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This year’s Fennboree is just over a couple weeks away. Sacha has kept everyone up-to-date on the Saturday activities, and here’s the latest for Friday and Sunday:

The group pavilion is not available to reserve for Friday. Unfortunately, a youth group has it reserved for the day. EEKs, kids! But do not fret. Thomas Walker has graciously agreed to host the Friday evening campfire and social at his site, which is #47 along the main road. We as a group are really in luck because this is a giant, over-sized site with oodles of parking along the road. You can see in the photo below there’s a ton of space around the fire-pit. I will provide firewood and ingredients for smores. Those of us who have lawn chairs will bring as many as we can. This event is open to everyone…all campers, local Santa Feans, and those out-of- towners who are staying in hotels. Alcohol is allowed (and suggested by me), but once again NO GLASS anywhere. Tom and I have generators for anyone who needs power for a blender, coffee maker, etc. (There’s a picnic table under the roof.) Everyone must bring there own beverage… and any snacks you may like to share. (And lawn chairs if you have one.) Forrest will try his darnedest to attend…I asked him to tell tales of his youth and he said NO. We’ll see…Let’s all gather here starting around 6:00 pm, if you are interested, or show up whenever.


Sunday morning’s brunch is still scheduled from 8 or 9 am until whenever. The #2 group shelter has been reserved for our group so plenty of parking for those who would like to attend. Once again, this event is open to everyone…I’m supplying the bacon, pancakes, syrup, orange juice, and 3 bottles of champagne for mimosas (will not be in glass bottles, and each person over 21 yrs of age has to pour their own champagne so I’m not legally accountable). I don’t know how to make coffee, so anyone who wants coffee, tea, hot chocolate should bring their own. There is water available at the shelter, and once again, Tom and I will provide generators if power is needed. We can boil water in pots on top our gas stoves, as well. Forrest isn’t saying for sure whether or not he will attend this event.

I have been in a sign-making frenzy lately so I can place signs strategically where needed to help people find us: Since the campsite I will be staying at is first come, first served, I won’t know until the last minute what site I will have, so look for this, if you try to find me:

ImageExtract-002Hopefully, I can get one of the three sites beside the Group Shelter #2 where most of the events will take place.
I also made a couple signs to direct people to the Group Shelter #2 (pavillion) for the Saturday Pot-Luck and Sunday brunch so look for these:


I also will make one for Thomas Walker’s site #47 to direct folks there for the Friday night campfire and social.
If anyone plans to attend either of these two events, could you please make a comment, and if you are bringing anything (like a lawn chair), or if you have any ideas to make it better.

Also, Forrest has requested we cancel the hat contest since we believe there isn’t enough interest. Maybe something else will pop up in the meantime…
And don’t forget about the Fenn Shrine that DesertPhile created for the very first Fennboree. It will be staged first thing Saturday in the Group Shelter for persons to contribute to, or just contemplate, and ponder…

See some of you soon. Cynthia

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  1. Cool! Glad to hear the updates. I will help out with the Sunday morning cookery , with scrambled eggs, bacon, fried bologna, and more pancakes(mary-err..noo just kidding). But they will be “flavor augmented” 😯

  2. Hi Cynthina,
    Even though I don’t drink coffee, I’ve been told that I make pretty good coffee so I will be bringing my big camp coffee pot so I can make cowboy coffee for the Sunday morning brunch. I know how cranky some can get without their morning cup of jo and we sure don’t want that! LOL
    See you soon!

  3. Aww no hat contest at Fennboree 🙁 I was going to make a log cabin hat out of Linkin Logs. Then I could be below the home of Brown and in the wood at the same time. : D

  4. Five Golden Retrievers team members (people, not dogs) will attend both events. We’ll bring camping chairs (to both events) for ourselves, plus 3 extra chairs to share. We’ll bring 2 non-glass bottles of champagne to share at the Sunday brunch. We’ll bring Reese Cups to share to add to the smores on Friday evening – yum!
    I’ll bring the words to a song I wrote about the Thrill of the Chase. The words go to a song written by Badfinger. I hope Badfinger comes to the Fennboree, so they can play the song, while we sing it around the campfire. hee hee

  5. Several days ago, Forrest said he will attend the Saturday pot-luck. He will attend the Friday night Campfire thing if he can. He doubts he’ll attend the Sunday breakfast. IMO, weather could make a difference of which he attends. I will try to pin him down the day before Fennboree starts. At least we should know what to expect for weather at that time and maybe he can confirm which events and when he plans to show.

