Hat Contest Entries Page Four


Diggin Gypsy


DG Jr.

The Queen




Amy Sweitzer



Page Five Entries






32 thoughts on “Hat Contest Entries Page Four

  1. Hey, you’re letting professional hat wearers enter? There should be a law.

    As always the queen’s taste is impeccable. Hats off to you your majesty, I could never pull that one off.

  2. “Well I daresay it’s about time this blog developed some class. (takes a sip of tea and rolls her eyes). I don’t know who submitted that last picture, but their taste is impeccable. That photo was taken during a visit I made to a kindergarten class. It was all I could do to avoid those little snots, whilst smiling and winking in a royal manner. But somehow I managed to endure it, as I always do (frowns, rolls her eyes again, and adds another tea spoon of sugar to her tea). I believe it is very obvious who the winner of this contest is. There is really no reason to accept more entries is there? Please just forward the signed copy of the book to Buckingham palace, and let’s be through with this, shall we? I knew you would agree. Cheers!”

    Queen Elizabeth

      • Lisa—-

        Just so you know, I can’t really take credit for the picture of QE2. Someone named “The Queen” sent in the entry. I just took advantage of it. lol.
        I thought the submission was quite funny though.

        Due my recent article I was going to send in a picture of myself wearing a Yamulke and blowing a huge Shofar. But I think I’ll sit this contest out. There are some very inventive entries though. Midvale’s hat is awesome!

  3. Nice one Diana, your lookin pretty chill surrounded by that arctic air and double shadowed by the skittle straw hat and the umbrella. And don’t think I didn’t notice the aviators with the square knot hanging out in aisle 12. Hmmm, could you know something about one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Fenn family.

  4. Nice one Straw….but dont you think the indian pottery is a bit much?

    You ARE following a couple gypsies, ya know?

    • Straw – are you playing checkers in church? Pretty elaborate way to throw us off your trail but I like it…..

  5. Amy u should where that while searching just because we would be like ohhhhhhh hey that’s Amy Dang we all should wear our hats then we would recognize everyone

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