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IMG 6354

A picture of my other “never ending” project 🙂   -kaytee n


IMG 6623

My wedding gift from my husband nearly 39 years ago. Our wedding song, “We’ve Only Just Begun,” is engraved inside.                  -pdenver


IMG 20200329 201112

My most favorite thing. Signed Mickey Mantle home run baseball. It was signed at a Champions award dinner in NY.                      -David L



My heart of gold 🙂                   -DUMBFOUNDED


il 340x270 1029846876 659d

Found this late 1800s coffee pot sitting up right in the desert while looking for Fenn treasure .           -Kris B



My mother bought the Hopi bowl from Indians living on a (mesa) in Arizona in late 50’s or early 60’s                     -Glenna Hess-Freedman


20200330 144703

This is my happy shelf, it brings me much joy!                 -Kaye D


image0 3

This is my fathers left hand. He was 21 yrs old, I was only 2 when he lost his real hand. This is my prized thing in life. It shows me you never give up.                 -Travis Brown



Will Rogers, whittled by my grandfather while recuperating from a leg amputation following the Battle of Belleau Wood (age 19).        -Melanie


IMG 2735

This is a picture of Bunny. It’s a little worse for wear. It went everywhere when I was a child     -John H




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