    • Cynthia, I changed my flight (thanks to Sacha’s school of “Don’t be a doofus when planning your flight routes” ), and will be in Albuequerqe (still don’t know how to spell that damn city! x) ) around 2:40 pm Thurs Afternoon…. so my plan is to just come on to the campground Thursday and set up. I’m still working on the apple butter pie “FRYING” plan.

  6. Plan on attending both as well as the screening–just let me know what you need.

    Also have an RV with cooking facilities (Black Canyon) and will be there all week if Iron Will or anyone camping in Black Canyon needs it.

  7. Wow. Sounds like a lot of activity and a lot of attendees. What fun! Lots of interesting goodies — so, who is it who’s bringing Indulgence? 🙂 Wish I could make it, but still no doctor’s clearance to travel about yet. Next best thing is to wait for the pictures and stories. The food sounds good and much better than the crow that has been my mainstay. I hope to dine on something finer and tastier this summer — just tired of crow.

  8. Boomergirl, if you read this, what day are you arriving? Seems like ten or so of us will be up there Thursday. I can find you at Tim’s site if you go early.

  9. Sacha, my sis and I will be there Friday evening for smores as well. Again, we can bring what you would like, so please don’t hesitate to let me know what to bring. I think you have my email address. Email me and I will give you my phone number and you can call or text me. Or perhaps Cynthia has my email. I was also thinking of buying a couple of chairs for me and my sister and then donating them to Fennborree for next year.

  10. By golly…somehow I missed this!

    Anyway… I am totally looking forward to attending any and all events available at Fennboree 2016! Myself and the husband ( 🙂 ) will be leaving NorCal on Tuesday, cruising Yosemite, etc… so we will arrive either Thursday evening late, or Friday morning early. Please, if you need our help Thomas, Cynthia, Sacha, anybody… let us know we’ll be happy to help! Also, let me know if there’s anything you need us to bring! We are so looking forward to meeting everybody, and I especially cannot wait to see my friends from the signing in September! God Bless Randy and his loved ones, he IS NOT forgotten!

    … I’m just so excited! 🙂

    • Satcha same for me I will give you my number or get yours so when I get into town Thursday I can see what we need. Great idea on the chairs Carolyn… Maybe Forrest can store them in his garage for us 🙂 Yikes only a week to go!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone 😀

      • I can’t wait to meet you, Spallies, and everyone!

        I’m gonna give Dal a big ole smooch on the cheek, for putting up with me for four years! Lol 🙂

    • Looking forward myself. Leaving Seattle tomorrow. Taking the Oury to Silverton Colorado route. Then camp at the Rio Grande del Norte by Questa, a soak in the Arroyo Hondo hot springs, and Three Peaks IPA at the Taos Mesa Brewery. Oh…and I will be picking the chest up Friday so you all, I.M.O.,….will be “wit”ness to a weekend “for the books”! P.S….I mean ice chest.

  11. Me too my pallies, spallies!
    I’m sending Dal my phone number to forward to thomas, cynthis, sacha, spallies, forrest..Tee hee…
    Can’t wait to meet y’all!

  12. Hello, all Fennboree attendees,
    Since there is no signal in Hyde Park or Black Canyon, cell phones are only good for driving 3-miles towards SF and getting your email. So, I will post a comment on this thread as soon as I get to Hyde (Wed or Thursday) and get a campsite, and let everyone know what site I’m in.

    JDiggins, as far as I know, Amy, WiseOne, and all of us from the La Fonda Sunday night gathering will be attending Fennboree. I have Wise and Amy’s email but not yours. If you want, send it to Dal or Sacha’s Fenn website, and I can get it from them. Or just watch this thread.

  13. Sorry to be so late RSVP’ing…been out of the loop for a while. I will try my darndest to make the Friday night soiree but will most definitely be attending the Saturday events. If I can make it Friday, I’ll bring 3 extra beach chairs + some libations/cups and home-made brownies! Really looking forward to meeting all youze.

