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Guidelines for FFGM Treasure Hunts to claim a Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion (antique gold finish):

  • ONE Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion will be awarded to the first person who can solve the clues, find the hidden FFGM Treasure Hunt Stone, and forward a successful claim to FFGMTreasureHunts@gmail.com.
  • Clues to find the hidden FFGM Treasure Hunt Stones will be posted on either DalNeitzel.com or MysteriousWritings.com.  
  • The first series of hunts began 1/3/19.  A total of 10 Hunts will be released (two each month from January to May). Second series of hunts will follow.
  • All FFGM Treasure Hunt Stones of this first series of hunts are hidden within the Great Appalachian Valley.  Map is shown below.
  • A searcher who solves the clues posted for a hunt and finds a FFGM Treasure Hunt Stone MUST use the email FFGMTreasureHunts@gmail.com to submit a claim for the Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion prize.  An image of the found FFGM Treasure Hunt Stone and CODE written on the Stone must be provided within the submission email.  An image of the searcher at location is optional, but requested.  REMEMBER, the Medallions themselves are NOT hidden, but FFGM Treasure Hunt Stones with specific CODES for claiming the Medallions.  Image of the actual White Stone hidden will be released with each hunt’s clues.
  • A searcher must also submit full name and address to receive the Medallion.
  • ONLY one Medallion is allowed to be claimed by household/searcher/person.  Because of limited supply, no multiple wins/claims of Medallions will be awarded.  If a person has previously won/received a Medallion, he is no longer eligible to submit a claim in another hunt.