well as signed copies of his Eric Sloane book (13 dollars a Square Inch), his San Lazaro book, and his Indian Doll book for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Along with his signature, he will draw “special doodles” in each one to set it apart from all others. I asked him if he’ll be the judge and he said no, I need to pick the judges. I think DesertPhile would make a great judge since he already wears the coolest hat ever (and I told ff David should not be allowed to participate.) So all you Fennboree attendees, put your thinking cap on, and bring/wear your most creative/inventive hat to the Pot-Luck Lunch.

    Forrest is also thinking about more contests so he can give away more cool stuff…stay tuned.

    These contests are in addition to the Fenn Trivia Contest that Sacha is going to host.

  7. Hah! I see you’re angle jake!
    Sorry you’ll be out looking for treasure when we’re all having a rip roaring time! Tee hee! Actually, I could go that weekend, that was the plan, but the chase family pow wow seems too golden an opportunity to miss. So I guess I’ll just have to silent before and show up with the booty, orrr I could go after and make it easier…but who likes easy? Not me! Perhaps we’ll cross paths another day jake. Good luck, stay safe, and most of all, HAVE FUN!
    that’s a wrap! 🙂

    • Perhaps jdiggins,
      Please slip Fenn a Mickey Finn.
      You will need to charm him & lure him away from the crowd.
      I’ll bet he will let you know the exact location of the chest if seduced.
      This is plan B.
      Are you in?

      • If plan B fails jdiggins, I have plan C.
        I have made a replica of the bracelet in the chest.
        I will send it to you before you go to Fennboree.
        You tell him you found the bracelet & give it back to him.
        I don’t think he will know the difference if you just get him to have a few drinks. OK?
        You chat with him about how beautiful the place is & maybe ask him what he thinks is so special about the place because you think it’s boring. You know, kinda insult him a little, get him angry enough to blurt out the name of the place.
        Well I will leave those details to you.
        I will send the bracelet shortly.
        I don’t think Fenn ever thought of this.

  8. I am green with envy…..but also happy for those that will attend the Fennboree….sounds like lots of fun will be had by all. Looking forward to lots of pics.

  9. I’ll bring two bottles of ketchup, two bottles of mustard, a big fruit salad, plus watermelon wedges, grapes & some other fruit.

  10. Jake, Good morning to you! (And everyone 🙂 )
    I would not ever intentionally insult anyone, much less Forrest! Especially not for personal gain. I try to live by a code of
    Smiles. Me happy if you happy. 🙂
    But I was up late so let me wipe the blur from my eyes and get a second cup of coffee, you had me going there for a minute…Geez, what a heart stopper! But before I get more coffee, I’ll dream a bit, need a bigger SASE?
    Brain fried, mind blown….
    Need more coffee…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Desertphile, Good thinking! It would be nice to have some firewood for that chilly evening or two at Fennboree. Your offer is very kind. I do have a concern though. I don’t know where you live, or anyone else planning to do the same thing by “transporting firewood”, but might be a good idea for anyone thinking along these lines to check out this website or check with the park rules/regulations before doing so. Thanks.

      🙂 Just a thought/concern… and an attempt to save some trees if possible.


    • That sounds awesome Michael. Also, I don’t know that we will need your chest. I haven’t come up with the treasure hunt, as planned, and I don’t know that I will before Fennboree.

      I am so excited to see everyone there!

    • Hi Michael, I think your Mom’s glop sounds really good and would love to know what’s in it. I think Will’s apple butter pies sound good, too. What the heck is an apple butter pie? Maybe you guys could post a Fennboree recipe page so all of us that can’t go can cook up some stuff and pretend we’re there, I’d like that. By the way, Michael, I always like your posts, seems like you really enjoy getting around New Mexico. You’re lucky to live there!

  11. By now,I think everyone knows that glass is not permitted at the park.
    To solve that problem for all the wine drinkers I found some nice stemless wine glasses at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond store, $4.00ea. Way nicer than your basic paper or plastic cup.
    As for what to do with the bottle of wine, I found on Amazon a nice plastic wine caraff for $15.00.
    Hopefully you will find this info helpful.