  14. Ok, no hat contest. My procrastnation was in full gear. I sure was in a sweat over all the thinking I had going on about making a hat! Thanks for the heads up, Melanie. Who’s bringing the chicken wings to the pot luck?

    • All you need to eat is one of my award winning fried apple butter pies! Once you bite in to it, you’ll feel right as rain 😀

        • “”had all my 5 aunts come up to me swearing that there was no way I “made” them as they were just too darn good.””

          – I got the 5AA award (five aunt approval) 🙂

  15. Iron – you’ve created quite the hype over these pies! Are they made with apple-butter, like we used to get from farm stands in southern Indiana back in the day? Dang, that was good!

    • I will simply answer with a quick story about them. They are my late Grandmother’s recipe. She used to make them sometimes when Mom and Dad were at work and she needed to baby-sit my brother Brian and me. One day about two years ago, when she died, I was thinking about all the good times I had with her in the old days… and remembered the pies.

      Now I’m no chef, but I am an expert at retaining knowledge, and using it as if it were “imprinted” experience. So I decided to make them in honor of her, for the dinner reception after the funeral. Except (and this is a competitive fault of mine) I felt that I could improve upon her recipe. So I tweaked the apple butter by enhancing the flavor, used a different dough source (for the best taste), and enhanced the outer pastry itself. I don’t wish to throw out ingredients yet, because sometimes its the mystery of an item that makes it that much more desirable. But I can tell you this…

      That weekend, I made 16 of them. Of the 50 people there, all 16 were gone before the main course was over. I had all my 5 aunts come up to me swearing that there was no way I “made” them as they were just too darn good. Two weeks later, my sister died. To keep myself busy, in order to not break down emotionally, I decided to make 36 of these delicious “comfort cakes” Everyone saw me bringing the container in and sitting them on the kitchen table. THIS TIME… they knew about them. Before even twenty people could fill their main course plates up, ALL of the pies were gone. I spied several people, just before dinner, casually walking over to the table, and clumsily grabbing one or even two and shoving them into their purses. Knowing that I did my grandmother’s recipe, that much justice, made me smile 🙂

      Why, I’ll even throw out a confidence quote to a certain guest of honor…

      “Forrest, I’m betting you a ground breaking clue, (not a Toledo one) to announce to everyone … that these pastries will fully compete (if not surpass) with the fried pineapple pies from your child-hood ” 😉 I’ll let him come up with my punishment if I lose. 😯

      (P.S. Forrest, you don’t really have to take that bet, but they’re still going to be that good…I’m confident of that.)

  16. Hope you all have a blast next weekend! So sorry I had to bow out but I did get on a new project for six months so good for now!

  17. Public Service Announcement for Out-of-Towners: Try at all costs to avoid the intersection of Cerrillos Rd., St. Michael’s Dr. and Osage Ave. Major roadwork is underway and only southbound through traffic on Cerrillos will be allowed thru the intersection from June 1st – 17th. This is normally Santa Fe’s busiest intersection, so a major pain in the patootie for sure. Also, road construction extends on Cerrillos from St. Mike’s south to about Silar Rd. Expect very slow going. Agua Fria and West Alameda Streets are good alternate routes. They parallel Cerrillos to the northwest.


  18. I went to Hyde Park today to get a campsite. I will be in site #7 which is on the main camping loop (Not the RV group) near the gate that goes to group shelter #2. I talked to Sourdough who is already there. He moved from Black Canyon to the Hyde RV campgrounds so he could have electric. He said he will keep his old tent site at Black Canyon for a few days in case someone wants it. If there’s no response by Thursday, he will give it up. He said it is really nice for a tent and has parking for at least 2 cars.

    I talked to the rangers today. They will collect the $5 per CAR daily use fee at the group shelter. DO NOT PAY at the pay station as you enter the camp loop. Please have 5 bucks ready so we/I don’t need to have change. If you attend the Friday night bonfire gathering at site #47, you will likely have to pay $5 for that event as well.

    I drove Forrest around Hyde Park yesterday so he’d have a better understanding of the logistics. He seemed to like the idea of the Friday night bonfire and said he’d try to show up at 6:00 pm for it. Once again, it is not at the group pavilion but at site #47 on the left side of the asphalt road as you drive through Hyde Park. I will post a sign.

