Meet-Up in Montana

If you are planning a meet-up in Montana leave a comment below that includes at least the following:

  1. Date of your meet-up
  2. Location of your meet-up







98 thoughts on “Meet-Up in Montana

  1. Function in the Junction will be June 21-22, 2019. Mike Cowling, Cynthia Meachum, and Kpro from THOR will come together to reunite, first time since operation Jamie. More details once the WSOF is over, but many are planning and Kpro wanted to get this date out!

    I, Cynthia, have already received numerous emails asking about the dates. So far, all we know is the weekend and it will be held somewhere in West Yellowstone. Hope to see you all there.

  2. Is this to replace the annual “Jamboree?” If not, is there going to be one, and where will it be held.
    Nancy in CO.

  3. The Function-in-the-Junction has been cancelled due to Kpro and Mike stepping away.

    I’m still in the Chase but will hopefully retrieve Fenn’s loot before the end of June anyway. Ha ha! I wish.

  4. I suggested last year we call it Function at the Junction for Yellowstone! I could not go last year but I’m thinking this year, if there is any interest. Wish Forrest would show up and give us a walk down memory lane!

    • If Forrest went I would definitely go as that is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss. His last 6 questions definitely implies that he probably wouldn’t do it though.

      • Technically there is no host but I wouldn’t be surprised if searchers already have reservations. BYOH (Be your own host) Function at the Junction.

        • Not sure when I will visit Montana. I will definitely be in the Cody area in the spring and hope to enjoy a good hike or 2 in YNP while up there. When will you be there?

          • Hi Cynthia
            I think late May or mid June depending on weather. I have a brother in law in Casper he owes me stake for shoveling
            his roof off.Stop there last year and went
            to the Texas Stake House.They have the
            best stakes.I went thru Cody last year
            and came in the park that way left to the
            south by the Tetons all vary pretty country.looks like you all had a good time at the junction last year.Clint

    • Covert One – Sounds like big fun! Thank you for the invitation!

      Listening to a good rain melting the snow here at about 6,000 ft. I am basing my trip date planning on snowmelt and “water high” in my search area. But maybe the STARS will all align?

      I would really like to meet so many searchers I have conversed with in person.

    • Hoping to be at West Yellowstone. I have tentative reservations. My travel plans and budget are never certain. Hope to see everyone.

      ~ Aric Hall ( The Blaze of Glory )

  5. I am finalizing the exact plans now, but hope to have them up in the next week. Here are the details so far:

    Friday –
    Informal meet up and dinner (location TBD)

    Saturday –
    Morning – Fishing Trip and Forrest has suggested the spot!
    Afternoon – possible trip out to Ojo Caliente
    Evening – Dinner and Driniks (oration TBD)

    Lodging is still available at KOA, Holiday Inn, and a few other places. More to follow. 🙂

  6. I just heard a rumor that Kpro will be taking a small group of folks to see the Home of Brown. Now, that’s a chase community leader!

    Must be present to attend!

  7. Details for the Function in the Junction:
    Friday June 21st and Saturday June 22

    At a Glance:
    Friday Evening Drinks / Informal meet up: At the Holiday Inn – Branch Bar and Casino.

    Saturday Day Excursion: Either fishing trip or Ojo Caliente day hike (depends on interest, email me at if you are attending and which you prefer, so we can make a choice).

    Saturday Dinner 6:00pm – Bullwinkles (previously the Totem Café) – we may move over to the Buffalo Bar after dinner – depending on interest.

    Possible Places to Stay: Book now!!!!! These are available but spots are becoming limited and selling out fast.
    Holiday Inn, $293
    KOA – $108
    Travelodge – $199

    We would like to get a rough number attending, for a few things we are planning as well as for reserving spots at the venues for meet ups. Email with number attending. If you do not RSVP, you may not be included in some of the fun!!!

    Cynthia will be in attendance and bring the TTOTC book that Forrest has donated to Fennboree! She is asking everyone to sign it (with your handle on the page you know there is a super secret hint!) 🙂

    We are working on some other fun things, but shhhhhhhh……. Not ready to roll that out yet 🙂

    • Cynthia – You wrote, “fun things” and “roll that out”. Are you considering having a log rolling contest at Forrest’s old swimming hole? Baker’S Hole? Forrest did suggest kids should turn over a log. And isn’t that Father’s Day Weekend? Didn’t Forrest camp with his father, William, in the Airstream there?

      That was for you, Mark in Taos

    • “There is something about nude-dipping in a mountain stream that awakens the fantasy of unfettered freedom lying restless just below the skin of all dreamers with romantic notions of the past, when life was roomier and less encumbered by the rules of social custom.”

      Why do these events always have to be early in the search season?
      I would like for one to be in August around Fenns birthday and live stream to Fenn the lighting of the cake. Lots of candles would make a nice blaze.

      • Jake, I agree that later in the search season (Say, August or September) makes more sense. For one thing, lodging rates near YNP would be a bit more affordable. Another reason is that folks, after doing their searches, would have more to talk about with other searchers. Also, after one’s searching is over for the season, folks might feel a little more relaxed . . . for a while, anyway. Meanwhile, this early in the so-called “search season” . . . good luck to all searchers. Please emphasize safety. As always, IMO.

