Holiday Ornaments

23kachinas-Nothin' too see here folks

Nothin’ too see here folks by 23kachinas

Materials used:
a Spartan Juniper branch, a large mica flake from nowhere on the map NM, a black Salamander glass-rock like fragment from Kent, CT and various circular and triangl-ish shaped CA beach rocks


Bad Hair Day by NearIndianaJones

Materials used:
Pine cone, pine needles, berrys, and one longย blade of grass leaf plant thingy


SkyWatcher by KarenJ

Materials used:
Red Willow Branches – Strips of Cedar Bark

Peace by Spirit Seeker

Peace by Spirit Seeker

Materials used:
Vine, Reed Grass, Beauty Berries

endIng clue

Ending Clue (anagram for Indulgence) by Jason

Materials used:
Vines, a stick, long leaves braided together, a flower, twig from a bush with purple leaves, dead coneflowers, a large chunk of mica that was delaminated and reassembled into a heart-shaped mirror……. ย Adhesives: a few tears, spit, and the cold weather secretions from the pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelial cells in my upper respiratory tract!


Angels Are Where You Find Them by CindyM

Materials used:
Feral hog jaw bone shaped by artist with chicken leg bone head attached together snugly with tongue in groove type process.

Crackin Rock Treasures by hothgar

Crackin Rock Treasures by hothgar

Materials used:
Clay from yard
mysterious plant fiber for bindings and hangar
Sun & Moon are made of clay and LC Diamonds
Arrows: Personally knapped obsidian for arrowheads
twig for shaft, feathers for flight, plant fiber bindings.
Some sap used as adhesive.
Little Tesuque by Lynn D

Little Tesuque by Lynn D

Materials used:
2 pine cones, pieces of marsh frond, a red berry on a vine, a twig and long pieces of Day Lilly leafs to bind it together

A Prickly Christmas by Michelle of New Mexico girl group

A Prickly Christmas by Michelle of New Mexico girl group

Materials used:
Backdrop for ornament is a prickly pear cactus paddle from foothills in Sandia Mts
Christmas tree is from a cedar branch on the mesa across the street from our house
Thread for fastening is made from a strand of needle yucca growing in our yard
Little ornaments on Christmas tree are from plants growing in our neighborhood
Pins to hold them in place are long needles from claret cup cacti growing in our yard
Little accents are from plumes of pampas grass growing in front yard
Hanging piece is reed of pampas grass

Navajo Skier by Cynthia of the New Mexico girl group

Navajo Skier by Cynthia of the New Mexico girl group

Materials used:
snow is a plume from pampas grass in front yard
skies are made from aspen bark from Lana’s yard<
body is pine cone from Santa Fe National Forest
scarf is plume from pampas grass dyed in purple juice from prickly pear cactus fruit
arms are little pine twigs from said forest
ski poles are twigs from my butterfly bush
ski pole baskets are berries from someone’s yard along Santa Fe trail
Head is prickly pear fruit from along La Luz trail
Eyes are berries from cedar tree in my yard
mouth is fruit from cholla cactus along La Luz trail
feather is from unknown bird found beneath my bird feeder
hanging piece is reed from my pampas grass
all glue for this ornament came from pine tree sap





25 thoughts on “Holiday Ornaments

  1. Jason,
    Good job. If I was one of the judges, you would have my vote. The craftsmanship is looks like a designer piece. The material are all natural… Your adhesives are unique in today standards . I think the ancients called it Patuuee, Greek: snottopolis, and Native American word is Haawwwwwk. The best part is, after the cold moves on, there is nothing to box up or save , to hunt down next year, because you forgot if you stored it in the garage, basement, attic, closest, under the bed, mixed it with the New Years Eve box, worried if ya thrown it out with the gift wrappings ….Good Job !!!

    I’ll Take two!

  2. Hi Dal,

    Great idea! I really enjoyed my walk around the marsh and woods today then sitting by the wood stove having Corona and lime while making this tonight!

  3. Oh,I love the Little Tesuque it’s beautiful and perfect for Thanksgiving!!! Hothgar’s is very interesting and he gets extra points for doing his own flint knapping… That’s impressive!!!

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