Holiday Ornaments

Hello Hollywood by Boomergirl

Hello Hollywood by Boomergirl

Materials used:
Holly branch is bound with pampas grass, twisted in a circle, tied, and ready for hanging.



Natures Treasure Chest by cdromce

Natures Treasure Chest by cdromce

Materials used:
Chest itself is made of a combination of Douglas Fir twigs and strips of Eucalyptus Bark sewn together with ivy vines…..
Contents of chest include:  dried hydrangea leaves, pebbles of all colors from our backyard, white quartz, 250 million year old Himalayan salt rocks, red berries from the red and yellow barberry bush, next years spring buds from a magnolia tree, a few wonderous sea shells from Mexico, and finally hanging from the chest is a “pearl necklace” strung on ivy vine made of lumimarga or commonly known as the snow berry.
Four ivy vines are strung underneath and over the top of the ornament and tied together to make the hanger for the tree.



Peace Pipe by Waterhigh

Peace Pipe by Waterhigh

Materials used:
Blue Stem prairie grass, wild grape tendrils for smoke, a feather, and some sort of vine (pretty sure it wasn’t poison oak or ivy but I wore gloves all the same.)
It’s displayed on white pine needles and J. honeysuckle berries because we haven’t put up the tree yet. It’s very light-weight.



Primi Snowman by Cutie

Primi Snowman by Cutie

Materials used:
Body – Sycamore Tree Seed Balls rolled in Milkweed silk
Body and Arms – Blue Spruce Twigs
Eyes – Milkweed seed
Nose – Milkweed stamen
Scarf – Rose Petals and weed skin



December in Southern Texas by Fred Y

December in Southern Texas by Fred Y

Materials used:
a crepe myrtle branch as the structure base tied in circle with a long weed. I then wrapped the branch with a foxtail fern branch. The large yellow and red flowers are from hibiscus plants, the blue flowers are from a plumbago, the maroon color is from a dianthus plant, and I used the same weed to hang it.



Even Angels Have Bad Hair Days by JC117

Even Angels Have Bad Hair Days by JC1117

Materials used:
Austrian Pine from the back yard to make the skirt/robe. A peacock feather that my son found at Grandma’s farm adorns the skirt. Pine sap was used to affix the twig arms to the clarion horn shell (which I acquired while working in Maui a few years back). A small potato makes the head with cloves for eyes. The “bad hair” is made from Virginia Creeper vine from the privacy wall in my back yard. The halo is made with braided pine needles with juniper accents. Obviously, feathers for the wings tied together and affixed with long, thin Daylily leaves from the front yard. The “necklace” is made from real Ilex berries threaded on a pine needle. She “found” the Ilex berries in a Christmas bouquet I gave to her.



Magic Forrest Man by Wendyjobradshaw101

Magic Forrest Man by Wendyjobradshaw101

Materials used:
Western Tumbleweed for head, Phragmites Reed for facial hair, Rose ​H​ips for eyes​, and Wild Onion Stem to hang



Corn Leaf Braid and Herbs by colomtnman

Corn Leaf Braid and Herbs by colomtnman

Materials used:
Main Braid made from corn leaves. Braid failed to be secured by a pine sap paste. Therefore, it was skewered by a sharpened twig and bound by a thinner braid of corn leaves. Herbs picked from the garden.



Brave and in the Wood by Kathy of the New Mexico Girl Group

Brave and in the Wood by Kathy of the New Mexico Girl Group

Materials used:
Body made from aspen bark
Robe made from aspen bark skin
All feathers for robe and collar found under birdfeeder
Hanger and belt made from strand of pampas grass
Loin cloth made from red delicious apple peel
Moccasins made from Lana’s dog’s hair
Necklace is a little red chili pepper
Head is a pine cone from local forest
Eyes are shells from Lana’s hiking trip to Utah’s Livingroom
Head piece is plume from pampas grass



Pine Bird by RussL

Pine Bird by RussL

Materials used:
– Pinecone and desert grass from the backyard
– Stone beak. Possibly an old, broken arrowhead but we aren’t sure. Looking forward to comparing it to the one from Forrest.
– The grass and beak are wedged in between the pine cone bristles.







43 thoughts on “Holiday Ornaments

  1. I think I am caught up with ornaments right now but if you sent in an ornament entry and it’s not posted please send me an email so I can start looking for it..