  8. Folks,
    I should have mentioned I am not in charge of this event. Kpro is the organizer, hence her email if you have questions. Plus, she is asking you to email her if you plan to attend. It will help her organize some of the activities if she has a guesstimate on how many will attend each of the events. Hope to see lots of the familiar faces (JDA, this means YOU!) and new ones as well.

    • I will tell all who care to hear everything I have learned in my going on 8 yrs of seeking. Three nearby Browns what is drawing neigh and the turtle blaze plus much more. I want this amazing treasure found so I will tell all before I rest. I’ll be there. Yours Capt.Pappy

  9. Function in the Junction – west Yellowstone meet up: Come join us for a searcher meet up! Meet up with old friends or meet new ones!

    Friday: 6/21
    Dinner at Bullwinkles – 115 N Canyon Street
    We will take waves of searchers as they arrive for dinner (pay your own way)- 4:30-5:00-5:30-6:00 – arrive when it works for you!
    Earlier is better (6:00 will have a wait)
    Drinks after at the Bar after

    Saturday: 6/22
    Dinner at The Branch – 315 Yellowstone Ave
    We will take waves of searchers as they arrive (pay your own way) – 5:00-5:30-6:00-6:30 – arrive when it works for you
    Earlier is better (by 6:30 will have a wait)
    Drinks after at the Bar after

    Kristie –
    Mike –
    We are on FB too! Message us!

    Hope to see you there!

    • The bar means the bar attached to both restaurants .

      They will seat us in groups of 8-10.

      The fun will be at the bar, which we will be together and any fun (contests and such) will happen there!

      And, the famous Cynthia will be there with the book that is going to Fennboree so you better be there!

          • TLo: not ’til tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll pay a visit to the Buffalo Bar at some point Saturday, but timing is still up in the air.

          • Zap, Buffalo Bar gathering is thursday evening. Saturday night’s Kpro formal dinner is at The Branch.

          • Zap, maybe you meant Saturday the 16th. Sorry, too many weekends happening. Kpro’s Function event is the following weekend so the 21st and 22nd.

          • Hi Cynthia: yes, as you know unfortunately I’ll miss you (and everyone else at FITJ) by 3 or 4 days. 🙁 This weekend ended up working better for me than next.

          • Hi TLo: currently in Pocatello! Buffalo Bar for us no earlier than Saturday afternoon. Will let you know when I can narrow it down.

          • However it fits in your plan, friend… I am in Gardiner right now… didn‘t want to intrude your personal search area… I’d never do that! It’s just for the cheaper hotel, if you lnow what I mean……

          • Hi TLo: Gardiner is a long way from West, so I wouldn’t want you to go so far out of your way. (We’re just finishing up dinner at Buffalo Bar and probably not staying much longer, so definitely not worth a special trip by you). Was a wet afternoon here with lightning and some hail.

  10. I’m currently communicating with Kpro that I think anyone getting into West Yellowstone on Thursday should gather inside the Buffalo Bar (last year’s venue) around 5 or 6 pm for drinks, food, whatever, if you want to join us and say hello.

  11. Hey Gang,
    Me and Fang (the De-Animator) are gonna try to swing by on Friday night. Ho! For the Big Sky!

  12. Thanks for arranging activities, Kpro and Cynthia! My husband, 16-yr-old son and I will be at Bullwinkles tonight for our first meet-up — really looking forward to it.

  13. Y’all stay safe now and remember to only go where an 80 year-old man holding the hand of a three year-old girl would go. To me, that excludes grizzly country unless Dal’s nearby to lasso and run behind my horse as bait. (sorry Dal)

  14. It was nice to meet everyone at The Function. I had a great time hanging out with Tlo, Mike, William, KPro, Cynthia, Captain Pappy, Ingrid and her family, Christie, Covert1, Lou Lee, Blaze of Glory, etc. I hope to see you all again someday. Happy Searching!

  15. Function at the Junction was so much fun!
    I met many searchers here. Everyone was was so nice and positive! West Yellowstone was exciting. Seeing the sites that Forrest loved!
    Thanks to everyone who participated! Such a great group of people who flew in from everywhere!

  16. Without a doubt, the nicest people I have ever met. I really can’t say enough about the adventure, fun, drinks, pool, dancing, singing, smiling, laughing, …. oh and BOTG, Search talk, secrets, TTOTC at every event, and so much more. Special thanks to Larry, Lou Lee, and Cynthia (of course Mike as well). Everyone walked away with a prize and it was so much fun. The searchers made this event spectacular ! And thanks Forrest for buying us a round of beers at Bullwinkles. You are the best! Kpro

  17. Heading north from Fennboree. I will be in Gallatin County, MT this evening for a couple days..I will be searching in my familiar place with new ideas. Looking forward to being there and tromping around that scenic wonderland. If anyone else is out there this evening or Wednesday and wants to meet up for a root beer…email me.

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