18 thoughts on “Hat Contest Entries Page One

  1. I personally like swwot’s photo. He has the look someone might have on their face looking up after studying a poem for ten hours straight. lol.

    • Aaron –

      That s a five foot tall hand. The hand can stand on it’s own but its currently hanging on the wall.

      The hand used to reside in the Field museum and it was rescued by a guy name Spike.

      There are so many odd things in this house that I forget how people see them the first time.


  2. ya I know the problem is if too many try to click it and (I already
    changed the pass) I get locked out due to too many attempts to
    log in without the correct pass. Stupid new computer is not allowing
    me to remove the unseen pass that pops up everytime I try to
    login to my email

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