Meet-Up in Montana 2020

If you are planning a meet-up in Montana leave a comment below that includes at least the following:

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14 thoughts on “Meet-Up in Montana 2020

  1. Does anyone know if (Function in the Junction) is happening this year I’m West Yellowstone? I’m planning on being out there, mid to late June 2020?

    • Robert-
      It’s really hard to make plans right now. The park is closed and no one knows when it will open. Campgrounds have not opened for the season and no one knows if they will.
      I think everyone is taking a wait and see attitude about search season…if there is one…

        • You can walk that trail it is not closed. I live in west yellowstone and have been hiking around. Plus that area in the map is on Forest Service land its all open.

          • Jeff – Most of that snowshoe trail, and ALL of the Riverside Trail is inside YNP. And there was a ‘closed due to Covid-19’ on the link to that map.

            Are you certain? Did you walk that trail along the Madison River the entire distance?

          • Riverside trail actually skirts alongside the park boundary, occasionally it does go into the park but not far enough to warrant any concern as i have seen fisherman going in from the “Old Dump Area” which is the main junction for that snowshoe/ski trail. If the fisherman are going in then its not a problem because they have to walk into the park to get to the river. But that ski trail just follows alongside the boundary line. I might go walk it tomorrow as i have a hunch/lead i am getting close to this being over…….

          • Jeff – Awesome! I hope you are able to go tomorrow! How exciting!!!

            I look forward to your return, and your post here, then.

      • I was checking out the Yellowstone lodges the other night and it was posted they expected to open June 15th. Not certain how set in stone that is, but if the lodges are opening I would expect the park will be opening then as well. It could all change if things go south with the virus, of course.

        • ST-
          But so far they are not planning to open ALL lodges and not ALL campgrounds and only some of the food services…
          and not ALL popular tourist locations within the park…
          Think about the boardwalks at Norris Geyser Basin and Old Faithful…how crowded they get…
          Rangers will become responsible for warning people to keep their distance…
          That will take more rangers than normal at some locations which means rangers will not be available at other locations so they will have to close some locations in order to supervise more closely in others. It’s going to be a logistics and personnel scheduling nightmare until they figure things out…

          • It’s going to be okay. Everyone can still get outdoors this Summer. If we are wise we will be thinking Safety First! Thank you Dal for all you have done for The Chase!

    • Hi Robert
      I was planning to have a “function at the junction” event sometime this summer. I came up with this name a couple years ago and invisioned a camp fire style get together at the Madison junction.
      Because of the closing nothing has been planned.
      Not sure how Jellystone park will proceed with gatherings?
      I and others sure wanted to do this style gathering and hope it can in the future!
      I’m still planning on spending alot of time in this area and around.
      Late July or Aug. Still is a possibility. Stay tuned.
      Happy Trails to all chased, be safe!

  2. I live in Bozeman and the way it looks it’ll be maybe mid June when the park will fully open. Only limited openings.

  3. Any early searchers in west yellowsone this next week? I will be out middle of the week.

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