FTC Entries Page 2

IMG 5291

This is the Healing PTSD Stamp. 10 cents from each stamp goes to the National Center For PTSD.       -Chuck


IMG 3266

-Nameless Searcher


IMG 5403

My antique “milli fiori“ glass paperweights. Forrest’s memoir TTOTC inspired me to collect something I love. I’m content with a few.                 – 42


IMG 0210

Mom’s passport. Only 16, newly married to an American Sailor and leaving her country and family behind. Courage and sacrifice.          -Geysergirl


0325201000 HDR

I found this arrowhead in the Mojave Desert in California when I was about 11 years old. It is only 1 inch long.         -Lori Dee



Norman Rockwell Lithograph of  The Collector. It was my grandfathers, then my fathers, and now mine.            -Mark Jennings


IMG 0772

My Africa Twin Adventure bike – Also makes a great search tool!               -Dan


Graham short quad

My Graham Short micro engraving on the centre pin of an antique compass (done by hand). Not  seen with the naked eye.            -DB



Something my dad picked up long ago at auction. Used for leatherworking, supposedly. Not sure.             -Kate


IMG 0066

Sunny blue my guitar. I paint the blue butterfly in memorie of my Dad who used to love them.🦋               -Gladys



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