  12. It breaks my heart but I have decided to forgo Fennboree this year. Just one trip on my mind and my pocketbook agrees. No worries, you’re all spared the corn and pickle salad I was going to bring. Can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures though. Have a safe and fun time.

  13. I can bring an additional item to the pot luck. Would you rather me bring cookies, or tomatoes/lettuce/pickles?

    • I’ll bring cookies, along with the other items (ketchup, mustard, watermelon and other fruit) I signed up to bring.

  14. Hi All, look forward to meeting everyone… I will be doing the Tent thing at Black Canyon, so I was thinking Chicken Tamales, and Taquita’s. Something easy to prepare with limited means lol. Any other ideas welcome…

  15. Oh I wish I could attend. My temptation would would include prime teriyaki marinated filet mignon with number 5 white cold water shrimp skewered on red wine soaked bamboo. Quickly charbroiled over Australian hardwood and served sizzling with a flute of bubbling Piper Heidsieck.

  16. Hi Sacha and Gang, I just saw this page. Spallies didn’t tell me about it when we emailed last. Please forgive the late response. I will be flying in on Thursday with my sis and can bring whatever y’all would like me to bring. I was going to just stop at the store and bring something or can stop at KFC or whatever. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t cook, but my sister does, but it would just be heating it up anyways. No biggy. Please let me know what you still need.

    • That’s fine…I don’t cook either. Just going to buy 72 apple pies from McDonald’s, and then spread a tab of butter on the crust and call it Apple Butter Pies!…….

      O.K., don’t everyone freak out…. I really can cook 😯

  17. Hi Sacha,
    My son and I will be staying in town so we could pick up some of those items that need to be refrigerated on our way out there ie potato salad and maybe a veggie tray
    I could bring some soda too. Just let me know what you still need?

  18. Again, please forgive my tardiness in signing up. I plan to bring some roasted green chilies (for those burgers and dogs), spicy Santa Fe Slaw (w/o mayo!) and, in honor of Forrest, some Trout Cakes w/Pepita Sauce. Some paper plates and sporks, too. And 3 extra beach chairs. Oh yeah, and some beer! This is gonna be a blast!

  19. Good to hear from many of you who will be attending Fennboree. I’m so looking forward to meeting you all. The food sounds delicious. I believe Forrest told the SF Newspaper that he plans to attend “both days around noon.” So even though we posted earlier that the Pot-luck starts at 1:00 pm, I think many of us will be at the group pavilion before noon (by 11 am) on Saturday setting up. We can fire up the grills as soon as people show up and want to eat. I will continue to update this thread as I know something.

  20. Great idea to start early. It’s going to be a fun event. Sounds like there will be enough food to feed an army.

    • Hello Slurbs –
      My appetite will mos def be in attendance – no worries there. Everything sounds so tasty!

      I thought the hat thing was called off? Maybe a good idea to pack some back-up just in case….will plan accordingly.

      Looking forward to making your acquaintance…..

  21. My mom has been in the hospital since the 16th for an aortic abdominal aneurism and was discharged yesterday. She is requiring assistance with everyday needs and it looks like I will not make it to Fennboree. I had reserved a campsite at Black Canyon and paid for the nights of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I was thinking of donating the campsite to someone. It is handicapped accessible. I’m not sure if I can donate it as the reservation is in my name and I won’t be there in person to claim it. Would anyone be interested in the campsite if I am able to donate it?

    • Sorry to hear about your Mom Cloudcover. Your Mom is lucky to have you. Also after reading your posts you seem genuine and solid in your search ideas. You had some interesting tales. You and your Mom take care. You will be missed at Fennboree.

        • Maybe your mom will have some insight for you. You know, another take on things. My mom has, like a child. Pay attention.

          I was at the same book signing you were. I was also too shy and quiet. I’ll be on the look-out for you next time around. Be well.

    • I am very sorry about your mom Cloud. I hope she heals completely. I am also sorry that we won’t have an opportunity to meet you and talk about all the places you’ve looked after all these years…
      Not fair!!

