Holiday Ornaments

Christmas Love Wreath

Natures Love Wreath by whatrockysees

Materials used:
All from outside front door. One holly berry. One unidentifiable seed pod from bush with seeds. Some various dried grasses from almost dormant outside plant. A tiny piece of dried grapevine from neighbors arbor. Green pine sprig from tree. Hanger is a yellow hue floppy piece of grassy plant going dormant.


Shopping at Tiffany's by forrestfenn

Shopping at Tiffany’s by forrestfenn

Materials used:
Chamisa limb body, Iris facial features, grass and iris blade dress, leaf head, and wild rose seeds. Pinon sap for mastic. f

(Forrest’s entry is disqualified because he is contributing the prizes)



Swedish Snowflake by 42

Materials used:
Materials: dying fountain grass Β pressed flat with a book, scissors, tree sap glue.


Mrs. Wise the Owl by Amy Sweitzer

Mrs. Wise the Owl by Amy Sweitzer

Materials used:
Saint Augustine grass for the Halo
Stick, flowers, acorn, pine cone, cedar, black pebble, pecan shelling,
The feathers came from plant that I obviously do not know the name of, and a fox fur for the background.



Rebirth of the One Perfection by Windsurfer

Materials used:

One “new growth” blue spruce branch- trimmed out the “old”
One pure white strand of straw grass to “hang” the ornament
One pure white layer of snow – the dove descends


Take a Guess by ritt

Take a Guess by ritt

Materials used:
Sycamore tree leaves and its fruit
Texas purple sage and its seeds
Indian ginger and wild grass


Moontear by JDiggins

Moontear by jdiggins

Materials used:
Tan clay from spring bed in my yard
Berries (from a Bush outside) for the eyes
Pigment on lips is blackberries I squished, from my yard (also used on my kitchen cabinets)
Orange-red pigment is red clay from the mountain
“Strings” are my own hair twisted with the red clay
A wild little bird feather from the gang at our feeder
And last…Lake County Diamonds (moontears) for the eyelids and hanging “bead”




94 thoughts on “Holiday Ornaments

  1. Entry #1 is naturally beautiful!
    I’m rushing to get my business work and Christmas prep done so I can take an afternoon at the nature preserve to collect materials. I may try fashioning straw snowflakes as my Swedish ancestors made.

  2. VERY nice, Rocky! You’re #1. I mean that. Really I do. πŸ™‚ I also can’t wait to see what Lia comes up with. I love Scandinavian straw ornaments. I always found it funny though how they will load up a natural pine tree with straw ornaments and then use REAL lit candles to light up the tree. ???! I suppose that’s OK if you live in a stone castle. Other”wise”…if you’ve been UNWISE you’ll find your home ABLAZE! πŸ™‚

  3. Been trying to work on an ornament lol. It’s looking like a gremlin right now ok so I will just keep working on it πŸ™‚

  4. Nice ornament, Forrest! A pretty little lady in a mini-skirt like that is what is commonly referred to as arm-candy. Wow! …but I wouldn’t be surprised if Peggy surprises you with one of these this Christmas.

    Now then, shopping AT Tiffany’s is entirely different than shopping WITH Tiffany πŸ™‚ …at about the 2 minute mark…but you’ll have to listen to the whole spiel.

  5. With 1-3 inches of snow expected by morning, it looks like my search for woodland garden findings will have to be put on hold. I’ll just throw another log on the fire to keep warm I guess…
    Forrest, your ornament is very intriguing. I love it!
    It kind of reminds me of “Burning Man”.

    • I think miniskirts are great for any occasion…if you’re asking me. πŸ™‚ I don’t even mind if it’s freezing outside. If a woman wants to “suffer for her art” that’s her decision. πŸ™‚

  6. Great job on the owl ornament Amy. I was thinking along the same lines as I have lots of pine cones in my yard but, since yours is so good, I’d better find something else to make!

  7. What A a bunch of creative people! A hint for the “cement jungle” or “flatlanders”, many cities have planter boxes, as do shopping malls, dentist offices…lol! Anyway, Amy, that owl is really cool, and 42, the hummingbird is sweet and simple! Love this contest!

    • Amy,

      Your Owl is absolutely incredible. Very well done. I bet you are a pretty good artist. As an engineer, I am all about straight lines. That’s why I like Mindy’s teeth. πŸ™‚

      • Wind

        I’m far from an artist. I’m not very creative. But I have a great imigination.
        My talents are cleaning, and smiling πŸ™‚

      • Maybe this is strange but the first thing I notice when I see or meet someone is their teeth. I don’t why that is, maybe I should have become a dentist, but if I were a dentist then no one would like me. Lol

        Who all hates to go to the dentist πŸ™‚

        Straight teeth are pretty teeth:)

  8. I see some really beautiful ornaments so far…and a lot of creativity. Forrest’s Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament sort of reminds me of Sally from that film.

    I can see that Amy put a lot of time into that owl. Stunning! It has my vote thus far. WINNER! WINNER! OWL DINNER!!! …just kidding.

    The simple beauty…and Christmas message…of Windsurfer’s ornament really appeals to me. You can see the “cycle” of new life beginning to repeat itself at the top of the branch.

  9. I’d like to add a little provenience to Moontear: According to one local tribe’s legend, a Pomo Indian chieftain and the moon fell in love. The moon could not stay with the chieftain because she was needed by the people to light the night sky and mark the seasons. She was so sad to leave the chieftain that she wept β€œmoon tears.”

    • I just want to express my gratitude to you Dal, for this great forum. It really is something you should be proud of, and it is much appreciated.
      To forrest; thank you for the opportunities you’ve given to all of us. You are a one of a kind, break the mold type of guy. Your talent is unmatched. The chase is the funnest thing I ever done. Thank you so much!
      Fellow bloggers; thank you too. I’ve never “twisted the bird” (as my husband calls it) before, and it’s you all that make it even more fun!
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. My husband is working on his to “out-do” me. Lol. Actually, I must admit, the mask idea was his….we’ll see what he comes up with! He’s pretty artsy though you’d never think it by looking at him! πŸ™‚

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