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My father, Creek Indian, born Oklahoma 1923 made these arrowheads, knives plus many more, died 1994, flint, chert, obsidian, antlers. -Tom Terrific



From my brother-in-law. He & fam in fifth wheel. I, outside with nature.          -Chrisazy



It was my husbands horoscope but I’m the one with the common sense…. hehe.         -Kris



A cheap souvenir statue of Anubis that I bought in Cairo, Egypt during the first Spring of the new millenium.         -Blex


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A old 4.3 pound silver ingot found while BOTG in Colorado.        -Richard McKeever


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I’d have to say, after much contemplation, that this is my favorite thing…
Chillin’ in the sunroom watching the birds…         -JDiggins



In 2011, I made this small maple/walnut box to return a certain something to a certain somebody. Still anticipating…                   -ken


Muset Parker Pen

Received it forty years ago in grade eight. Lived around the world; never lost it. Still works great. Magnetized clicker              -Muset


IMG 5791

Without my glasses – nature, my kids’ faces, books – everything would be a blur .                                                     – Schrodinger’s Treasure


20200325 072505

Llanite is rare and is only found in Llano, TX and is granite with little beautiful blue dots in it.        -csan2000









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3 thoughts on “FTC Entries Page 3

  1. Hey Csan2000 a very cool and wonderful lady once gave me a piece of Llanite! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I still have it in my treasure box!!! I have learned a lot about a lot about a lot of cool rocks during the hunt!!! Might have to find one of my favorites to share!!!

  2. This should be called a micro-contest because we are so constrained by the allowed length of our caption and the cropping of our artful photographs. In a gallery, I think it would be very difficult to sell anything with those constraints.

    Cheers 😉

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