    I believe lots of folks will start gathering at group shelter #2 by noon on Saturday for the pot-luck. Forrest plans to attend. (Not sure what time he will arrive.) The gate will open shortly after 8 am. I will likely be there soon after to start getting stuff ready. Please join me before noon if you’d like to socialize a bit before it gets busy.

    I will have a large message board of some sorts at my campsite so folks can leave messages for each other, whatever. It will be “interesting” not having cell phone service. You need to drive 3 or 4 miles towards SF to get a signal.

    The Sunday morning pancake brunch is still scheduled to start at 8:30/9:00 when people start showing up at the group shelter. Once again, pay the $5 daily use fee at the group shelter.

    If anyone has any other questions, please post a comment here. I will get my emails a couple times per day.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

      • Iron, I’m taking my camper to my site tomorrow. I Just put a tent there today. The other two sites by the group pavilion still had people in them today. I’m still trying to grab one of them for you. I’ll let you know. Stop by site #7 before you set up and I’ll leave a message on the message board for you if I leave my site. cynthia

      • Iron Will,

        Offer still stands regarding using my RV to cook your pies. Have electric convection/microwave and propane stove if you need to fry.

        I’ll check in later and Also drop by Thursday afternoon.


    • Following up on Cynthia’s comment, the site at Black Canyon is site 12 and it’s VERY nice for a tent or RV or both (separate tent pad). It has a nice rock seating area around the fire pit and is easy to get into (my rig is 40 foot). Tent site below it and restrooms above so not real close to anyone else. It does not have electric but otherwise, is nicer than where I moved to. You could easily park four cars at the site (double wide paved). It’s right below the entrance to Hyde Park and is a short commute.

      The site is paid through Sunday night ($10 per night). If someone can use it, I’d like to let the site host know ASAP. If you have an RV or tent and need a nice site that is already reserved, please let me know right away. I’ll check back in several hours (once I get back into range).


      • Sourdough,

        What site # are you in? Is there anything within 100′ or so? I need a little power for my oxygen generator during the night. Will kick in some $. We will be pulling in sometime Wednesday afternoon.


          • TW,

            We’ll figure something out. Wednesday is a good day to arrive since there will be more options. Are you bringing an R.V. or will you be in a tent?

          • Site 39 opened up (two above me) and has electric and is one of the best for a tent. Someone can grab it at any time so it may not be available when you arrive but I wanted to let you know. I expect to be out of communication the rest of the night.

        • TW,

          The seven sites where I am are all electric. The three below me are reservation only and show reserved. The 3 above me are first come, first serve. I can check when I get back and if any are open, I can reserve it/park there for you. People come and go daily so I may be able to grab one today if someone leaves. As RV sites, there isn’t much room to pitch a tent but there was a tent in the upper site a few days ago and you have your own electric.

          $10-$14 a night if you use electric. I know some who just paid the $10. I don’t think there is room for a additional tent at my site (trees and elevation change).

          I’m headed back to Black Canyon now to give them a heads-up on my old site and see if they already gave it away. I’ll see if they have any electric there. Can run back down the canyon to get your reply if needed.


    • I wanted to follow-up and let everyone know the Black Canyon site is first come, first serve at this point. Went by today and they already gave it out to someone else even though I’d paid through Sunday. They are filling up daily and apparently needed it.

  19. I’ll prolly arrive Thursday evening, cynthia, and I’ll help wherever you ask! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you again and to meeting other fennatics!

  20. It all sounds SOOOO exciting. I do sooooo wish I could attend, but that will just have to wait another year I guess..

    Hope ALL have fun – and STAY SAFE.


  21. Forrest asked me to post this: “I will bring Jimica leaf iced tea in a cooler with peppermint and spearmint leafs optional, and two clunks of watermelon per plastic cup.” Does anyone see a clue here?! Seriously, he is really bringing tea made with peppermint and spearmint.

    • Okay, I’m laughing pretty good now. Is that two “clunks” or “chunks” of watermelon??? That really sounds like a very interesting iced tea flavor. Never heard of it before.

    • No clue, maybe a hint…………….I believe green tea is the ultimate. Don’t no about clunks of h2omelon, sounds like melon without h2o.

    • Maybe I’m a stupid, foolish person, but I see possible hints… As usual.

