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35 thoughts on “Hat Contest Entries Page Two

  1. Sandy, That’s a great Treasure hunting hat! I admire how you are always very cautious – even though you know the Treasure is not in a dangerous place. Safety first.

    • Golden!! My nickname is “High Voltage” (not to be confused with high maintenance, LOL).

      • Sandy,
        May I ask what line of work you are in? If I had to guess I would say resident epidemiologist at the local electric company lol.

        • LaCubana…your version is much more interesting! I am a Dialysis RN. We are required to wear PPE …personal protective equipment …because we deal with large blood volumes at arterial pressures. Saving lives every day – literally!!

      • Sandy: love it! To keep underclassmen from touching our stuff, we labeled everything with “DANGER! 20,000 ohms”.

    • Thank you Michael, the picture is from my 3rd birthday party, March 1967. I went through a stage between ages 3 and 4 when I wore that hat everywhere.

  2. High voltage with a static charge makes a Ushanka and an Oklad seem like a neon happy hour with Demi Lovato, ok maybe not but still something to think about.

    • Copper, I gotta say your hat reminds me of a very fond chase memory. Very early one cold winter morning my last vision, just before being escorted away by a sheriffs deputy, was a beautiful woman smiling at me from a hill wearing a White Russian Ushanka. True story.

      • Thank you strawshadow. And now you have given me a fond chase memory. I hope your gal wasn’t smirking…

      • Ok you’ve piqued my interest. Dare I ask why you were being escorted away by a sheriffs deputy?

        • Dear john,
          I hate to say this but feel it necessary at this time. It was after an all nighter that I became disoriented and lost my focus. The Sheriff was called out in the wee hours of the morning to escort me to a safe place. It was probably for the best and I hope you understand.

          • No need to address me as…Dear john…Ive gotten enough of those, to last a lifetime. But thanks for the explanation.

  3. My daughter is the mad hatter. Technically she made it so its hers. But she is also not allowed allowed to take it with her when she leaves, so maybe that makes it mine. It sits in a special place on my mantle. Sorry JDA, I am too attached to the thing, for more than one reason.

  4. Ken—- Your picture is extremely interesting. If it was a painting it could be in the Louvre:

    “And zeess dog. Is zees dog angree? Or ees zeees dog angree wees zee cap? Or ees zees dog angree wees zee rock? It..it ees a missstereee. It ees a masterpeece! I simply love zees painting!”

    • Haha, Sparrow, you make me laugh! Iā€™m glad you decided to stick around!

    • Sparrow…Kaptain favors this hat the most from his massive collection. We do not know where he got this one and thought it might solve the missstereee if it showed up on the www.

  5. Dodo thinks he’s a “shoe-in” lol. But I think Jeremy’s got it. That is some hat!

    • Oh my I’m slow. I thought Dodo was Flip-FloppIN….or even a Flip Side Shooo In…

          • Sparrow, Jonsie, Spallies…you guys were close. think double entendre. the hat has two meanings.
            shoe-in yes.
            and the flip flops represent feet which are the blaze. see the burnt wood in the background. and the letters IN are the key word on the lid of the chest at the Draper museum just as it appears. take a photo and go in peace.

            thrill of the chase personality galore.
            i think.

  6. Jeremy.
    What ‘sorta’ hat is that?

    No fair using magic to help… unless, it’s your word that is key.

    • Don’t ask me why I have a Harry Potter sorting hat, or why I’m wearing it at work… reasons! šŸ™‚

      • That’s a great hat. I want one to tell me where to go with this treasure hunt. Can you even imagine? Forget about Griffendore and Hufflepuff, I want to know which creek “no paddle will be up.”

        • Thanks Copper! I’m not above using a little magic to find the treasure šŸ™‚

  7. And copper has captured the mnt woman look she might be a winner Fenn loved journey of a trapper

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