      • She’s doing very well considering. Just not coming along well enough to do everything herself. I really regret not getting to meet you this upcoming weekend Dal. And Forrest I saw him at a book signing in October of 2013, actually the night before the book signing at the Lorretto Inn lounge. Me and a lot of other people. Boy that lounge and lobby got packed towards the end of the evening. I saw him then and haven’t seen him since so was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Fennboree to see him again. Maybe talk to him more this time instead of being my usual quiet and shy self. I really would like to give the site away. They will re-sell it anyway when I don’t show up the first night. I want to make sure a Fennboree goer gets it. I will call on Tuesday about donating it because I don’t think anyone will answer the phone tomorrow.

    • I knew a man that had one about 20 years ago, he was sitting in a restaurant with his wife, and his stomach began to hurt, they got him to the hospital just in time, and today he’s doing just fine. Most who have them don’t make it. I hope that your mother has a full recovery. I will have her in my prayers, cloudcovert.

  22. CloudCover – I’m sorry you’re going thru this stuff. I am too, and I know how hard it can be. My thoughts are with you. m

    • Thank you Melanie, I appreciate that. It wasn’t as scary this time as the last time three and a half years ago when she had a thoracic aortic dissection but these continued medical problems are worrisome. I am sorry I won’t be at Fennboree. I was looking forward to meeting other searchers for the first time. I hope a wonderful time is had by all!

  23. Hello All,

    This week is BOTG week with my 13yr old daughter who picked up the phone and called Forrest last year. We’re searching in Colorado for the first half of the week and hope to crash Fennboree on Friday. If we make it I’ll have some special Wisconsin Hickory Syrup for the pancake breakfast on Sunday.

    Best to All,

    ~Wisconsin Mike

    • Hello Wisconsin Mike. Hope you and your daughter have a great time on your search in Colorado. Hope the weather holds up. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and still getting snow. Hope you’ll be able to get to Fennboree. I’m sure your daughter would be pleased as punch if she could get to meet Mr. Fenn and I’m sure it would be the same for Mr. Fenn. I think he has a soft spot for the special young treasures. 🙂

    • Hello Melanie. Thank you for the link. I greatly appreciate it. Looks like quite the gathering for the Fennboree. Hope everyone will take plenty of photos. Would like to see faces to match the online names.

      Cynthia, Sacha or Desertphile, is this the largest gathering for the Fennboree you’ve been witnessed to? Approximately one hundred people attending is amazing.

  24. Hi pd. I’m sorry you won’t be attending..was looking forward to meeting you. I predict whole pages devoted to photos & vids.

    • Hello Melanie. It would have been nice to have met you, too. I made camping reservations many months ago, not knowing dates for the 2016 Fennboree. Gosh, how I wish I could be a part of it. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and videos. 🙂

    • I still got to pack, iron some clothes, and finish working 3 more midnight shifts , before I fly out 🙁

  25. Wish I was able to attend, but still lots to do before my wife leaves for 7 weeks of classes. Have fun and someone be responsible for reporting every word that comes out of f’s mouth if he actually shows.

  26. I still have my site at Black Canyon Campground if anyone wants it. They would have to be available on the 2nd to check in. If you are interested you can contact me here on this blog or on mine cloudcoverblog.wordpress.com or even PM me on chasechat.

  27. Hey all! Our Friday meet and greet was awesome! it was so nice to put names, faces, and personalities together into one. We made it back to Oklahoma at 530am and the kids slept the whole trip. Sorry we skipped out so fast, but the kids were dying to get home. Thank you Forrest Fenn. It was great to meet you.

  28. We had an amazing day yesterday!

    The movie was awesome! Matt did a great job, and everyone seemed very entertained. He almost packed the house for both showings.

    The pot luck started about 2 hours earlier than expected, and had a HUGE turnout. I think we had about 100 people at our peak. There was lots of food, and Forrest mingled with the crowd. We had a very lively trivia game, and everyone seemed to have fun searching for the mini treasure chests I hid all over the pavilion.

    There was a whole table set up as a Fenn shrine. We also put up a picture of Randy, and we observed a moment of silence on his behalf. We also will make a donation to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, on Randy & Leo’s behalf, and in honor of the excellent care and patience they showed when Leo needed it most.

    I was so happy to see so many people and to have such a wonderful time getting to know them all.

    You better not be strangers!

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