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bird 20200402 015421

I remember putting this on the christmas tree with my brother. This bird is special like no other.        -ace340



Family photos including the 1937 winners of the Battenberg Cup, aboard the battleship U.S.S. Tennessee. My Dad left of Trophy.               -RonnyLee


20200402 082241

My feather wand, which resides with other assorted healing tools.
-Sally Colorado


20200402 075130

Replacement Cache to put in place of Fenn Treasure once found.                   -Sparrow


The Doors of Life by Esther May Praker

The Doors of Life poem written by my grandmother Esther always reminds me, nothing really changes and yet everything changes.                    -23kachinas


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My DIY walking stick carved out from a single piece of wood. -Angelo P


Fossil Crab

My little fossilized crab. When you turn him over you can see his pincher tucked up underneath his shell.                   -Chris from Colorado


Fossil tooth

Inherited Alaskan Inuit(?) fossil ivory. My father acquired it as a young man in Alaska. He passed last year (cancer).           – JC1117



A  bird house that I made a few years ago. Like most things, I gave it away.
-Christopher Robbin


20200403 115602

Mis monedas de la suerte                -LaCubana



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