      The tea sounds excellent… Refreshing, Thirst Quenching.
      A very cool idea! Can’t wait to taste. 🙂

      Cynthia, I’ll give you a call when I get to SF. I should be there by 1.

    • I’m thinking that it is jamaica – pronounced Ha-mica- that you will all be having. It is made from hibiscus and is very delish. The choice of mint garnish sounds nice. I’m a spearmint girl myself. Lucky you guys 🙂

      • I dunno could be Jicama… Forrest looks pretty healthy and we’ll I think he might be kinda smart too…:)

        “Some of the health benefits of jicama include its ability to help you manage your weight, optimize your digestion, boost your immune system, prevent various types of cancer, increase your energy levels, help manage diabetes, build strong bones, increase circulation, lowers blood pressure, and boosts brain function.”

        • Definitely. Something to enjoy either way. It sounds like it will be an amazing time and lots of memories will be made.

          • Although, he did spell it jimica(which is how it is pronounced) and it was switched on here to jicama. Just saying. Also how can you get the hint if you are using jicama? Just asking. I wasn’t questioning Mr. Fenn’ s food knowledge above, only joining the conversation.

    • Did you misspell that or did Forrest? If I was searching for red flags here’s where I would look. Time for a search. IMO

    • I don’t see a clue, but I do think it’s odd that ff asked you to post this tidbit rather than posting himself. Maybe there’s a hint in that?

  22. If there’s no watermelon in each plastic cup of tea, then the hint must be “and two clunks of watermelon per plastic cup.” Hmmm…we will make sure to let the HOD search community know.

  23. Hi, I will be attending and arriving Thursday. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. If there is anything that you need done please don’t hesitate to ask. I will send Dal my phone number to pass on.

  24. I cannot for the life of me figure out what campgrounds you guys are meeting at.
    And here I am looking for a treasure.
    Someone help me? Thank You

  25. Warm wishes to all having fun at Fennboree. I would like to be there to meet you all, maybe especially Mr.Fenn. Perhaps someone drink a margarita for me. Frozen, extra salt. 🙂

  26. Wishing you all a fantastic Fennboree with stories, laughter & great times! So hope to meet you all one day. What a great group! Time & distance make it difficult to plan for both searching and Fennboree, but now I’m a little sad about my choice because it sure would be a lifetime treasure to get to know you folks! Looking forward to many pictures & stories, and thanking those who have turned this adventure into a community.

  27. Wishing everyone a wonderful and memorable weekend. My campfire will be many miles away, but you’ll be in my thoughts. Wish I could have met everyone. Looking forward to photos and stories. Have fun! 🙂

  28. We’re headed back up there now. I get no phone signal up there so we’re just going to chill in site 47 until people shuffle in. Look for us in a black explorer with Oklahoma plates.

  29. I will be heading up there shortly as well. I will help set up or do anything that is needed. I will be there in approx an hour so if anything is needed let me know within the next hour.

    • Brooke, I enjoyed talking with you. If you would like to stay in contact, please get my email or phone number from Dal.

  30. Warmest of wishes to all. Wish that I were there with all of you. I have gotten to know, like and admire many of you over these past few months. It would have been nice to put faces with names – but since I am so bad at remembering names – I would probably get them mixed up anyway.

    I wish everyone fond memories, great friendships, and please drink a Margarita for me.

    As usual, I wish you all the best of luck in your searches – May you all find what you seek, and certainly – STAY SAFE.


  31. Report from the field;
    Last night and today of Fennborree 2016 have been a freakin’ hoot!!! Mucho Thanks to all those who made it happen and took part. Way too many names to ref, but we know who you are. Good on ‘ya.

  32. Saturday was great–there was a reporter from Santa Fe and Denver (5280 magazine) making the rounds so keep an eye out for new articles. Forrest brought his special tea with watermelon, peppermint leaves, and what appeared to be Forrest-made watermelon skewers… The kids had a great time making s’mores for everyone late into the night.

    Sunday morning breakfast; beautiful day with Tom cooking up the pancakes and bacon and “Cowboy Coffee”. Free samples of Hickory Syrup handed out to everyone (mmm good).

    It was really great meeting everyone. Cynthia and Sasha deserve special thanks for a job well done.

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