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18 thoughts on “Hat Contest Entries Page Five

  1. Aaron??? Is that you??? Room 8, Bellevue Hospital, 2013? I was in room 7. Geez it’s great to see you again! Do you still eat ants like you did back then?

    Just kidding— very crazy, but cool hat!!!!

    • Lol, yep. Ah Bellevue, great memories. I have improved myself as a person since then and moved on to crickets :0

  2. Seeker’s choices { thus far };
    Attempting to stay within the perimeters of the rules I’ll start with;
    ~Will and Salamander are a couple guys I would like to party with!
    ~Aaron must have a little something extra in his peace pipe. Please pass it my way.
    ~Magpie should win the most creative and best balancing act.
    ~Clee is magical and cute.
    ~Jeremy is magical, but not so cute.
    ~JDA presents the mountain man image well… he’s way out there. Only the hat is way too clean…
    ~I want McB hat.
    ~I need Jdiggins hat, to keep JayA at bay.
    ~DG jr’s hat should win… The beauty and excitement of the chase abounds in the pic… the background is nice too.
    ~But… My choice for the contest would have to be ‘little’ John wearing that hat… the next generation of explores/chasers with truck and trail pack, ready to break out of the cage and into the wiles of nature.

    Note; Choices may change as more entries are submitted… LOL bet ya’ll are glad I’m not the judge.

      • Seems we all get a voice in this contest, Jeremy. Be afraid, lol

        I actually place my vote. Sorry to say you didn’t make the cut… It was a tough call, I admit… but cute beat the chosen one, this time.

  3. Ha these are all so great!!! Dal you should post a pic of Forrest from Fennboree last year of him actually wearing “Mildew” that thing is a work of art in itself!!!

  4. CINDY M. Who are those people? Also.
    I just wanted to do something flowery. Those are flowers from my yard. Lots of great hats
    Nice seeing everyone. Must be my fifth or sixth contest I entered here. They sure are fun!

    • Hi Lou Lee, It is hard to beat fresh flowers. They are simply gorgeous 🙂 And I too love the contests.

      Forrest and the little girl from India give my hat its personality. Perhaps I needs more artistic ability. Anyway, I’m sure Forrest is way more impressive in person 🙂

      • Your hat is really great! Very creative! Alot of work! Mine is not one made to win. Just to join in, which I just Love. Your hat is tops for sure!

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