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20170217 1333552

I rcvd this when I was 15 yrs old – it is a rare 1st pressing of a VF bootleg recording of Led Zeppelin in a starburst colored vinyl.       -Timothy Gorman


IMG 1791

2002 Spring Training Ticket. Last thing my grandfather and I did together before he was called home.       – James Collier


IMG 1829

My photo albums are my favorite thing. They show life and great memories ❤️    – Amy Sweitzer


20200321 070520

A sunrise picture, view of the Sacramento valley from our house.    –  dokyte



the names in this photo of an Old Fort Hall sign. Very Osborne Russell-ish.       – E. C. Waters


20200324 222716

My Harley Davidson Free Wheeler trike.     – Michael Hendrickson


IMG 3487

This is a message I found inside a fortune cookie awhile ago, think it’s pretty much self explanatory. 🙂     -Pauley T



This Chevy was purchased by my grandfather new in 1969 when i was 8 years old.         – Mosby



“You follow the poem, I’ll do the magic.”       -Neale



My collection of Joseph Henry Sharp etchings that we’re published in limited edition books. Two were authored by Forrest himself.                    -Dave Lolkema


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One thought on “FTC Entries Page 1

  1. So far, but not so far ( 🙂 ) my favorite submission on this page is,
    Sorry I can’t just pick one cause they’re all super cool, even mine!

    Pauley T

    P.S. pssttt, Michaels trike is freakin AWESOME though!
    It reminds me of McDonald’s……….. I’m Lovin It! 🙂

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