Holiday Ornaments

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Oh no hunting season again by Raven

Materials used:
Body made from spud, eyes are moonflower seeds, nostrils are morning glory seeds, ears are seed wings from a digger pine cone, sunflower stalks for the arrow and hanger, grass for grass, and a live oak leaf for the tongue.



Varsity by DP

Materials used:
juniper twig & bark, piñon sap, salt cedar twig, grass blades & seeds, moss, seed heads from unknown vine, and my hair to hang it up


Rudolph caught in headlights

Rudolph Caught in Headlights by Lana of the Girl Group

Materials used:
Head — aspen bark from Lana’s backyard
Antlers — desert willow branches from Cynthia’s backyard
Eyes — snails from Salt Lake City, Utah, hike to “livingroom”
Nose — red berry from bush along Santa Fe Trail
Mouth — branch from desert willow
hanger — desert willow branch
glue — pine tree sap


A Flying Angel by Woody Bogg

A Flying Angel by Woody Bogg

Materials used:
Maculatum leafs./Willow leaf /Birds eye maple seed pods/Lily grass.


Harvest the Charity at Christmas by Earl Easter

Materials used:
Sassafras end cut from a logging trail
Raffia string made of palm leaves dyed in beet juice
Wheat from the farmer’s field and naturally dried
Grouse feather from a November 2014 hunt (I save the feathers)
Greenery is from a holly bush growing in my back yard. The leaves are ever green


Old Man in the Weeds by Searcher Chris

Old Man in the Weeds by Searcher Chris

Materials used:
His face is made from eastern white cedar, his eyes from a pair of crab apples, his nose is a cone from a Black Hills Spruce, his mouth is a single rose hip, his wispy hair comes from giant foxtail, his bushy eyebrows come from a pair of purple coneflowers, and lastly, his distinguished mustache from the lowly bagworm, all bound together with bluegrass blades.



Burning Down The House by CrazyFamily

Materials used:
Sand Balls from no-man’s-land northwest of Albuquerque. I drilled into them and whittled a pine stick to hold the candles in place. Dried Cholla stalks from below our home of Brown. Of course, the fire is a natural phenomenon that, once harnessed by man, provided sustenance through the ages.


One More Time by BW

One More Time by BW

Materials used:
pine cone for body of plane
magnolia leaves, brown side up, for wing & propeller
pecan for pilot head
rabbit fur for pilot hair
seed of holly berry for eyes and nose
hull of holly berry for red pinstripe of airplane
acorn cap for bowl of pilot cap
small piece of trimmed magnolia leaf for bib of pilot’s cap
pine resin for glue of eyes, nose, cap ( sure hope I didn’t kill my tree when I used a machete on the base)
whittled stick to attach propeller
wild grapevine for hanger of ornament


No Imagination by RMannaa

No Imagination by RMannaa

Materials used:
Pine cone that fell from a tree near my parking space.
Purple Fountain Grass that smelled like a skunk when I cut it.
Feathery Blooms from Purple Fountain Grass.
Seed pod from a Mountain Laurel Tree (?) near the gas station.
Red berries from Pyracantha shrub.
Dark blue berries from a hidden shrub near the entrance gate to my apartments.
Everything is tied together with the grass.



44 thoughts on “Holiday Ornaments

  1. I was thrilled to recieve an invitation to dinner at Forrest’s lovely home. Who would turn down a chance to share a meal with the Fenns?  I was looking forward to dining surrounded by masterpieces of art,  rare books and artifacts.  Forrest was his usual happy self as he lead the way into the kitchen. Peggy was no where to be seen!  I asked Forrest did you cook this meal yourself?
    He smiled broadly, “Why yes I did ! ”

    Moral of the story, always ask what is on the menu.(Porcupine) He really is a redneck!

    • Yes, the ornaments are amazing I am a little humbled by mine now. But, I think Dal said you can replace an entry with a new one… so I guess I will see if I can sharpen up my whittlin skills a bit before Christmas…:)

  2. Everyone has done such a wonderful job! There are some really beautiful, imaginative and creative art projects here. So fun! Yay for us Fenners. 🙂

    • Deb.. your porcupine is really cool and it is one of the prettiest animals out there. Some of the quill decorations the natve americans put together is beautiful and use of the porcupine has been around for centurys. nice job!!!!!

  3. Woody, my sad little pinecone doesnt hold a candle to a real porcuepine. I have seen some beautiful quill art pieces, and some terrifying pictures of animals covered in quills. Pictures are as close as I care to get one of them. 🙂

  4. Thanks jdiggins.
    I enjoyed looking at them all also. I want to mention what a good time I had
    putting something together. As far as the porcupine dinner that deb mentioned,I would pass but instead eat the pheasants I shot this year along with the grouse and fish I catch……

    All you fine folks have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    And please thank God for health, happiness and a sense of humor…..

    Earl L. Easter,Butler,PA

    • I have never had pheasants, but love most fowl. Sounds like a healthy and delicious lifestyle you have Earl.

      Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

    • That was very kind Earl.
      I wish you and the others a safe and happy holiday season, as well! Here here to humor and laughter! Now, as for the aforementioned menu items, I’m certain I had some if not all the above in the single digit era. But since double digits, none of the above…except fish n chips, and tried swordfish once. Love fishing. Don’t eat any seafood. I like my meat n taters!

      • Thanks jdiggins,
        I had fun collecting materials and then trying to assemble them into something. The old man had more than one wig of weeds before I made a final decision, he was even bald for a while. It was a great way to spend a morning.

    • CrazyFamily,
      I can’t seem to figure out how not to post under another section but wanted to say I like your photo of your ornament entry … I can even see little faces or is that just me…?

      • Hi Spallies, Thanks! Other than color and contrast adjustments there was no retouching done to the photograph. I see faces too, but it’s just the light playing with us.

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