Meet-Up in Montana

If you are planning a meet-up in Montana leave a comment below that includes at least the following:

  1. Date of your meet-up
  2. Location of your meet-up



14 thoughts on “Meet-Up in Montana

  1. Function in the Junction will be June 21-22, 2019. Mike Cowling, Cynthia Meachum, and Kpro from THOR will come together to reunite, first time since operation Jamie. More details once the WSOF is over, but many are planning and Kpro wanted to get this date out!

    I, Cynthia, have already received numerous emails asking about the dates. So far, all we know is the weekend and it will be held somewhere in West Yellowstone. Hope to see you all there.

  2. Is this to replace the annual “Jamboree?” If not, is there going to be one, and where will it be held.
    Nancy in CO.

  3. The Function-in-the-Junction has been cancelled due to Kpro and Mike stepping away.

    I’m still in the Chase but will hopefully retrieve Fenn’s loot before the end of June anyway. Ha ha! I wish.

  4. I suggested last year we call it Function at the Junction for Yellowstone! I could not go last year but I’m thinking this year, if there is any interest. Wish Forrest would show up and give us a walk down memory lane!

    • If Forrest went I would definitely go as that is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss. His last 6 questions definitely implies that he probably wouldn’t do it though.

      • Technically there is no host but I wouldn’t be surprised if searchers already have reservations. BYOH (Be your own host) Function at the Junction.

        • Not sure when I will visit Montana. I will definitely be in the Cody area in the spring and hope to enjoy a good hike or 2 in YNP while up there. When will you be there?

          • Hi Cynthia
            I think late May or mid June depending on weather. I have a brother in law in Casper he owes me stake for shoveling
            his roof off.Stop there last year and went
            to the Texas Stake House.They have the
            best stakes.I went thru Cody last year
            and came in the park that way left to the
            south by the Tetons all vary pretty country.looks like you all had a good time at the junction last year.Clint

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