Fennboree Update April

Fennboree Updates

Hi all!  Fennboree is fast approaching, and some of you are starting to put your plans together.  Cynthia and I have some updates for you, so you can all know what to expect.

First, and most importantly, NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed.  We can’t stress this enough.  Alcohol is absolutely permitted, and you are very welcome to bring your own, if you like.  Just make sure you get cans, and not bottles.

Second, THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE WITHIN 5 MILES OF THE PAVILION AND CAMPGROUNDS.  Seriously, there is no service at all.  We have tried multiple devices and carriers, and nothing gets anything close to a signal.  In order to get service, you have to drive a few miles towards town.  Once you hit the ‘holy-cow-how-much-do-these-houses-cost’ neighborhood, you might be able to get a signal.  By that time, you are two minutes from town.

Third, in May, we will post a sign up sheet for the pot luck.  If you plan to come to the pot luck, we ask that you bring something useful, or something to share.  We expect this to be the biggest event of the weekend, and we would hate to see people not get lunch.  If you are planning on coming, but not eating, we would still appreciate a heads up on how many people you are bringing to the pot luck.  We have a few games planned, and we want to make sure we have enough fun and prizes to go around.

Fourth, for everyone attending the pot luck, but not camping – there is a $7 per car Day Use fee, charged by New Mexico State Parks.  It is only per car, not per person.  If you are camping in Hyde Park, then it is already included in your camping fee.  But, that doesn’t apply for camping at Black Canyon, because Black Canyon is a National Park Service campground.  If you are camping at Black Canyon, I recommend a carpool or enjoying the short walk to the pavilion. NOT PAYING THIS FEE WILL RESULT IN A CITATION AND A FINE! So, if you don’t pay your $7, the Rangers will come hunt you down in the crowd, cite you, and it will cost you more than the day use fee.

TO PAY THE DAY USE FEE: You must pay at the pay box, located at the entrance to Hyde Park Camp Ground. You must bring EXACT CHANGE, because you stuff the money in an envelope, and then put it in the box.  There is no one to give you change.

There is limited parking at Hyde Park.  There is only enough room to park about a dozen cars at the pavilion.  If you are camping nearby, we highly recommend walking over to the pavilion, rather than driving.  There is a moderately sized parking lot at the entrance to Black Canyon, so we can recommend parking there as well.

On a more fun note, Kay A. has decided to set up a Lending Library, she will put up a little bookshelf and chair, with some treasure-related reading for anyone to enjoy during the weekend.  She will also set up a Lost and Found station, in case anyone loses their car keys or their husband.

There has been a much bigger response to Fennboree than we could have ever expected.  We look forward to seeing all of you there.  If you have a great idea to share, a game you want to run, or something you want to contribute to the event, please email us at fennboreefun@gmail.com and we will make sure you have what you need, if we can.