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Kettle Corn

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43 thoughts on “Hat Contest Entries Page Six

        • Jonsey , wow that is just priceless… Love the weather vane, silver bracelet and Dude pin…
          What does it say on the hat?

          • Haha…Thanks spallies!! That’s actually a real poker chip from the old dude lounge in west…(lucky score a few years back)…im still trying to figure out what the inscription says myself….there hats have a language all their own, Spore aint talkin’, and my allergies are going crazy. Lol

          • Hello Spallies. I could be wrong, but I think it might say, “To (Name) Dr. Pepper Level it XOX”.

          • This just inspired a random thought, anyone that can guess closest what it says can have the hat. Postage on me…it is a fine quality adjustable trucker cap with removable appenges (for fancier occasions) Poker chip not included) Sure to make ones wildest chase fantasies come true!!

        • Jonsey’s reverence for wood. Nice touch. Fritos need chili. This would be my pick, but Jamie wins all the contests. E. Sloane’s favorite for sure…

          • Your Frito identification skills are amazing Charlie. I’m beyond impressed.

    • Aw thx Straw..I think it might be Mildews granddaughter, Spore. Not sure tho. Didn’t talk much.

      • Jonsey1 – You Rock! And so does your awesome hat. Big Smile!

        So glad to have met you here, on The Chase. This is what it’s all about.

  1. What is seek no further? I hope this is not implying that the chest has been found.

    • The Westfield Seek No Further is a type of apple, similar to the Braeburn, but a little different in the crispy noise they make. Eric Sloane relays an enchanting legend about a tree bearing the same namesake in A Reverence for Wood. The apple doesnt fall far…

    • No worries Tim! The Westfield Seek No Further is a type of apple, similar to the Braeburn but a little different in the crispy noise they make when you bite into them. Eric Sloan relays a touching folk legend about an enchanting tree bearing its namesake in A Reverence For Wood, and also, as they say, ‘the apple doesnt fall far’.

      • Jonsey1 – From the last lines of an important stanza Forrest has quoted from Little Gidding by T.S. Eliot:

        “And the children in the apple-tree. Not known, because not looked for. But heard, half-heard, in the stillness. Between two waves of the sea.”

    • Not yet Tim. What Jonsey said. In reverence for wood, E. Sloane talks about a “seek-no-further” tree. An apple tree, fallen, and where it’s limbs dig in the ground they sprout new trees and take root. It’s about the end, (the fallen tree), and new beginnings, (or life). From death comes life. Some of us even think this is the type of thing the chest would be hidden in. Makes sense, given the name. A fallen tree, in the forest, which has rooted other trees around it, covered with bushes and foliage. (if you are in the wood, hidden, not buried). A place nobody is just going to stumble on and find the chest. Also reference the name of his typewriter. (in truth, most likely not an apple tree, but you get the idea).

  2. I guess this could also mean the chest is located in national forest land that has been closed.

  3. Great job Jonsey!! Very creative!!

    Also, I wanted to add that it’s great to see ZZ Top gettting involved in the contest too (see the picture under Jonsey’s).

  4. Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy I think we have a winner jonesy saved the best for last Good job jonesy girl

    • bwaaahaha. The hat was a project turned into a fiasco turned into, er, unique. And, yes.

      weird reading this, as some folks call me Jonesy

        • …on second thought it kind of looks like an A Bomb….I hope its Ex Situ….

          • The Blaze. I like that.

            A nice gray mushroom cloud on top would solve the rain problem. 😉

  5. Texaco to the double nuts gets you a room with a view, but they don’t let you drink the black tea…

  6. Is that an ALBINO-CROW on kettle com aka Travis Brown‘s head? Guess you gonna eat it sooner or later! 🙂 And surely a few more… lol JMO lol

    • I would have smiled but I have had to eat crow a time or two. And besides my chicken ain’t smiling either.

      But my next trip out I won’t!

    • Lol I had to send that one in. Ya everyone one eats a little crow. I thought it was fitting.

    • Nope sorry I’m not a chicken head. I very much like the female sorts and there anatomy!

      • Ahh, good, good, makes it easier to put you in one of my three. Lol, it is funny. I guess I can now eat my words about not contributing. Lol, like that hat.

  7. Elk hairs and eagle feather are it’s newest addition. But, don’t let that sway the vote. Glad I walked away from the duel.

  8. BadgeR!! Y is it that eyes must go in Ps?? Never noticed it! I once was blind but now I cease! Lol. Crazy well done. Love it!!

    • Oh crap….no wait…if you’ve been Ys and found the blaze look quickly down your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace! Lol. I’m slow, muata been wearing my sunglasses at night again.

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