Fennboree 2019 Photos Page One



Saturday morning at Sasha and Jason’s campsite for coffee. SeanNM’s family on left. On the right starting at the back is IronWill, Sasha, Jason, Illinoi$Ghost and ?


IronWill, Sasha, Jason and Illinoi$Ghost


Gary on his Yolo electric powered bike headed for coffee…


Cynthia looking for rain clouds


Jeff Burch and Titan. Jeff still recovering from a stroke that left him unable to communicate on the blogs for three years…he’s back now…and doing great!


IronWill showing an Australian film crew (Paul and his wife Madeline) how he makes his famous Fried Pineapple Pies. He made 60 pies at his campsite over a charcoal fire for the Saturday feast at Fennboree…I watched Forrest stuff his pockets with IronWill’s pies….


Pies made up and ready to be fried


in the fryer to a golden brown…


Entry way to the Saturday event at Shelter #2


Amy and JDiggins handing out raffle tickets..They make it look pretty fun!!


Folks coming into the shelter looking over raffle prizes and off loading food and drinks…









4 thoughts on “Fennboree 2019 Photos Page One

  1. Those were awesome pictures and love that someone took the time to write under them. It was like I was there. Also love the cake and Buffalo Bill Larry!!

  2. Unfortunately I came late to the chase. And thus late to meet a lot of wonderful family. I call all of you “ the extended Fenn family”
    I feel I know many of you from so many blogs and responses to each other. I hope to be at the next Fennboree. I hope you can fit two more into the “family”.
    And thank you Dal. You enjoy your retirement. I’m a registered nurse that just retired in May. I’m building a house on the river above the San Joaquin Valley. I grew up in the Sierra Nevadas and learning much more of the Rockies thanks to Forrest Fenn and Dal.

  3. P.s. thanks for the pictures and commentary. Nice to put faces to names and vice a versa. I’m sure many of us felt included. Thanks , Rick

  4. Dal, thank you for posting Fennboree pictures, looks like everyone had a fun time!
    Dal, sorry a deer hit you.
    Enjoy your retirement, but I don’t think one ever retires it’s a myth!
    Sincerely, Martha

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