  2. Here is the “Primi Snowman ” poem

    It all started really great
    I was to be the cutiest little Snowman;
    Well at any rate,
    I was deemed useless and was to be canned!

    So I took a selfie,
    Just for remembering.
    So photogenic and cutie,
    No, no can’t be dismembered.

    I wouldn’t hold together anymore
    And was falling apart, no glue.
    Only a photo forever more;
    Back to nature I was tossed, who knew!!

    P.S. If anyone comes across me, they’ll say, “WHAT THE H – – -??”
    Remember I am a Primi and don’t know anything about poetry!

  3. I posted this poem on page 5 just before Dal added page 6. I am posting it again so it won’t be overlooked.
    Poem by Joyce. Kilmer (1886-1918), in honor of the Christmas Tree.

    I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree
    A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;
    A tree that looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray;
    A tree that may in Summer wear a nest of robins in her hair;
    Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
    Who intimately lives with rain.
    Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.

    Lots more great ornaments posted. Again, I am glad I don’t have to judge them. It will be a tough decision.

    I helped my hubby make hide glue last night. IT WORKED! We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks right.
    Thanks goodness I have a very efficient stove fan because its not a pleasant smell.

  4. Just think of what a Christmas tree would look like if all of those ornaments were hanging on it. The judges have a tough job but I am confident that cloudcover will lead Dal and Goofy to the correct winners. Congrats to everyone and thanks for being part of a fun game. Time is now to think of something interesting to do in the new year. What do you think? Let’s start pressuring Dal.

    • A TTOTC conference in SF would be really fun… I know that’s been attempted before and didn’t work out, but getting to see and meet all the other people involved and finally being able to put a face with their name would be interesting… IMO

      • Sounds like fun. Heading south next month. We should do it this winter while I am hiding from the cold in AZ and NM. Spending the winter hunting for gold, just not Fenn’s gold.

    • Forrest, you are so awesome! You have brought smiles to so many faces, and I hope that we are bringing smiles in return!
      I’m sure the Christmas Tree with these ornaments would become quite a piece of art, in itself. Perhaps a bit of a fire hazard, but nonetheless, a work of art! Everyone has shown amazing imagination and creativity here, and I’m sure I speak for others, as well, when I say thank you for bringing out the kid in all of us!!!

      I think a field trip to San Lazaro would be FUN!!!

    • My tree has mostly ornaments from my past; things my kids made and things we made together and things my mom made for the, and a set of glass ornaments from my husband at our first Christmas and of course a lot of animals, and an angel on the very top that I had as a child. I sent my ornament to Forrest for his tree.

      • That is a wonderful idea Carolyn… I might do the same except my little guy is pretty fragile and I have become a bit attached to it. Maybe if I wrap it up really good with a ton of bubble wrap it will make it there safely…

  5. Thank u Forrest

    All the ornaments are awesome and great creativity. I believe we all had fun making one , but that wise owl created a big mess for me to clean up lol.

    Thank u for the gifts that u sent 🙂 proud that I could be involved in the adventure you created
    The poem is amazing 🙂

    • Forrest (Doll),
      Yes, that would be the best Christmas tree ever! Mine of course, is already on the tree. You keep everyone busy will your all of your very interesting posts. Don’t know how you keep up, you certainly have a great following. My husband and brother are still working on theirs, they will go on the tree too, and we will take a picture. We thought maybe a poetry contest with only 3 stanzas about you and the thrill of the chase. Somewhere.

      • Somewhere, that is so weird. I started a poem about Mr. Fenn last week. Just for my own amusement. I am certainly not a poet and never even attempt poetry, but something moved me to jot down a few lines.
        It sounds like a contest that would be even harder to judge.
        What would the rules be?

        • Puppy Love, I really don’t have a clue as I know nothing about poetry except for the ff poem. Let’s ask Cutie to see if Primi Snowman knows any rules…

          • Primi has been returned. It’s all the Chase and there are no real people involved. No one to get hurt behind the avatars. And all real poets NO that you have to conform to the rules of the master ryhmer

  6. We can call it :

    The Thrill of a chase Revival 🙂

    How awesome it would be to meet other searchers, and none of us will discuss our own clues just like here lol ha

  7. While I don’t get to post much I wanted to say from my wife and I; Good luck to all in the Ornament Contest, and may you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  8. Somewhere, so sorry for your loss. You are in good company here…wwe all have shoulders! May God give you strength during this difficult time. 🙂

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