FTC Entries Page 4


Grandpa’s Cigar Box. Presented to him by the Monitors and Oceanographers assigned to his ship during Operation Crossroads.           -David McGillis


SAM 2467

Made this so the family could past time in thought. Our thoughts are now being consumed by Forrest’s poem.                -ManOwar


IMG 6738

Solar System in a Bottle (to scale)



These boots are the most comfortable I’ve owned. They get me around my favorite places comfortably.                                   -Aaron


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18kt Gold Elgin Pocket Watch from 1897. Engraved ‘F.F. Oyler Cincinnati, Ohio.                  -Jared G.


Stump Art

Mess of tangled clumps?
Or someone’s tree?
In which they see
A memory told
Of riches new and old…



A photo of my great grandfather, George Washington, on the right facing.


image0 1

Balinese ceremonial mask. It wards off potential evildoers and I think it’s working. Only the brave linger while he watches.
– Veronica


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My Get Happy Tea is perfect for lifting spirits.                      -Carrie


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9 thoughts on “FTC Entries Page 4

  1. Glad you enjoyed it 42 or should I say agent 99. I threw it together on the spur of the moment which is why it appears a little rough around the edges. At least my heart was in the right place.

  2. @strawshadow, Ha! I keep a close eye on you since your bobcat appears to be climbing the fence in my back yard.

  3. That little pocket knife in the lower right corner…is that an “Old Timer”? If so, that’s the kind of knife my grand father used. Be well! Melanie

    • Frensy…click on the link at the bottom of that page it will take you to the contest page and all should become clear.

      • As this is our first interaction together I just want to say. Hi dal. I appreciate you helping me out. I hope that I can return the favor sometime in the future. As for now I’m much too focused on the main contest ^_- If this is the beginning to our rainbow, I’ll see you at the end.

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