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X Marks The Spot – This is an art quilt I did in 2001. I thought it was appropriate. 😏
~ Richelle



At 71, cycling & exercise are my life. Mother Nature is a very close second too.



The last batch, from the historic stills, personally brewed by legendary Moonshiner, Popcorn Sutton (2008). Maverick of the “likker” business.                     -Chris J


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My grandmother was the last person to hold this angel stone. I hold it now, to feel her energy.                  -Billy P


map chest

My husband is turning a map chest into a display case/coffee table for my arrowhead collection. Beveled glass. Imagination.                  -Water High


board game collection

My collection of  board games from the 1800’s and up. Great  family memories  playing games. This is just one cabinet…..:)         -Jenny


20200401 135949

My grandma’s “everyday” ring with a perfectly chipped opal telling its tale.       -Susie Fennhaven



Painting traded for a pair of blue jeans in 1990 at Red Square in Moscow, Russia (Unknown Artist)
-Diana G


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My 3 favorite things are …
Chicken, Pot, Pie! 💕            -Kee M


9 07 37 PM

My Nikon D5000 camera. That’s Craters of the Moon National Monument.             – Lisa Cesari






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