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Even Angels Have Bad Hair Days by JC117

Even Angels Have Bad Hair Days by JC1117

Materials used:
Austrian Pine from the back yard to make the skirt/robe. A peacock feather that my son found at Grandma’s farm adorns the skirt. Pine sap was used to affix the twig arms to the clarion horn shell (which I acquired while working in Maui a few years back). A small potato makes the head with cloves for eyes. The “bad hair” is made from Virginia Creeper vine from the privacy wall in my back yard. The halo is made with braided pine needles with juniper accents. Obviously, feathers for the wings tied together and affixed with long, thin Daylily leaves from the front yard. The “necklace” is made from real Ilex berries threaded on a pine needle. She “found” the Ilex berries in a Christmas bouquet I gave to her.






Forrest’s Action Figure – #1 Holiday Wish List by Somewhere

Forrest’s Action Figure – #1 Holiday Wish List by Somewhere

Materials Used:
Forrest’s body – spruce twig;
Forrest’s head – pine cone that I shaped and whittled, milkweed silk for hair and eyebrows, Indian Mallow seed for each eye, milkweed seed for nose, crystallized pine sap for teeth, Hat made from a tiny portion of buck skin smudged with Kansas dirt for brown color (didn’t use horse manure like Forrest, too bad I don’t have horses or I would have used it);
Fishing Waders – Hosta leaves tied on with their stems;
Fishing pole and fly – pole made of willow tree stem, fishing line made by stripping wild weed stem; fly made from REAL fly with little red fleck of Burning Bush seed skin;
Fishing Creel and Big Brown Trout– pine needles and maple leaf; and
Other materials – bindings made from wild weed strippings, grass from yard, water, and pine sap.




60 thoughts on “Holiday Ornaments

  1. Congratulations winners!!
    And also to all those who entered. If you did not win please understand that you may have come very close. It took the judges more than three hours to narrow down the entries to these two wonderful winners. The competition was fierce. The selection process was difficult. Thank you all for the incredible show of imagination and skill…

    One other note:
    If you had an ornament on one of the nine entry pages and have not sent Forrest a request for an arrowhead…please do so very soon..
    The instructions for how to do that can be found here:

    Thanks again…everyone who entered

    • I do know how those judges meetings go. My wife and I are short film judges for the local film festival and our meetings are in just a few weeks. Speaking of which I am supposed to send our latest batch of scores in to the director so I better go get that done. Congrats to the winners, they were very well done.

  2. I am ESTATIC, can’t explain my enjoyment!!! Woke up to such a surprise. Thank you, Dal, Goofy, Cloudcover, and of course, Forrest for being such a great model. Lovin’ life!! Thank you, thank you!

  3. Judges, really those are awesome ornaments they did great. And we all did, thanks for a fun contest. 🙂

  4. I think the judges did a great job on picking the winners. I am pleased that I was a part of this and will be receiving an arrowhead for my entry. Congratulations to the winners. I think it is such a sweet gesture that everyone that entered will receive a prize…

  5. Wowza! I woke up to a real surprise also! That makes me and my wife very happy. The competition was very fierce. You know, when you look at the two winners you can see a beautiful angel and a rugged fisherman (outdoorsman). That reminds me of Peggy and Forrest…or, honestly, many other couples that I can think of. Thank you, Forrest and Dal.

  6. I liked both winners also especially the angel. Nice job every one and again
    Thank You for the opportunity Mr. Fenn and all judges…Dal, Goofy and Cloudcover…….

  7. Thanks for putting on a fun contest and giving an oppurtunity to obtain an arrowhead.The judges did a good job on selecting the winners, both entries picked are deserving champions.Congrats to the two winners.

  8. Congratulations to the winners and thank you Forrest and Dal. I love seeing the beauty and imagination that went into it all. 🙂
    Now I want to see after pics! LOL

  9. Congratulations JC and Somewhere… I had a lot of favorites but those two always made me smile…:) exspecially the one of Forrest with the real fly…:)

  10. Thank you Forrest and Dal for another great contest…and thank you, judges, for agreeing to be the judges. There were so many fantastic entries, both beautiful and original…my favorite was also JC1117’s Even Angels Have Bad Hair Days. Congrats to both JC and Somewhere. I agree with the others who suggested we hang all the entries on one tree…I suggest a very large tree in Forrest’s yard. How about it, Forrest? If Forrest would allow us all to send our entries to his address, I will volunteer to go hang them in a pine tree in his backyard. And on a different note, what’s the next contest?

  11. I think the judges did a fabulous job in a very difficult situation! The winners definitely deserve to win and everyone else deserves big applause. So many creative ornaments and people out there!!

