Fennboree 2020

Fennboree 2020
July 3, 4, 5
Hyde Memorial State Park, Santa Fe


From JDiggins


Greetings fellow searchers! Here we are in year ten of THE THRILL OF THE CHASE! Can you believe it??!!


This years’ Fennboree we will celebrate over the fourth of July weekend, and we have moved the main events to the HYDE MEMORIAL STATE PARK LODGE! You can view it HERE


I have had several requests to donate to this years’ Fennboree. If you would like to donate (you are not required!), all monies will go toward costs! I am aiming for Pizza night Friday, and I am hoping to afford a catered BBQ meal for the Saturday (what used to be called potluck) event, and there are other costs as well. Most costs I am trying to trade as sponsorships, but should I fail, it helps to know all of you are there to chip in!


Remember, Fennboree is free to all, the only costs required are for campers, and everyone will have a $5. parking fee due at event.
Can’t wait to see y’all there!

Im working on lots of fun things, so mark your calendars for Friday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 5th, and make your reservations now! If you want to camp, I have some sites reserved at Hyde Memorial State Park campground, just email me at the address below and I will pencil you in, or you can go HERE

Which is the Black Canyon campground right down the road. We will also have group camping sites available, and the RV sites with electricity will come available in spring. Either way, we have room to camp if you choose!
Any questions, or to reserve space to camp at Hyde, email me at:


Please take a moment to visit and thank this years’ sponsors below…and check back often as we will be updating the list regularly!


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13 thoughts on “Fennboree 2020

  1. well well well – three holes in the ground

    i’d love to Fennboree it up this year, if that’s even legal nowadays (?)

    but alas, not without a trustworthy chaperon, like Focused or pdenver ..or even Dal

    (…ummmm – tempted to ask Goof’s …but ain’t gonna hold my breath tbh)

    • Well well well curious hobbit, if you come to “Fennboree it up” this year, I’d be honored to be your chaperone Nikan…..
      Who knows? We might even talk pdenver into joining us around a campfire ?
      Have a great day today and a better tomorrow….. until next time… see ya Nikan

    • Nikan – i’d be happy to help abscond with you and pdenver to FB’20 …but is your ticky-ticker up for the challenge? ..i mean, pdenver is def a trouble-maker!!

      albeit, a sturdy horse and a good poem should do the trick, i reckon

      ( ..have quill, ink and Clydesdale – will travel )

      • Nikan- my “ticky-ticker” is always ready for a challenge, heck, life’s to short to always travel the easy road….. 🙂
        Nah, pdenver’s not a trouble maker Nikan ,trust me, but I hear she can hold her own when trouble arises… I definitely want pdenver on my side of the campfire…lol
        We can bring our poems and read them around the campfire, reflecting back on old times…
        Pack your bags!!!!

        Until next time… see ya Nikan

    • Hello curious hobbit. It’s good to see you, my friend. Gosh, I wish I could chaperon you two fellas, but I already have camping reservations made for that weekend. Sure sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. As for Focused’s heart, I think he’s safe this year. Hope we can meet around the same campfire soon. 🙂

    • Heck jdiggins, I know you’ve penned many poems too, grab a chair and bring them my friend… 🙂 wouldn’t it be fun to hear poems read aloud by the authors and hear them talk about what their mindset was while writing them— around a crackling fire?
      There are many, many people who contributed their words to the poetry page, we may need a bigger fire…lol
      Have a great day my friend…. until next time… see ya

  2. Really bumming cause I so wanted to make it out to meet so many of my fellow searchers. But at least I can’t make it for another good reason. Turns out that is the time frame when some family will be visiting that I have not seen for some time. So it’s all good. Maybe next year (if there is one) lol!

    Have fun everyone and have a beer or two for me. 🙂

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I will plan to be there. Have not seen the bunch for a couple years and I do so “treasure”
    the many I have met over the years including the time we played pool together with that crazy Bill.
    It is so great to hear from you and your continued support of the hunt.
    I will get back soon with a donation.

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