Holiday Ornaments


Mau’i to Outer Banks and Home Again by Ka’ohu

Materials used:
Collected shells suspended on a twig branch with a sprig of green from a Redwood tree in our yard and a few red berries from a California Pepperberry tree found while walking in my Sacramento CA neighborhood.



Treasures New and Old by Kimbrough

Materials used:
My son and I found a freshly fallen White Oak. The wood was hand-sawn and whittled flat into 2 small planks. On one side are quartz pebbles and pink Tennessee sandstone we found in a stream nearby. The other side has a 350 million-year old plant fossil in shale and is topped with a red garnet I mined in North Carolina. We began using pine pitch glue but that got messy fast so we tried beeswax from our neighbors hives and that worked fine. The string is English Ivy. I braided 3 strands of it together to make the bow. Lastly, I had my son char the bottom to add new color but it also gave the sides an interesting pattern. It is about 4 inches tall and hangs nicely on our tree!



map quest by Madmax651

mapquest by Madmax651

Materials used:
brown rhododendron leaves for path.
Green rhododendron leaves for river.
Duwamish head clay for form.
Rose thorns attach the leaves.
Pampas grass for hanger.
The key = ?



A Young Buck's Christmas by Thomas Cochran

A Young Buck’s Christmas by Thomas Cochran

Materials used:
One young bucks antler shed I found while searching for Mr. fenn’s trove, a pine tree branch, a hawthorne berrie cluster, a pheasant feather and I braided some cattail husk to wrap it up around the shed with some pine tree pitch that I’m still trying to get off my hands.



Just Waiting for a Fly Fisherman (2)

Just Waiting on a Fly Fisherman by Skeeto

Materials used:
Pine twig for body, milkweed pod for big wings, leaves from Plantain Lilly for little wings, pine needles for legs, small pine cones for eyes, locust tree thorn for proboscis, WWWH (wild western weed hemp) for bindings, and pine sap to glue proboscis



Tangata manu by rtb

Tangata manu by rtb

Materials used:
Sycamore tree seed pods on branch I tied into a closure with horse hair. Additional twig to hold the small stone found on a search – also three strands of horse hair tied to the center to be used for attachment to a tree branch. The rock it rests on is a prop. The turkey feather also was found on a search



Bearboardin by Rocky

Bearboardin by Rocky

Materials used:
Pine bark in its natural shape as found on the tree, carefully extracted so it wouldn’t break
Snowboard – locust tree pod
Snow – golden doodle fur
Bindings – weed stalk strippings



Buried Treasure by Lois

Buried Treasure by Lois

Materials used:
A large brown egg. Mixed, red pepper flake, ground ginger, chili powder, paprika, ground mustard and mint flakes together in a bowl. Brushed egg white, (for glue) over outside of egg, then rolled the egg over the mixture of spices, for color. Added a little sprig of bitter sweet berries around the opening of the egg, again, used egg white as glue. Inside the egg is a nest of sphagnum moss and saffron. The little “golden nuggets”, are made from sea salt, turmeric, garlic, basil and chili pepper. The ornament holder is made from a bitter sweet vine. It was attached into a hole, at the top of the egg.



From the Road by nuttallthere

From the Road by nuttallthere

Materials used:
Hazelnut shoot, deer tail hair, bird wing feathers, rattlesnake skin.
The hazelnut is from my backyard. The other materials were collected from the road.
The little green man is provided for scale, he is just under two inches in height



Foxy Booger tops the tree by jmbguidry

Foxy Booger tops the tree by jmbguidry

Materials used:
Corn Husk (body), Milkweed pods (ears)and stems (front
legs), Concord Grape leaf (cape), Neighbors Sheeps wool washed and
carded (covers neck nose and front legs), Turkey feather (what’s left of
dinner), Echinacea flower head and stem (de seeded and pedaled for the
nose then covered with wool),paper wasp nest (face mask),Maple leaf
(hood), pine needles (whiskers), small leaf from mock orange tree and
tree bark (for the two eyes)and delicately held together with mucus.






10 thoughts on “Holiday Ornaments

  1. Dal,
    You are doing a great job of keeping everything posted. Hate to ask you for anything else. But, do you think it is possible to make a slide show of all the ornaments when all are in. Then post the site. It would be great to have. I tried to do it and can get the pictures, but I can’t get the titles without retyping everything.

    • It’s certainly possible. I think I’ll be tired of them after the contest though. But these pages will be available long after the contest is over…

  2. Such beautiful imaginative creations.

    Forrest, you expected the competition would be steep and sent out your arrowheads so no one is disappointed – that was a really thoughtful thing to do. Everyone gets a keepsake. By the way I like the red color of the arrowhead.

    • Nice, just to own a piece of Forrest Fenn’s adventure of His life.
      An Arrowhead…ty. A treasure all by it’s self. If I never find the treasure, I’ve learned so much here on this blog, thanks Dal and Forrest.

  3. Oh Maybe Thelma will create something, she has quite the imagination, especially after two martini’s. love you Dal, the mystery woman, but you know who I am!

  4. Well, my husband finally finished his ornament. Dal hasn’t posted it yet, but I think he did a fantastic job. It is very creative and beautiful. I don’t think the picture does it justice. I sent some pictures of the “glue making” to Dal. Maybe he will post them.

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