  12. I’m not easily overwhelmed, but I truly felt unworthy of judging such beautiful and imaginative ornaments. This was like a benchrest shooting contest; after each shooter finishes a round of ten shots there is only one hole in the target. The difference between first and last place is the size of the hole; a few thousandths of an inch.

    And there are some really good photographers here, just stunning. I started listing some of the ones I really liked but the list just kept getting longer and longer so I stopped. There are so many creative people here; very impressive.

    I do have to say there are some things you just can’t unsee. I will never look at another Christmas Tree without seeing mutilated fish hanging all over it. Thanks Jamie. 🙂 Fenn should send you a special arrowhead made from several different arrowheads. I wanted to give you an honorable mention but I can’t decide what to call it……You have the most ??????? ornament.

    Again, thanks everyone for entering; it has been a real pleasure admiring your work.

    • Aw- thanks Goof 🙂 as far as ‘unseeing’ things the image of my mothers face right after FINALLY finishing the ‘first’ painstaking completion when the head toppled off and fell directly into my goblet of sherry and instantly lost its beard and dissolved into floating chunks isn’t one I’ll be soon to forget. I think it will be quite awhile before I indulge in fish, or sherry, again, for that matter 🙂
      I’m sure everyone secretly wanted to see their name up there today, but I was quite glad to see the ones I did. Both sone of my favorites! You guys did an awesome job judging- and it was such a fun contest in the first place. Good times!! 🙂

      • May I humbly add, you also can’t unsmell things! When that head fell off, we laughed harder than I can remember we’ve done in a long time! I so loved having an inside peek at this talented community, even if just for an afternoon! Happy New Year, all!

  13. Nicely done ! ! ! Congrats to the winners 🙂

    I enjoyed keeping up with these fun and imaginative creations.

  14. Congrats to the winners! And great job on all the entries. I was a bit surprised that no one noticed the Colorado herb I used in my ornament. lol

  15. As difficult as the decision for the Most Beautiful and Most Imaginative was I really enjoyed being a judge and having the opportunity to take part in the decision making process. There are so many creative and talented people who frequent this blog and it really showed in the quality of the entries. Thanks to everyone who entered. It’s been a pleasure.

  16. Congratulations JC1117 and Somewhere. Judges you did a great job. Everyone, I truly enjoyed this contest and all of your entries. So imaginative and creative.

  17. Definitely “Best in Show.” Congratulations! Lets do this again…..let’s see….Valentines, Easter Bunny…..lots of options.

  18. Very Worthy winners! All were very nice! Thanks Forrest, Dal and others. It sure is fun these contests and gives me something to look forward too! Lots of Love, and Best Wishes to everyone in 2015!

  19. Dal, Goofy, Cloudcover–you did a great job and congrats to jc1117 and Somewhere for making definite winners! This was a fun contest and I thank Forrest for your generosity for sending all of us arrowheads. I was delighted to receive mine and will treasure it always. Best to all.

  20. Everyone has been so gracious with their remarks and congrats! I feel really fortunate and lucky as there were so many entries that were just plain wonderful! Thank you all. Now back to researching.

  21. That’s funny Somewhere!
    Congratulations to Somewhere and JC! All the ornaments were just so awesome; glad I didn’t have to chose, I wouldn’t know where to begin.
    Happy New Year Team and stay safe all of you!

  22. I received my cute little thumb nail sized arrowhead today in the mail, along with a nice little note. Thank You Forrest! I will treasure this the rest of my life!
    Lou Lee

    • Hi Amy, He said he loved my name Lou Lee, And he said a word that was interesting in the spelling. Sorry I am keeping this one to myself. LOL

      • That’s a great idea, Lou Lee. Forrest included a nice hand-written note with the Teddy Weahkee fetish he sent me. I chose the thicker “Fetish B”, btw. It seemed more pleasing to me with the more pronounced “legs”…formed where the antler naturally spreads open. It’s a brilliant use of the natural material by Teddy.

        The note says, “I hope you like this fetish. Congratulations on winning the contest. (signed) Forrest”

        Thanks AGAIN, Forrest!

    • Amy, I taught my children that it was ok to ask, but you might not get the answer you want to hear. The word ‘no’ does not hurt. If you don’t know and you don’t ask, you don’t learn. JMO.

  23. Thank you Forrest, I received your kind handwritten words with the 100,000 yr old ivory and a 4,500 year old arrowhead today! They will be treasured keepsakes from my totc years. I plan to carry the arrowhead in my pocket as my lucky slick this spring when I find the treasure. Ever the dreamer 😉 A thousand thanks!

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